honest review time: Narda clone by SXK (xpost from canadian_ecigarette)

Hey guys,

Here's a look at one of my all time favorite flavour attys. It's called the <a href="https://narmods.com/narda/”>NarDA and it's originally made by <a href="https://narmods.com”>Narmods. I've got the 1:1 clone made by SXK and from all reports it's just as good as the authentic. I know some of you may be against clones but often the authentic pieces aren't affordable for the average vaper while other times they just aren't available due to supply and demand. In the case of the NarDA it's pretty much both, it's a little too expensive and it's almost impossible to find for purchase. I personally find no shame in picking up a clone from time to time, especially when they're this well made.

Here's the contents of the box:
1xRDA Atomizer
1xSlotted Screwdriver

Some details and specs:
Removable drip tip
Dual post design
Adjustable airflow control (2 air holes on the sleeve)
510 threading connection
Adjustable brass center screw
22mm overall diameter
31.8mm tall

Here's a full album of pics with some more info: album

The packaging
It comes safely packed in one of those round tins, with a spares bag and that's pretty much it. As much as I like the little round tins I find storing them can be a bit of a pain. The presentation is nice though, no complaints there.

The RDA As I've mentioned this is one of my all time favorite flavour attys and I use it a lot in my day to day as well as for flavour testing. It's a single coil rda that's primarily designed for flavour and it's one of the best that I've ever used. That's not to say it doesn't have it's drawbacks. Building on it can be a bit tricky but once you get the hang of it it's fairly easy. I found there are two good ways to build it, one is on an angle the other is straight across. Wicking it when straight across requires you to split your wicks so some will prefer the angled approach. For an angled build you just tuck the cotton down in to the well. Angled being my preferred setup. Another slight drawback is with the wide flat head screws used to clamp down the wire, it sometimes has trouble gripping the wire unless you wrap it around the screw a decent amount, doesn't have to be all the way around but pretty close. It can whistle a tiny bit but it only seems to do it when I've adjusted the airflow slightly, at full open the way I normally run it it's pretty quiet. I've also heard of others complaining the top cap is a bit tight but I don't have that issue and I've heard it's easily remedied with new orings. Aside from those few minor issues I haven't had any other complaints.

It's very well machined from 316 stainless steel, I didn't find any shavings or sharp edges and absolutely no machine oil residue when it arrived. You can adjust the airflow from a comfortably restricted direct to lung hit or close it down to almost closed for a rather decent mtl hit. With an appropriate build I don't experience any significant heat transfer. But I do prefer to use my own wide bore drip tips on it as the included white plastic tip feels just a bit to thin for my liking. It's got a very deep <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>juice well and with the way I build it I haven't experienced any leaking whatsoever. I can usually dump a dropper full or just over 1ml of <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>juice in with no leaks or spitback. I'd have to significantly over drip beyond that 1ml in order to make it leak from the airflow holes. Of course if you freshly fill it and then leave it on it's side I'm sure some <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>juice would work it's way out but as I mentioned I personally haven't had any issues with that yet. The top cap is slightly concave to help concentrate the flavour but with the coil directly under the drip tip, the flavour goes almost straight to your mouth. I've pretty much exclusively been using small fused claptons in mine and in my humble opinion it's one of the best vapes in my collection. Check out the album for a few build pics!

Maybe I'm a bit biased as it is one of my favorite all time drippers but for me the the pros far exceed the cons to deliver one of the best flavour experiences in a low profile dripper to date. While it might only appeal to a certain crowd, I honestly can't say enough nice things about this rda. If you like to drip for flavour and not clouds and you don't own one of these yet, I'd have no trouble recommending it!!

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Britain restricted from voting at next World Health meeting regarding Vaping and Tobacco Control

<img src="http://thecapecoralvapestore.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-o-matic/cache/a8c56e2c67_faj72vgY8V7ryWcDZDc7EcSZyJlL3z2EpqdWQi6D0MU.jpg” alt=”Britain restricted from voting at next World Health meeting regarding Vaping and Tobacco Control” title=”Britain restricted from voting at next World Health meeting regarding Vaping and Tobacco Control” /> submitted by /u/HighClassVapeCo
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New DIY Juice – rubber Seals Expanding?

