Custom screen for g priv?

So I recently picked up a Smok G Priv and love it. Was wondering if there were any firmware updates to change the look of the screen. I remember updating my Cuboid back in the day to look much more technical. With the full touchscreen of the G Priv, I can only imagine the possibilities. Wondering if there are any mods to the firmware out there that update the interface on the screen while still maintaining the functionality.

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Possible fake vaping purchase from ebay – help me decide…

So I recently ordered a new purple/black Smok GX350 kit from eBay, as that was my cheapest option ( The item has arrived but before I opened it, I noticed that in the listing it does not say "SMOK", but "SM0K". Furthermore, if you scroll down and look at the branding, it doesn't say "SMOK". Instead, it says "Authentic". Reddit community, help me to decide whether this is a fake or not so I can focus on getting an authentic smok product…

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Cthulhumod Gaia review

I'll start off this review by giving a shout to <a href="“>/u/cthulhumod for selecting me to win this giveaway. In no way will that sway my review


This rdta came in a fancy little box held shut firmly with a little band and nob. Upon opening the package I noticed it came with the tank itself, an extra 2ml glass, and a baggie fillied with orings, extra post screws, a 510 drip tip adapter, an Allen tool, and a squoking pin.


After tearing through the package to anxiously throw a build in the Gaia, I tore it apart to give it a thorough cleaning and noticed it broke apart into 5 parts including the drip tip. A bottom base, 2ml glass section, the velocity build deck/510 pin, a top cap, and an ultem drip tip (at least i think its ultem).

After pulling off the drip tip and top cap you can see that the velocity build deck is connected right with the 510 pin making it very easy to untwist from the base of the tank and separate from the glass section. All in all it is super easy to pull apart for an initial cleaning. Speaking of cleaning, I found next to no machine oil which made the cleaning process a whole lot faster.

I also noticed when taking off the top cap that it is similar to a velocity rda where the side airflow is changed by twisting the cap to open and close the airflow. It also has bottom style airflow. Personally I rock full bottom airflow, and a few turns open on the side airflow.

This tank also has a nifty fill port between the velocity posts where you can stick a dropper or unicorn tip in it and just push and fill. The smaller the tip the better. So far I have not had a problem filling the tank.


Being a velocity style deck, it's as easy as popping your coils in, tightening them down, and wicking your cotton correctly. I put in a couple of juggernaut singles at 3mm diameter, 5 wrap, reading around .22 ohms. I threw some cotton in the coils, cut it to the top of the glass section, fluffed it up a bit and just shoved it into the wicking holes. After having this build in for a few days I have had no leaks. Happy me I guess.


After spending a few days with this tank I've concluded that this will be my new daily driver. The flavor I get from this thing beats out all of my other atomizers. I did notice however that the more open the airflow, the more the flavor mutes itself. I'm more into flavor than clouds so this is no problem for me.


Easy to build/wick/clean

Easy fill mechanism

Very Flavorful

Great airflow


Only holds 2ml of <a href="”>juice

Non standard chuff style drip tip, but it does include a 510 drip tip adapter

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Branded Wires-any experience?

Does anyone have experience with branded low resistance n80 or hybrid wires? (chuckin cannuck, hotwires, anarchist n80, etc). If so, do you notice a difference between them and our generic spooled lightning Vapes styled wire of similar composition ? I see some of my favorite builders use these branded wires, but I've never been able to justify a purchase since it's kind of expensive, and doesn't seem very common among non YouTube builders.


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Uwell Crown 3 Minimum Fill Line and Changing Flavors

Has anyone tested not refilling at the minimum fill line? As best as I can tell its there to keep the entire wick slit in the side of the coil covered in <a href="”>juice, but if I want to change flavors, I'll have to either mix flavors or dump/siphon the old one out, which would be a pain as well.

How far below the minimum fill line can I vape without totally burning out the coil?

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My thoughts on the pharaoh RTA, pictures of the extra decks, and wicking one of them.

