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Unique eCigs [Giveaway] V13- RX200S + e-Liquid + Snap Back to 2 winners + Last Day Of Sale!

Hello Reddit, and happy Monday!

Urge your politicians to support the Cole/Bishop Amendment




Coupon Code: Use RedditV12 at checkout for 30% off of ANY order (yes, that is hardware, e-liquid, the whole shabang). Today is the last day that this coupon will be valid, it will expire at midnight 7/25/16. As always use code: Reddit10 for 10% off any order, anytime.

<a href="https://www.uniquecigs.com”>www.uniquecigs.com

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A Wismec Reuleaux RX200S (in your color choice of grey, blue, or red) + 30 ml bottle of e-liquid + Unique Snap Back to two winners!

Choose from one of the e-liquid below:

We have a wide array of e-liquid, that are custom crafted and are produced by facilities that meet our highest standards for quality control. We do not add any artificial coloring or sweeteners. All of our e-liquids have been independently lab tested to show non-detectable levels of diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, and acetoin.

<a href="https://www.uniquecigs.com/collections/homestyle-series-e-liquid“>Homestyle Series e-liquid + Lab Reports

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<a href="https://www.uniquecigs.com/collections/northcountry-series-e-liquid“>North Country Series e-liquid + Lab Reports

How to Enter: Leave a top-level comment with at least one of the following: hilarious meme (I <3 memes), what's on your mind, how was your weekend, what are you doing for advocacy, or a question you feel like asking us. I will be responding to everyone, as usual! You guys rocks! <3

Giveaway Rules: This is an international giveaway! You must be 18 years or older to enter this giveaway. Anyone residing in the state of Indiana will be prohibited from winning the e-liquid in this contest, but may still win hardware. Anyone residing in the state of California must be 21 years of age or older to win this contest. Anyone residing in the state of Utah will be prohibited from winning this contest. The contest will close on 7/28/16 @ 1 pm ET. Winners will be randomly selected, tagged in this post, and private messaged for instructions on obtaining your winnings. Winners will be reviewed to ensure it is not a giveaway account- that you are someone that contributes to this sub, and must provide proof of age.

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Is this correct?

This is the link my buddy sent me when I asked him what hes been using to figure out what batteries he should be using on his mech and I wanted to make sure this was correct cause it seems a wee bit off to me mostly cause I was told with 20A batteries (I just got a fresh pair of 25Rs for my parallel hellhound) that .1 was pretty much the lowest I should go but they are saying .9 is it just a thin line between whats cool and not? or is there a different chart or something else I should be using? I'm pretty comfortable with setting up my mech but it is my first time and I don't wanna be another "This is why plebs shouldn't be able to use mech mods" story on here

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AWT 26650 4500mAh Yellow battery wierdness

As I tend to do, before I got a battery for my new 26650 mod I checked Mooch's recommended battery list <a href="https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/blog-entry/moochs-recommended-batteries.7593/”>here – and I saw he had it listed at the top of his "top performers" list for 26650 batteries <a href="https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/threads/26650-battery-bench-test-results-and-new-ratings-table.725452/”>here – I saw the AWT yellow battery listed and IMR had it pretty cheap so I picked it up.

I charged it up on my Niteforce charger and threw it in my mod. mod is a 0.5 ohm build using 26g plain dual kanthal coils, 5 wraps each spaced 3mm.

Week ass vapor, long ramp up time. Like the battery was really being stretched to do something. I vaped maybe 20 puffs before it got worse. I threw the battery on the multimeter, already dying at 3.2v. Put it in the charger and it took 3 hours to recharge. Tried again, same thing. 15-20 good puffs, battery dying again. Checked my mod. Checked coils. Checked for shorts. Double checked resistance. Still at 0.5.

So, I start poking around looking for answers and find this post by Mooch worst battery ever

Any ideas on this one? Does anyone else run this battery? Did I maybe get a bad one and maybe Mooch had a bad one then tested another good one months later and posted the more positive reviews? I ordered a HΩ Grown 26650 4307mAh just last night to see if I get the same issue. With a 0.5ohm build like that I'm probably drawing 8-9amps per hit max, right?

I hoped I'd get at least 40 separate 20 second puffs off that battery with that rating. Is my math way off?

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Contest Winner Juice from Golden State Vaper’s

Got my bottle of "Brulee" from Golden State Vaper's today. I just wanted to say thank you and so far it is awesome!! Been dripping it and the flavor is unreal. Again thank you Golden Oak Vaper's for the giveaway.

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Don’t forget, we have an ally in every pipe tobacco shop in America and maybe we can use that to our advantage.

I don't know how many current or ex-pipe smokers there are out there, but custom pipe tobacco blends have been a thing since long before I was born. My first trip into a tobacco shop (sometime in the early 90's) involved the wizened proprietor taking pinches of tobacco from large, fragrant glass jars and mixing me a custom bag of cherry Cavendish. As he put it, "A cherry sundae you can smoke". For many of us, similar memories represent a uniquely American rite of passage. Almost 30 years later and the pinches have been replaced with squirts from a dropper, but the art (and necessity) of custom blends is still the same.

From the National Association of Tobacco Outlets (NATO) deeming summary, which you should already loosely be aware of:

The TCA authorizes the FDA to regulate the manufacture of all newly deemed tobacco products, including those products manufactured at the retail level. This means that tobacco retailers that blend pipe tobacco or retailers that mix e-liquids for e-cigarettes or vapor devices will meet the definition of a “tobacco product manufacturer” and be regulated by the FDA as a manufacturer.

The pipe tobacco industry is also litigating against the FDA for the same reasons e-<a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>juice manufacturers are, but my point is more about you as an individual when inevitably contacting your representatives to give them a piece of your mind. I would urge you, among the other points you bring up, be sure not to forget to bring up e-<a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>juice blending and pipe tobacco blending together. Why? The average age of both U.S. senators and house of representative members is around 60 years old. To be honest, most of them won't have a good grasp of what vaping is. But they know very well what pipe tobacco is and what custom blends of pipe tobacco are, and why people like them. Chances are, they grew up in a house with a dad smoking a pipe of his favorite blend. Tap into that. Make the connection.

If anybody's going to wiggle out of this bullshit rule, it's the pipe tobacco industry. IMO, it's a wise move to (conceptually) hook our wagon to that any chance we get…even when just bringing it up in conversation.

That's it. Thanks for reading.

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Wismec RX200s fried chip?

This just happened so I'm kinda writing this urgently to maybe get some help. I was walking with my 200s in my hand when I started hearing a gurgling sound from the mod. When I looked there was smoke coming out of the battery vent holes near the top. I quickly removed the HB2 batteries from my mod and took it outside just in case it decided to blow up on me. It's been about five minutes and nothing has happened yet. Am I safe? Can I put my batteries back in and see if it still works? I've only had this mod for about a week, and I've been vaping for about 5 months. I'm just looking for some help

Thanks 🙂

Edit: Pictures https://imgur.com/a/bbF8P One of the negative parts is a but black, but that could be cause I tossed them on the blacktop after I got outside.

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Shout out to vista vapors

Ordered a pico from them. Received in 3 days. Along with the device ,1 free sample of blueberry banana,wich was actually really good ,1 free "vape it forward raspberry <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>juice",free magnet,a pack of vista vapors matches with the heads cut off ,says ,here you won't need these anymore,when you open it ,it has a 20 % code for new vapors. A menu with a complete flavor list ,awesome . And the device itself is amazing. Just ordered a silver pico for myself ,a Samsung 25 r battery,a pack of coils,and a charging dock for 56 bucks shipped with 20% off,and free shipping. These guys rock.

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