Hey <a href="https://www.reddit.com/r/ecigs”>r/ecigs,

I own an Aspire Cleito tank and have been using it for a while now with various premade <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>juices, but due to how fast the tank burns through liquid, I've made the switch to DIY mixes for the first time, using 2 aromas – lime and orange – mixed with a 12mg 54% VG 45% PG base.

Since I've started using the mix, weird things started happening with the rubber seals both on top and on the bottom of my tank. The top rubber seal has expanded and come off its base like this. The bottom seal hasn't quite done the same, but it won't hold the glass properly – as soon as I unscrew the top, the bottom is popping off, no matter how much I dry off, clean or reseat the band, no matter which way I put on the glass.

My question here is – what could have caused this to happen? The acidity of one of the aromas? Not thoroughly steeping? It was a sudden change – I've been using the tank just fine for a couple months by now.

I'm aware I can replace the rubber bands as needed, but I'd rather avoid a repeat situation when I actually do – what should I avoid?

p.s. The aroma brand is Just Fake, a Polish vendor.

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RX75 post-update Blank screen mode fix!

Just in case this happened to anyone else:

After the update, there is a blank display that appears as an additional mode. If you select it, it will get stuck on that screen (It will fire when the button is pressed, but it won't register the 3 taps to enter the mode selection). In order to undo it, all you have to do is re-update, and while the device is still connected to the computer, tap the fire button 3 times then the right button (how you would normally exit the screen).

Hope it helps!

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custom painted mods

Hey guys, me and some of my buddies have painted our mods custom colors and we got to thinking of that would be something you guys would like.

We were thinking about making a website were you guys could order custom colored mods so your not stuck with the default colors your vape comes in. If you guys could let me know if this is something you'd want that would be great. Also any suggestions you have such as what products to offer and that you'd want on the website are much appreciated. Thanks in advance guys.

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HCigar Fodi F2 review, an RDTA for gentlemen and MtL conneseirs

First, some pics.

Fasttech have far better pics than I do

Side view with that unfortunate Logo

Comparison with the Limitless Plus RDTA


Here's what it looks like with my Crius on top of my Tsunami which is on top of my Sapor that's sitting on top of my Aeronaut which rests on top of my Limitless. Unfortunately I couldn't get my black Subtank to balance here as well

I decided to get this baby after I got my Limitless RDTA and fell in love with the first build and how effortless wicking was. Reviews online were sparse, and at face value it looked like an equivalent of a Serpent Mini which everyone should fucking love. But it was a much different beasts.

Look: It's a sexy little beast. Small, sleek and with a very shiny piano black. Also has the nicest drip tip I've ever seen come with a tank. Only flaw here is the fat logo. Sorta ruins the whole thing. Might be worth finding the right paint to fix it

Build: The build deck isn't too bad though could be improved with posts instead of tension screws. Still doesn't take more than a minute to pop in and make a firm connection. First I put in a 3mm clapton and went to 30W. That's just too much for this little dude, went down to 2.5mm clapton and still felt wrong. There was too much vapor and too little airflow for that little space. Made a 2.5mm twisted 30g coil, 6 or so wraps, perfect! Wicking as well was effortless. Didn't have a dry hit on any of the 3 builds I've put in here, and I chain vape heavily.

Flavor: Baby. I imagine this is what a MtL dripper like the NarDa vapes like. Which realistically, a MtL dripper is essentially what this is. The vapor is fruity and delicious, the draw reminds me of the Kayfun 3/lite. Old school tightness! Definitely needs at least a 6mg <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>juice, might even work well at 12mg.

Also, get a unicorn or needle nose bottle and filling this little dude is easy. There's a small black plug on the deck that pops out, squeeze your <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>juice in and you're ready to go. The box includes 2 spares in case you ever loose it.

One more thing I love is the clouds from this thing, or the distinct lack of them. My Endura is cloudier. Every other tank I have is cloudier. This is fantastic when I'm at work or anywhere else where I don't want a thick cloud of banana an strawberry around me.

I also love the battery life. At 16W my build feels perfect and that will last for days on a pair of 18650's. Definitely going to be on the lookout for a small tube mod to pair with it, will be a brilliant stealth vape.

Overall this is a cracker of a little tank that does something almost the whole industry seems to have stopped doing. Small, simple, doesn't leak or have any really obvious flaws. The only possible issue is that if you DL you're gonna be disapointed. It can DL, maybe, but so can the Kayfun 3 if you try hard enough. If you get this for a MtL you're in for a delicious time.

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