The cult of DIY and it’s proselytizers

Let me start off my saying I'm a DIYer my self and have been for years. I only lurk the DIY sub because I like a few simple recipes that I don't get sick of. DIY <a href="”>eliquid is certainly more affordable and a fun hobby if you're looking for a way to immerse yourself more in vaping. It's also great that the community helps each other out so much.

The problem I'm seeing pretty consistently though is every time someone posts here asking about an affordable <a href="”>eliquid at least a couple people have to praise the religion of DIY. I saw a thread yesterday with someone that was brand new to vaping and a bunch of people were trying to encourage them to DIY. This person doesn't even know the types of flavors they would enjoy in vaping form let alone how most hardware works or really anything about vaping. Why would we overwhelm them with the complexity of making their own <a href="”>eliquid? Most people don't want an in depth hobby and just want something they can buy.

If we are going to promote DIY as an affordable means, we should have a short explanation of the materials and costs associated with the promotion. I see so many new DIYers fail to order the correct materials and don't understand how to mix properly, which is potentially dangerous. If you're going to promote, at least educate in the promotion.

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Ego aio vs Eleaf icare?

I'm a casual vaper and I just want a no frills device that I don't have to worry much about but still get a good vaping experience. Which device is the better of the two? The ego aio or the eleaf icare?

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Honest review time: Pollux 25 Kit from UD/Vapewiz

Hey guys,

Not long ago I reviewed the <a href="”>Pollux 22 sub ohm tank and was overall pretty impressed by it. Well shortly after that the folks from VapeWiz a sister company of Youde sent over the Pollux 25 kit. I've quite enjoyed using it over the past few weeks so here are my honest thoughts on the Pollux 25 kit from VapeWiz.

Package contents:
1x Pollux 25 kit with 0.2ohm MOCC coil
1x Extra 0.2ohm MOCC coil
1x USB Cable
1x Acessory kit
1x User manual
1x Warranty card

Specs and features:
Size : φ25*140mm( Drip Tip Included)
Working Voltage : 3.3V–4.2V
battery Capacity : 3200 mah
liquid Capacity : 4ml
Resistance : 0.15ohm–3ohm
Coils : 0.2Ω MOCC coil, 0.5Ω MOCC coil (Purchase Separately)
Maximum Output Current : 20A
Thread : 510 Thread

Here's a full album of pics.

It comes packed in a cardboard box that's styled similar to that of the Pollux 22 only bigger. Everything is safely packed in a sponge insert and arrived safely. In the kit you get the mod, the tank, a spare coil and usb cable along with the manual and warranty card. Nothing too fancy but no complaints here.

The tank:
This one will be relatively quick as the Pollux 25 is pretty much a larger version of the Pollux 22 which I've already reviewed. It's 25mm in diameter, holds 4ml of liquid and has top fill as well as top airflow. The airflow can be adjusted using the top airflow afc ring, just turn it to open or close. It spins freely if not a bit tight but is pretty much locked in place when you tighten down the top fill cap. It's got three slotted holes on each side and can accommodate a fairly tight mouth to lung draw all the way up to a full direct to lung hit. I'd say it's definitely more suited to direct to lung and that's how I had primarily used it during testing. One great thing about this tank is it's top airflow but the air travels down the sides though 6 little channels and back up through the coil unlike some other top airflow implementations I've seen. This means better performance and definitely better flavour. The top fill is nicely recessed and uses a big silicone oring to keep the <a href="”>juice from leaking out. In the few weeks I've used mine it has been pretty much completely mess free. It has a removable 510 drip tip that's nicely sloped and very comfortable in the mouth. Of course if you don't like it you can use one of your own. I myself really like the tips that come with both the Pollux tanks.

From top to bottom the two tanks are nearly identical with the 25 only dropping the little angled accents on the windows. Aside from those little styling updates it's pretty much the same, just bigger. It's made of stainless steel and glass, the tank is all one piece so you won't be able to replace it should it break. To replace a coil, just unscrew the bottom of the tank, unscrew the coil and screw in a new one(prime it first), replace the bottom and you're good to go. It uses the same MOCC coils as the original and comes with two 0.2ohm SS316L coils, one pre-installed. With those coils it also performs pretty much exactly the same, as the height of the chimney and the airflow seems exactly the same as well. No complaints here as the Pollux 22 was one of the better sub ohm tanks that I've tried in recent times. I've been getting good flavour and clouds from both tanks and would be hard pressed to chose a winner between the two. Ok so you're not going to get mind blowingly good flavour but what you get is more then adequate for a sub ohm tank. I personally prefer rebuildables but still enjoy a hassle free sub ohm setup from time to time and these tanks offer just that. Absolutely leak free in the weeks that I've been using them!!

The mod:
The mod is also really simple. It's a 3200mah protected tube style device that runs between 3.3 and 4.3v depending on the charge. It'll fire down to 0.15ohm and all the way up to 3ohms, it has a maximum current output of 20amps which should give about 84w at full charge. It's got a set of four blue led lights to indicate the power level and using the 0.2ohm coils I was getting some serious long life out of it. It charges via USB and comes with a micro usb cable in the kit. I couldn't find much information about what kind of protections it has but I'd imagine short circuit, over charge and the usual types. Being that it's not regulated in anyway it's essentially a mech mod with some safety features. Since it's a 25mm diameter mod I had a bit of fun playing around with it and matched it up to a number of my 25mm tanks and they looked great on the Pollux mod. With the Pollux 25 tank attached the whole thing measures 140mm from top to bottom. It is a bit on the bulky side but it still fits in the pocket without any trouble but you might be in for a few awkward stares if that's how you're transporting it. You know the old "Say is that a Pollux 25 in your pocket or are you just happy to see me!?" sort of thing.

* Decent capacity
* Good flavour and clouds for a sub ohm tank
* Good battery life
* Feels solid

* Can't replace the glass
* Need to unscrew the cap to adjust afc

I have to say I've been quite impressed with this kit. It performs just as well as the Pollux 22 that I also enjoyed but offers double the capacity as well as the 3200mah battery. For an out and about kit this offers long life and more than adequate performance. So as usual the big questions:
Will I keep using this thing? Yes until I run out of coils and then I'll probably still use the mod as it works pretty well with my 25mm tanks.
Would I recommend this thing? Yes, I wouldn't have any trouble recommending this kit, especially for anyone looking for an easy to use sub ohm tank, who doesn't mind tube style mods and who wants something with decent battery life.

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DIYer puts 70 mg/ml in kid’s medicine bottle? Sounds legit.

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Anybody else run your RTA with the juice control partially closed?

It seems to cut down on leaking out of the air flow.

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