General Vaping Discussion • Re: vanilla custard, custard input please

Charles Hallman wrote:
kelliperkins wrote:love custard…Apocalypse has a blueberry one said would add whatever I wanted to it…wonder what would be good.

I like it just the way it is !!! <img src="” alt=”:)” title=”Smile” /> All of Tony’s <a href="”>liquid is very very good ! I would like to see him add a few more to the menu ! Just saying . <img src="” alt=”;)” title=”Wink” />

I would rather have plain than blueberry and would like to have a cherry or strawberry cheesecake on his menu.

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General Vaping Discussion • Re: vanilla custard, custard input please

kelliperkins wrote:
love custard…Apocalypse has a blueberry one said would add whatever I wanted to it…wonder what would be good.

I like it just the way it is !!! <img src="” alt=”:)” title=”Smile” /> All of Tony’s <a href="”>liquid is very very good ! I would like to see him add a few more to the menu ! Just saying . <img src="” alt=”;)” title=”Wink” />

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General Vaping Discussion • Cotton wool

I like the sterile cotton balls I get from CVS for my Kayfun Lite plus (Ehpro clone), but consistency is difficult trying to always get the perfect amount.
I wanted to try Peaches and Creme brand cotton wool from Walmart for $1.77
On my first trip I got white because I forgot the term ECRU for the non-bleached color. I boiled and dried, but probably not dry enough and I got a funny taste for a while. (Since they are not sealed and just sitting on a Walmart shelf, I boiled for piece of mind).
I went back and got the ECRU, (small print above the UPC code) microwaved a foot of it for 3 minutes in a half filled cup with filtered water from my fridge dispenser and blotted, then dried on a paper towel for 3 minutes in the microwave again. Just to see if I could speed up the process.
Two strands though my 0.1" id coil was not too much trouble to thread. Funny taste was very slight and brief and it works pretty well.
I tried the N-W orientation this time for a little more flavor. No dry hits yet and very cost effective. Some stores do not have it but a roll will last quite a while.

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Mutation X V3 and Delta II

I just picked up the Mutation X V3 SS tonight. I put a 26g dual coil build on it @ .045 ohms. I am getting some nice clouds off this RDA. It comes with phillips screws instead of the triangle ones, the same drip tip as the V2, and a delrin cap to use a standard drip tip.

My wife picked out the Joyetech Delta II tank and the optional RBA deck. It holds about 4mL of e<a href="”>juice. A very nice tank that also chucks some clouds. She’s only tried the prebuild coil that came with it. She can’t stand the red o-rings on the Kanger subtanks (neither can I) so this was the only other option at the B&M. The RBA came with a prebuilt coil and wick installed in it. I’ll post some pics in the RTA forum this weekend.

Is it time to call this bvc a dud? First one in this tank.

2.1 ohm. I’m running it in a vivi nova s…day 3. It doesn’t matter if I run it at 6, 9, or 13 watts, this thing is flooding after every vape.

I’ve opened my lips to adjust the airflow. No avail…less draw is worse, most of the time.

It happens when it’s full, 3/4 full, 1/2 full, doesn’t matter.

Bad gurgles…it’s filling up the battery connector every time…I’m really wasting <a href="”>juice!! I didn’t have this problem with the Nautilus BVC coils…so, my question is, does this one sound like a dud?

ETA: It doesn’t even seem like it’s getting hotter at higher watts. It just spits slightly warm <a href="”>juice into my mouth…ech.

Marquis RDA Clone from Fasttech

So I got my Marquis RDA clone from fasttech. It was 12 bucks and some change at the time, I believe it’s 11 now (whatever the most expensive model is)

Holy hell. Flavor is on par with my Holmes RDA, and it chucks clouds. Aside from that, it is super easy to build on for both single and dual coil. Seriously, I have never had as much satisfaction from an RDA as I have from this. I used to hate RDA’s; I stuck with RTA’s and Geni’s… This has single-handedly changed that.

I’m uploading a (most likely crappy) review to youtube in a couple of minutes if anyone wants to see it in video form and how to build it if anyone feels like seeing that (message me or post here if you want the title; I’m not here to advertise my ….ty youtube channel). But seriously, I really can’t recommend this highly enough. It gave me an entirely different flavor for my <a href="”>juice, and I don’t think I can stop dripping now 0.o

Butterscotch Fix/Recipe- Ideas?

Hey all,

So I’m trying to work through this butterscotch from MBV and can’t do it for the life of me. Part of the reason’s that it smells/tastes slightly chemically. (It’s been a month since mfg date) Also, the nic strength is probably a bit too high (24 mg/mL – new vaper here. Read that 24 mg/mL’s best for new vapers. My other MBV flavors (all 24 mg/mL) all have a slight burn, though nowhere near the burn I get with Butterscotch). When I get a good vape from it, it doesn’t taste bad, but it’s usually overpowered by that chemical taste/scent (not nicotine). Any ideas for a fix?

