super cheap vape juices for broke homies

first time visiting this sub, ive been vaping for over a year now and i do tend to vape alot. i buy my vape <a href="”>juices from mtbakervapor and i guess since its not domestic the shipping is a lil pricey, are there any sites you know of based in canada that are drop dead prices… that wont kill me lol

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Juice in IPV5 button

Today I rebuilt on my aromamizer and didn't wick it properly so <a href="”>juice spit out and dripped down into the button. I've seen posts on here about these devices auto firing because of this, how should I fix this? How do it clean it out?

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Nice MTL Tank

Good afternoon! I know there are some threads in the reddit community about MTL tanks but the threads are kind of old and a lot of things are coming out lately. I'd like to buy a new MTL tank and I'd like it to be pretty small. In preference, it could fit pre made coils. Right now I have a cubis pro mini, which I like a lot (don't have any spitback issues) but I'd like to add a new tank to my collection. The Nautilus X has too many bad reviews, so I have excluded it. If it was possible to buy the Nautilus Nano without having to buy the Aspire MILSPEC kit, it would definitely be a tank to consider (all the reviews that I have seen talk very nice things about the tank). The kayfuns/taifuns are very good, I know, but they are not very user friendly and very expensive for my wallet. The serpent mini, goblin, conqueror mini, merlin mini… they are all pretty and small.. but can they really do a nice MTL draw?

I have an Melo III mini and I read a lot of threads where people told it could be a nice MTL tank with airflow closed but… it is not! At least with its own coils. It can work nice with the Triton 1.8 coils.

So, all resumed:

Goal: small MTL Tank

Size: 22mm width and the shortest possible (2ml capacity is enough)

Price: Not over 40 dollars

Extra: if it could use pre made coils or has an adapter for them it would be very nice

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Vaporesso Target Pro tank stuck together (not on mod)

I've tried it all, rubber gloves, pliers, everything, nothing is working for it at this rate and it's just the glass coming off at the bottom no matter how I try to unscrew it. The cap of it to put more <a href="”>juice in is stuck, the bottom to insert a new coil is stuck, I've had the thing for two days now and it's not budging at all and I don't want to use WD-40 on it for obvious reasons. It's not stuck on the mod, it's just the tank itself, it unscrews just fine from the mod and the rubber orange seal on the bottom of the glass came off in one of my attempts to get it unscrewed. Is there anyone who can offer me any other bits of help aside from call direct vapor and tell them my tank is defective?

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Dotmod Petri RTA builds? Wicking?

Hello, please post here your Dotmod Petri RTA builds/wicking, thank you guys, just searching new wicking method. (using Kendo cotton)

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What starter kit should I get for my parents?

They both got the ego AIO and I'm seeking for something even smaller, so I'm not interested in any other ego products or the Aspire pocket starter kit.

There are 4 starter kits I'm considering:

  • Eleaf iCare Mini

  • The Juul

  • VON ERL My

  • Wismec MyVapors Myjet

iCare mini: I'm not that hyped about the iCare mini but it does seem too be the easiest option as you can definitely refill E-liquid in them and the device and the coils are cheap on Fasttech.

The Juul: I still haven't found a vendor in the EU that sells it and I'm not sure if you can refill them with your own E-liquid. I think the price is kinda high so that could be a problem as I have a £30 customs limit.

VON ERL My: It looks actually decent. I don't know if you can refill them, but I did find the device for $20 and the pods costs $3.80 which I kinda find high as I have no idea how long they last. If you can't refill them, it would mean that I would go through a lot more pods than I first though.

Wismec MyVapors Myjet: I only found one vendor in EU that has it for $42 which is above my customs limit but maybe I will find them cheaper in the future when vendors starts to stock them up. I haven't found any pods for them yet, so that's a bummer.

I'm kinda confused about these 4 even though I have watched reviews of them all. I'm not sure if you can refill them all which could be a problem even with these low power devices. I don't want to buy pods every 1-2 days.

The simple solution is indeed the iCare mini that has cheap coils on FT and you can refill them, but it's kinda the least one I want to get them.

I may pick up 2-3 starter kits but only if the pod/coils has a decent price.

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