Amount of Nicotine?

Hey guys, we're a new brand and we're figuring out a lot of things right now! I'd like to appeal to your vaping wisdom, another cool reddit user told me he doesn't use the common 0 – 3 – 6 level, maybe higher? What's your level? I vape 6mg, I used to be a smoker (a pack a day) but now I'm just vaping… so I thought it was a good level! But maybe marketwise it isn't the best way to go? Hope you can share some light! A huge cloudy hug!


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Square Deactivated account….Is this a thing now?

I am curious if any other vendors are facing this. I got an email from Square today that said they are deactivating my account because our business is prohibited under Section 3 and/or Section 4 of the General Terms. General is a very good way of putting their terms. I am waiting to hear back exactly which rules are violated. Is this a symptom of being a "Tobacco Manufacturer"? Until then we look at the alternatives, PayPal deactivated our account for being an eliquid_c_7.html”>juice business in our first month. I guess I just want to see if anyone else has dealt with this and to get a heads up out there to any companies using Square. I will update with any info.

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Okay, so another question about a MTL setup/purchase…

I'm stuck. I want a strictly MTL tank. I was eying the kayfun v5 until I saw/read a few reviews saying it was more of a restricted lung hit tank. They also mentioned that in order to get that original draw, that Svöe Mesto became famous for and sold tanks because of, I would have to purchase another piece of hardware at some other point in the future. I was also looking into the lite plus to keep with that original airflow akin to that of my v3 mini clone. Any information you have will greatly help my cause, i.e. your personal experience or another tank altogether I should look into

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