Is it mostly the tank or the power that determines how much juice you will use?


I currently have an ego one and am in the process of looking for an upgrade. I liked it, with higher nic it was good enough, but it's on it's last legs I think and I'm looking for somewhat of an upgrade.

Trouble is I'd like to avoid going through a lot of <a href="”>juice if possible, I hear many of the more powerful vapes tend to. I was wondering if this is primarily due to the mod / larger coils or due to the power level (which I could just dial back if I want as I'd be looking for variable or TC)


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Smok Vape Pen 22 is burning the hell out of my throat after one day of light usage. What am I doing wrong?

I'm on my third coil this week and I'm at my wits end. After about a day of light/moderate usage, I'm getting a burn in my throat and the flavour is awful.

The guy at the store installed my first coil and it was perfect, lasted me about five days and tasted great. I only changed it because the flavour was dying off, but I never had a single dry burn.

I changed it just like he showed me. First one tasted burnt after a day so I figured I didn't prime enough. Tried again and had the same issue the next day, so I primed the absolute shit out of the coil. Dripped in every air hole and down the centre, let it sit for almost an hour, did some priming pulls and made sure my first dozen vapes were short and fast.

And still, I'm starting to get dry, burnt inhales after less than 24 hours.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is there something I'm doing wrong with these specific coils?

TL;DR Smok 22 is burning my throat after a day of regular use even though I'm priming my coils properly.

Edit: I heard someone mention that the drip top creates a vacuum which doesn't allow the <a href="”>juice to saturate, and I do notice the cotton looks bone dry when it's on but when I take it off for a couple seconds it seems to get wet. If that's the case, is that grounds to return the unit? I don't wanna have to unscrew the top every ten minutes to let <a href="”>juice in. Not sure if this is the case though since it worked fine when the store employee installed it.

Edit #2: Forgot to add, the coil is 0.3ohm and the <a href="”>juice I'm using is 70VG/30PG.

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[GIVEAWAY] + 25% OFF Great Falls Vapor using code yEAHBUDDY! 3 winners will get a $19.99 code!

Hello everyone!!! We at Great Falls Vapor wanted to offer up an awesome pre Labor Day sale! For this week (through 8/18) we want to give out a 25% coupon on all our products AND giveaway 3 prize codes for our website worth $19.99 each! Please use coupon code YEAHBUDDY on our website located at

The giveaway codes will be chosen by random from the comments. You can comment anything you’d like, but I’d love to hear why you love ECR, what you think of our products (if you've tried them before), or why you love vaping in general! All entrants must be of legal vaping age in their state and this is limited to the Continental US only. It has to be legal for us to ship to your location to qualify. Winners will be contacted directly and we’ll post in the same thread the usernames of the winners. 1 entry per person, multiple/throwaway accounts will be spot checked and disqualified to keep it fair for everyone.

  • 3 Prizes – $19.99 prize code good for any order and no minimum required.

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  • Let Them Vape Cake – a classic Italian pastry. Flaky pastry dough, filled with a vanilla almond cream. Ever so slightly sweetened with a hint of citrus.
  • Rollin Dough – take a cinnamon sugar doughnut cone, fill it with vanilla ice cream, and top it with a drizzle of nutty chocolate
  • Strawberry Dream – a sweet and ripe strawberry with a light cream topping.
  • The Nutty One – a full bodied hazelnut and caramel custard, with added notes of other nuts

Good luck to all and we look forward to seeing who wins! We’ll post on Saturday (8/19) the winners!

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Found a bug in my tobecco Coil!

Brand new coil. Loaded and primed. Hit the fire button and all there was was a crackling with a God awful smell. I thought I was burning the cotton, so I took it apart to see, and there it was laying on the top of the coil. I freaked the heck Out! No idea what kind of bug it was. I should have taken a pic but didn't really think about it til now. Has this ever happened to anyone else ? It makes me wanna puke thinking about all the priming puffs I took !

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6 months cig free – wanna know how much money I’ve saved?

It dawned on me this afternoon that today, August 14th, is my 6 month anniversary of quitting cigs and beginning vaping. I quit because 1.) I'm the frugal kinda chick, who would prefer to pay my rent on time than burn my cash in an ash tray, 2.) I was sick of smelling like an ash tray, 3.) I was sick of not being able to breathe well. I didn't want to quit because 1.) I'm a nicotine addict, 2.) all my friends smoke, 3.) quitting is hard as hell.

All aforementioned statements in mind, vaping seemed like a perfect alternative. I'm now 6 months in, and decided to do a little calculating on how this new habit has affected my checkbook…

My rough estimates are: $185 USD in mods, tanks, coils, & batteries $280 USD in <a href="”>juice = $465 USD

My rough estimate on cig purchases over a 6 month timespan: $8 USD/pack 1 pack a day =$1,460

TL;DR – I've saved about $1,000 by switching to vaping over the course of 6 months. I guess I'll use that money during my two-week trip to Greece at the end of the month! 😉

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[Smoant] Who’s going to ECC in Ontario, California?!

ECC is coming up August 25-27 in Ontario, California and it's going to be awesome!

Smoant is going to be there showing off the new <a href="”>Charon TS and I will be there Friday and Saturday to meet all of you guys and answer questions and just hang out with my ECR brethren.

I was just curious who's planning on going?

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