General Vaping Discussion • Re: Has anyone seen this yet?

i have yet to see a teenager with an ecig here!!
if the trend amongst teens is indeed becoming popular nowadays, i really cannot help to think thats its because of the prior bullcaca media and FDA claims that has made teens more aware of it and wanting to see what the fuss is about!!

and if i hear the damn candy flavoring crap one more damn time, i am gonna scream!! theres freaking flavored liquor and even beer flavored jelly beans now, are they going after them and claiming they are marketing to kids nopeeeee!! our society has really gone downhill!! its okay to teach kindergarten about sex, okay to promote excessive violent and sexual video games, okay to hand out condomns/etc to preteens and even okay to take them to have an abortion without parent’s permission but, oh my we cannot have them using a safer alternative to the cigarettes we all know damn well the majority of teens will try otherwise and i don’t care what they do, teens will experiment with others things without a gateway to them..we all mostly did and so did them nitwits that act like they know best!!

oh and that mom is an idiot parent!! if i did not want my kids using an ecig, they sure damn well would not be having that MVP in their hand like her son had… its called parenting, be one!! teach your kids right from wrong for goodness sake and if you really don’t approve of something they are doing, don’t sit there and let them do it in front of ya, it makes everything else you try to teach them go in one hear and out the other as they say….. I have decent respectable grown adults now cause i was the parent and not my kids, these days it seems to be the other way around with parents!!

okay am done grumping lol

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