Is the ego one the one for me?

I'm still rocking my old school Amerivape manhattan copper mech with a Kennedy rda.

Image just because

I've wanted to downgrade to something with a tighter draw like a cigarette and more of the pen shape for a while now. I tried the von erl which I really like but the pods are expensive and even though you can refill them, it just started leaking/spitting back after a few times.

I was originally going to get the joyetech d16 but went with the erl when I was told it doesn't work well with max vg <a href="”>juices.

I was doing some research yesterday and saw the ego one v2 is out. I like the idea that is comes with a tighter coil for mtl hits, which is what I'm looking for. The size looks pretty decently small. Not that my mech is very big, but I'd like something like the d16 size.

I'm really not looking for rebuilding anymore or huge clouds. I like my mech but it's very airy and just pumps out way too much clouds. All I'm looking for is something to more closely mimic the restricted pulling on a cigarette and flavor. I just want to sit back and puff on it. Any suggestions in that regard or does the ego one cover my bases pretty well?

Thanks in advance!

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question about RDTAs and nic mG levels

I'm thinking about getting a theorem RDTA or possibly an iJoy limitless style RDTA and I currently vape 12mg in my kangertech kbox mini, is that going to be too strong for an RDTA? I know on regular drippers 12mg is brutal but is an RDTA different? I currently use the RBA coil that came with my kbox mini and make my own coils for it and 12mg is perfect. Any and all advice is appreciated!

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Getting a new touch screen mod


Looking to get a new mod and going by RIP Tripper videos, almost set to pull the trigger on SMOK G-Priv

Is this the best touch screen mod around ? Anyone has used / experience this one or other touch screen ones ?

Please share thoughts.


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Vaporesso Tarot Pro vs Wismec Predator 228

Hey guys I was wondering if you could help me find my new main mod. Ok so after much consideration and looking at reviews I have narrowed my search to 2 contenders–Tarrot Pro from Vaporesso and the Wismec Predator 228.They both have the same price. I am mainly looking for a good SS temp control mod .Recently got he smok alien and was veeery disappointed in the tc.

So the Tarrot pro – like the ccw cct functions, looks pretty nice tho i've read about ppl having problems with it fireing too hot?

The predator i like the looks and the side-firebar don't know of any issues.

I would appreciate your experience if you have either mod. I would also like to hear your opinion on them .

As i've said before the main point i'm interested in is SS TC a nice constant vape. My main mod now is a cuboid and the TC on it served me well for the past year.I have considered other mods but i want a dual battery mod that shows both batteries on the screen and max price is 40$ so DNA is out.

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Weird compatibility issues with my Alien

Kind of a long post. Sorry. But I'm really stumped. So I've had my Alien with my Limitless Plus RDTA for about 3-4 months now with about 35k puffs. Recently, I've been getting the dreaded Ohms Too Low and Atomizer Short error messages from my Alien. I unscrew, fire without coils detected and rescrew my atomizer and choose Yes when it asks if it's a new coil and it gives me very erratic resistance reading which ranges from .5ohm to 2.5ohm. and it again, gives me the atomizer short error. Tried rebuilding, cleaning the 510 on the mod and atomizer.. Nada. Now here's the weird part.. My limitless works on my friend's H-Priv. And his TFV4 and his Limitless RDTA Classic works on my Alien. Everytime I screw in my RDTA plus after screwing in his TFV4, the Alien reads my RDTA plus accurately but after a few hours, it'll give me the errors again. I tried loosening the 510 pin of my Limitless a bit, maybe it's just loose contact but nope. Still inconsistent ohm reading. What do you guys make of this? I might just get a new atomizer.

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