So I just got my Pharaoh less than a week ago, and I was really exited to try it out. I won't get in to too much detail as I'm sure a lot of you have watched videos or read other reviews

First Impressions

  • This thing is BEEFY. And heavy. Not in a bad way, even on my Alien it's not ridiculous looking. Top heavy, though.
  • Clean. No sign of machine oil, metal snags, anything. Threads are buttery smooth and not squeaky. Good quality o-rings, or so they appear.
  • The bag of goodies is loaded, plenty of o-rings and screws and a T tool.


Album of the Velocity, "Mini" Velocity, and Postless decks Oddly enough, these decks are interchangeable with the Geekvape Griffin AIO, which IDK what that is but it's irrelevant in my case. These decks were purchased from this website this is not an affiliate link, this is just letting you know where I got them.

  • I did not get the single coil deck. The deck the Pharaoh comes with (with the spring loaded clamps) is a single coil deck and it wasn't my thing.

Descriptions taken from the website:

  • Deck 1 – This velocity style deck is one, I’m sure, most of you are familiar with. You can fit massive coils in here and it is one of the easiest decks you will ever build on. Also, it has pretty blue heat treated grub screws.
  • Deck 2 – This mini velocity deck is more compact than its older sibling, Deck 1, and provides a tighter coil configuration. Basically, flavor bro!
  • Deck 3 – This is the single coil deck for all you one hit coil makers. You’ll save more wire and battery life with this bad boy. Don’t forget to post that build pic on IG before you put it back together! (I did not purchase this one)
  • Deck 4 – This is the postless deck. This one can pretty much make even the most horrible build look good. And vape good.

Wicking the Deck 1 – Velocity deck

I was a little worried about all of these. See how they all have the big <a href="”>juice well slots on the sides? Those align with the <a href="”>juice flow control slots on the chimney of the Pharaoh. See the tiny holes above those? Yea I was a little worried about the functionality of those, but surprisingly it wicks well. Here is the way I wicked the Velocity deck. Yes I was using my battery case to hold it, it was easier stop judging me. I got really, really lucky here. Anything from 70-100 watts, all the way up to a 3.25 second pull with any variation of airflow produces no dry hits, and not even the "phantom" crackling of the coil 2-3 seconds after releasing the fire button. I basically put the normal amount through the coil, stuffed it in the wick wells on the sides of the air flow. It's important to note that before I tucked in the tails, I "combed" them with some 24 gauge wire. This thins them out on the ends which is a huge help. You can see in some of the photos only a small portion of the wick is shoved into the tiny holes that leads to the much bigger lower <a href="”>juice well. I can tell at the lower wattages, this way of wicking requires shutting off the <a href="”>juice flow control by almost 75%. It looks weird as hell, because when you peek into the <a href="”>juice flow control on the chimney there's just a pool of <a href="”>juice and very little cotton. But it works! No leaking and no dry hits.

So that's that. I know it's not a full on review, but as this tank gains popularity and the other decks are used I wanted to share my experience.


So as far as flavor goes, it still doesn't quite trump the Moonshot for me personally. I get the best flavor I've ever had from vaping in the Moonshot with a dual 7 wrap 24gauge single coil build. Who all has the TFV8 out there? The airflow is comparable to that. With the top airflow, you have better options. As Rip states in his video…the airflow is indeed very, very smooth in almost all of the combinations with bottom and top airflow. What I can say, that in my experience so far, the flavor is easily 2x-3x the amount of flavor I was ever able to get from the TFV8 with ANY of the coils. So if you're a builder, maybe take that into consideration.

Overall, now that I have the 3 dual coil decks, I am very very pleased. I have no idea how I lucked out, but I got this tank for $25.49 from even though it is currently listed at $42.00. Quite the steal! (It's actually listed at $42.00, but it has a coupon code literally right under the item description that brings it down to $26.49)

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Articles proving vaping is a safer alternative to smoking?

So I've been vaping a while and I have no doubt its much better than smoking. But can we get a thread dedicated to the articles and research proving it is safer?

I've been trying to convince a lot of smokers that want to quit to give vaping a try but theres always that know it all who brings up popcorn lung and convinces people vaping is unhealthy.

Can you post some articles so I can save them to help actually show people why they should vape instead of using tobacco products? Theres so many and its quite difficult filtering through the good and bad articles.

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