So tobacco companies are going into the e-cig market

From what I’ve read, they lost a lot of business in the past couple years. I’ve also been reading that some plan on selling e-cigs. Personally I think this will hurt more than it helps. I don’t trust them for a second. I know they will just put out a bunch of cig-a-likes that are poor quality and expensive. This would just give e-cigs a bad name. I’d much prefer they just go bankrupt. What do you guys think of this?

RY4 help needed

I want to get some really good RY4. I get most of my <a href="”>juice from Vapor Station and while their <a href="”>juice is some of the best I have ever had I have been wanting to get an RY4 that was as good as BWB. I was lucky enough to get one bottle of it towards the end of its era and I really liked it. Don’t get my wrong I probably will get most of my stuff from Eric at Vapor Station but would really like to find an RY4 more like BWB. Thanks

General Vaping Discussion • Re: KT 100- IN STOCK

The Boge cartos should provide the same vape without the tank, correct?? Only difference I see is not having to refill the carto due to the tank.. I got my cartos unpunched.. I tried a carto tank a few weeks ago and didn’t get much vapor.. I don’t think it was a Boge carto though.. It was a pain to fill the tank without a syringe.. Currently I have a bunch of Evods, 2 Protanks, both 2 ohm, and a couple of dripping attys, 1.5ohm.. I actually prefer the attys because I get a great flavor and warm vape but dripping in the go sucks.. I tried rebuilding before but the screws almost got lost and my silica looked horrible when I finished.. It vaped and was 1.7 ohms but I didn’t think was worth the trouble and time.. I need to find someone to build them for me.. I bought a pre-made coil but it sucked.. The coils were wrapped to tight and close together and the taste was horrible.. I have silica and some wire in but just don’t have the patience.. I just wanna screw it on and vape..

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Semi-New to vaping… Trying nicotine juices

So i started with little cartomizers and a stick battery like everyone else. I used 0 mg in those carts though. With my recent order of <a href="”>juice for my new ego, i decided to order <a href="”>juice with a bit of nic (12mg). I have some experience with nicotine, i`ve smoked a few cigarettes and i dip on the odd occasion. What should i expect from this 12mg <a href="”>juice? Will it knock me on my ass within a few puffs?

Just made my first order from MBV

I’ve looked around there for a while and finally decided to try some of there <a href="”>juices out. Besides at $5 for a 15ml why not? So i got several.

Here is my list.

Banana Nut Bread
Juicy Fruit
Moo <a href="”>juice
Morning Vape
Snickers (I got Snickarz from JustVapez in OKC and its my new favorite, hopefully MBV compares)

Anyone tried any of these or have anything to add that I should have gotten? I also grabbed the Trustfire charger and have a quick question. It doesn’t mention 18350’s but I assume their safe to charge with it? Oh, and a Iclear 30 replacement head (hopefully solves the issues i’ve had with my new Iclear)

Two Pack a day smoker looking for big boy starter kit and website to buy

This e-cig stuff is setup so one needs a degree from MIT to figure it out. I’ve spent the last two weeks looking for a starter kit with big batteries — 1000 mah or higher — and I would like the kanger t3. The sites I found that carry such a starter kit, their sites don’t work, and the sites that work don’t carry a complete setup or their starter kits come with a baby battery — 650 mah.

I’d put together my own kit but I have no idea about what goes with what.

Could someone refer me to a site that can be trusted and has a complete selection of the kanger and/or ego systems, big boy batteries, and the high mg per ml nicotine <a href="”>juice. Or any information on a good setup for a heavy smoker.

I’ve been smoking for 60 years at a rate of two packs a day, I don’t want to quit or cut down it’s just that the smoke from my cigs is killing everyone around me.

Thanks for all your help:confused:

What better to go with my bionic lungs than electronic cigs. lol