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slap_maxwell wrote:
Sounds like good ones! I have a friend who vapes but will occasionally burn a pipe of tobacco; I don’t see a problem with that. Doesn’t necessarily have to be all or nothing.


Try not to be an asshat.
Try to enlighten those who are asshats
Smile and walk away if I can’t…they’re asshats, after all.

Happy New Years, Folks!

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slap_maxwell wrote:
I can almost see you now, calculator and clipboard in hand, pipettes and droppers laying about; test tube holders and such on the workbench…. I’m projecting probably. I’m afraid that’ll be me once I start <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_42.html”>DIY next month. <img src="” alt=”:lol:” title=”Laughing” />

If you were referring to me in this post, I have to say that you nailed it! I have multiple monitors running on my computer. One displays the recipe, one if for keeping notes, and the other playing ambient music. I have a test tube holder, and I was actually going to mix my <a href="”>juices in them. They hold the tube so securely, and will help prevent spills. I have all syringes though. No pipettes for me because I don’t feel they are accurate enough. I have a special spot in my work area already all laid out for mixing. I did this because I thought for sure my package would come today!!! It didn’t come though. So now I won’t be able to start mixing until closer to the weekend. I was cursing the mailman when he never even came down our road today!!! <img src="” alt=”:evil:” title=”Evil or Very Mad” />

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Tank Cartomizers Keep Breaking…Not the Tank The Cartos!!

I’ve gone from <a href="”>juice boxes to tanks.

The tanks are great (Smoketech) but the dual core cartomizers keep breaking at the base. Obviously they are weakened where the holes are drilled.

I carry in my pocket, in a case, and try and be as gentle as possible but there is nothing worse than filling up a tank w/a fresh carto and having the carto break cause I looked at it funny.

Again…The TANKS are fine..Its the cartos I need some advice on.


General Vaping Discussion • Re: My Christmas Present – Love It!!

dandelionwings wrote:
fantastic and holy cow, how big are those two bottles!?!?!?!?!?!

120 mls of deliciousness <img src="” alt=”:mrgreen:” title=”Mr. Green” />
Once I found a couple all day vapes for me and a couple for my hubby I started ordering these because you basically get 1 x 30 ml free by buying it this way instead of 4 x 30 ml bottles.

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nic mg and dehydration

I was just wondering, but if i use 18mg rather than 11mg <a href="”>juice, will it make me more dehydrated?! I know that you’re going to say no but if you could give me a good excuse for my raging hangover tomorrow/reason to stick to 11mg in future this would be most helpful…im not a big drinker but i was force fed two glasses of champagne and i know this won’t end well…lol!x

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That is some great info there. And thank you Patthib for answering my question before I got to ask it! I had no idea what EM was lol. So ToweKnee, you use cotton candy flavoring as a sweetener itself? I guess in actuality it is just a bunch of sugar really. I will definitely stay away from sucralose. I do NOT want my <a href="”>juice to taste like diet <a href="”>juice. Vaping is one thing I do that doesn’t pack on calories, so I want full flavor at all times. Although my wife asked if I would be able to make her diet cherry cola once I get into mixing! The one cherry cola <a href="”>juice we bought had way to much sweetener or something in it. It made you cheeks pucker because it was so sweet. Is the flavor apprentice the same website that has the perfumers apprentice as well?

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