Specifically, I’m thinking of separating the existing mixture into two bottles and diluting it to around 12-15 mg/mL. Since PG/VG alone’ll make it bland, I’m also thinking about adding some concentrates I bought to improve the flavor. I’ve already added around 6 mL EM (wasn’t all that sweet before) and .6 mL marshmallow and .4mL Bavarian Cream into roughly the remaining 20 mLs. Haven’t tastes it yet since my Lemo’s in use and the solution’s in a hot bath.

What I have to work with: FA: Cookie, Marshmallow, Cocoa. TFA: Creme de Menthe, Bavarian Cream, Koolada, EM.

5 Flavors From Dr. Crimmy’s

Here is a quick review of my first order from Dr. Crimmy’s. I know there is quite a bit of info out there about Crimmy’s but I figured this may help anyone who is on the fence about trying them.

I have been vaping for over 3 years and have tried a ton of <a href="”>liquid from the cheapest to the high priced "premium" brands. Some were good, some were bad, none were really great to me. I recently starting dripping and after realizing that RDA sure like to drink the <a href="”>liquid I starting looking for a good <a href="”>liquid at a decent price. I placed my order with Dr. Crimmy’s on Sunday and received it on Thursday. I am happy with their turn around time.

All the <a href="”>liquids were tested on a variety of drippers on a Sigeli 150 at various wattages depending on build. This review is based on fresh from the mailbox. I know some of the flavors will improve with steeping but figured a lot of people want to vape their <a href="”>liquid right away so this is my out of the box impressions. Here is what I ordered.

Apple Pie Ala mode
Extra Flavor Shot

Straight out of the box this one is very good. I wouldn’t say that it is a perfect replication of apple pie but that may change with steeping. I get a very nice apple with light cinnamon and a bit of a bakery flavor. The ice cream is very light at this point but the flavors are excellent. I have read that a lot of people suggest getting the extra ice cream option for more cream flavor. Overall this one is a winner and I would reorder.

Fruit & Cream (Blueberry & Sweet Cream)
Extra Flavor shot

This one is outstanding fresh out of the box. This one tastes exacly like it is suposed to. I get a nice sweet blueberry with a nice rich sweet cream. This one is my favorite so far and I look forward to trying some of the other fruits with the sweet cream. I will for sure be reordering this one.

Root Beer Float

This one is the strongest flavor and is the only one that I did not get an extra flavor shot with. The root beer flavor is very good and tastes just like the root beer barell candy. I am not getting much of the ice cream but that may change with steeping. I have also seen people recommend getting extra ice cream with this one so if you like a creamier vape you may want to do that. I really like the flavor on this one and depending how it develops with steeping I would most likely reorder this one.

Chocolate Peanut Butter
Extra Flavor Shot

This one is going to need a little steeping for sure. Right now I am getting mostly chocolate with a very light peanut butter taste. The chocolate flavor is good and is one of the better chocolates that I have had. I am really hoping that the peanut butter comes out a lot more with some steeping as that is the flavor I really want out of this one. If the peanut butter comes out after steeping this one may be one of my favorites as it stands now I don’t think I would reorder this one.

Bananas Foster
Extra Flavor Shot

This is another one that I think will benefit from some steeping. Right now I am getting mostly a nice banana and a hint of a bakery flavor. This one is pretty good right now and if steeping brings out the other flavors this one will be very good. I am on the fence right as to if I would reorder or not as steeping will be the deciding factor.

Overall I am very impressed with Dr. Crimmy’s and will be ordering from them again. The quality of the <a href="”>liquid is just as good if not better then many of the premium <a href="”>liquids that I have had. None of the flavors I got had any weird flavors or chemical taste. I would consider this to be great <a href="”>liquid even at premium prices. I got all of mine at $20 for 60ML which I feel is a steal for this good of <a href="”>liquid and I feel is a great value. I would encourage anyone who is on the fence about ordering from Crimmy’s to give them a try.

Tree of Life 18650 Mech Mod w/ KT Subtank Mini… Good eJuice websites?

So I just got my hands on this beautiful creation, a gracious gift from a friend I became to know through the vape shop:

<a href="<a href="”>juice-websites-photo-jan-30-3-58-57-pm.jpg” title=”Name: Photo Jan 30, 3 58 57 PM.jpg
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After she let me learn my lesson and had me puff on 8mg nic in a subohm tank, I’m now down to 0% nicotine. Which is odd, because with my KT Evod VV I vaped 18mg. Since using the shop I go to’s version of MBV Hawk Sauce all day, it’s time I find more beautiful flavors a subohm tank has to offer. Are there any really good websites to buy high VG drip <a href="”>juice? I just ordered some Orphan’s Tears from Fuzion Vapor, but I can’t wait I’m going to need to get another flavor tomorrow haha. I change flavors way too much it’s ridiculous. Thanks guys! All recommendations welcome 🙂

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