Be careful with what you do with your gear, it can happen to anyone.

I have always been the guy to keep my batteries/mods safe. I was good with not leaving them on in my pocket or improperly storing batteries. But, i was walking into my home after a long day of work, dropped my batteries from the day into my pocket not thinking, and I now have deep 2nd degree burns on my hand and thigh.

Not complaining or ranting, just a warning that getting complacent could fuck your day up.

p.s. If this is the wrong place to post this let me know.

Various leg shots 1 2 3


Work Pants + Sexy Undies

Due to trauma of the event I took no pics of penis which was mildly toasted but is healed now.

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Vape flavours?

Basically iv been trying to give up smoking with the help of vaping for the last year. The problem is after i start vaping for a couple days i feel like whatever flavour I'm smoking tastes like chemicals or i just don't enjoy it anymore.

I mainly buy from MBV.

So i was wondering if you guys could recommend me some websites to buy some good quality <a href="”>juices from that doesn't cost a fortune in shipping fee's as i live in Australia.


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[PSA, Shitpost] Do NOT browse /r/eCigClassifieds while Drinking

Just bought my sixth DNA 200 device and I have no need for it. I still want it though. I almost messaged the guy and had him write "large glass dildos" on the package in big letters. It'd almost be easier to explain to my wife…

EDIT: wtf is with all these bot posts?!

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Looking to buy an RDTA

So I've been vaping for a while and have had my share of Rdas and Rtas, but I feel like I should give the Rdtas another shot. Previously I had an Avocado 24 and didn't like the performance I was getting so I sold it to a friend. I guess I'm looking for some input on what to look at. Also if we could use vape budget hands that would help. So under 40$. Thanks guys.

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My friend asked to charge her batteries and I had to take them from her after seeing this.

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I bought counterfeit Uwell Crown coils didn’t I?

Bought 2 boxes of coils from Amazon. Not sure why as the price was only a dollar or so less than my local BM. The hard plastic boxes are not sealed around the opening and there isn't that slip of paper in there to verify the coils as authentic. The boxes are in this sealed plastic pouch.

Any chance they might just be an older box before they sealed them around he opening and inserted the verification slip?

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I just kissed the dragon…

Been vaping for two years, I was dripping on my rda and got distracted watching a YouTube video, went to hit my vape and you can guess the rest… Any one else out there done this, I need to feel less alone in my dumbness.

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