Should I get the sBody vapeDroid C3D1?

I've been wanting to upgrade from my Alien to something with good TC, and have been looking at a lot of different DNA chip mods. Most of them are more than I am willing to spend with a wedding coming up, but I have finally found one that seems to be a good option for a good price.

I found the C3D1 AND a nice little coupon taking 15% off, making the mod only $68! It's a hard price to argue with, but given that I won't be able to buy another one for a long time I would like to make sure that I get a good one.

What do you guys think??

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Any experience with wine juices?

Just got a benford shepherd blue berry wine e<a href="”>juice from a random Chinese vape store. Apparently its from sweden. Didn't know flavors like this existed. I tasted it and it was alright, a but bitter but nothing to complain, tho nothing to write home about. Just wondering if folks have tried sth like this

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Exotic Coils in TC?

In my curiosity of TC, I purchased some SS316L and made dual aliens that ohm out to .17 on my Battlestar mod. Coils fire just fine in wattage mode and fire fine on the very first fire in TC. However, subsequent firing is only at 1-2 watts according to the display resulting in no heating of the coil.

I took the setup to a B&M to have them look at it and check for user error. They seem to think the alien coil is retaining heat which is throwing off the TC sensor.

Anyone have any input on what could be the issue? I've seen Anthony Vape's video on exotic coils and TC, which is why I thought this would work. Could it just be the chip? Would a DNA chip work better?

Further info:

The build was at room temp when initially fired

The ohms aren't showing any fluctuation

The wattage is set at 130

Temp was set at 400F

Checked for shorts; there aren't any

TC was tried in the preset SS and TCR M1

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CSMNT RDA Build and wicking tips

I've been getting dry hits from it ever since I changed my coils. Previously it seemed to work fine. Don't know what to change about because it seems everything I'm doing seems right.

Before: |

After: |

Build before was some ni80 aliens, 3.0mm ID, dunno what ga.

Now it's some fused claptons KA1; 3.0mm ID, dunno what ga.

Any tips from you guys? I've tried centering the coils, making it parallel with the deck, and moving the coils slightly over the edge of the deck, more cotton, less cotton, change airflow, try different wattages and I can't seem to wrap my head around it.

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Top Airflow anti-Leak X-Baby Beast. The Smok baby beast brother – Discussion about the x baby

Calling out all x-baby owners. I am looking to purchase this tank for my Smoant Battlestar.

Through my years of vaping, I have learned that my biggest "dis-like" is when any of my tanks leak. When I say leak, I mean very small amounts of liquid that is escaping. Doesn't matter where its leaking or collecting, but most times it is at the air holes.

About a year ago, I purchased and used the Joye AIO with a 0.5 sub ohm coil. This tank has top airflow. This was my first top air flow ever. Through the past few months of using the AIO I realized how nice it is to have a top airflow that prevents leaking (even if it is very very small leak/or if only a random leak hear and there)

Now I am ready to upgrade once again. I have purchased my mod (the battlestar 200w) and I am now looking at tanks.

The x-baby is fairly new, so not that much info on it (I did read all of the past reddit posts using the search)

So x-baby owners can you tell me how leak proof vaping has been so far, and any other info to someone (me) who is about to buy it.

Thanks and have a great day everyone.

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[Giveaway] Hastur mTL RTA released! we are giving two set away!

  • The designer of Gaia RDTA help us to upgrade our last MTL RTA(CTULHU MTL RTA), and we rename the new one to Hastur MTL RTA.
  • New design comes with smaller chamber
  • 5 swappable air flow resisters(Dia. 1.0mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.5mm).
  • Raised up building deck(like GTA).
  • Threadless refiling top cap to reduce Positive pressure when installing top cap(reduce leaking risk).
  • Two 510 drip tips(airhole dia.: 3.5mm & 2.0mm)
  • More info:
  • we are giving two set away! Please comment anything about the RTA.
  • 18+ and many thanks!

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