cVC $1000 Rewards Winners + CYBER MONDAY: REKT. 70% OFF 120mls

Back for our final post for a few weeks to announce the winners of our $1000 CVC Rewards [Giveaway] and our newest event:


  • <a href="“>Any 120ml bottle (while supplies last) on sale for just $15 – that's 70% OFF!

  • 50% off all regularly priced e-liquids using code REKT.

  • BONUS: Every 5th order will receive a bonus 120ml, koozie, Chubby Gorilla unicorn bottle, and stickers! (bonus value of $55)

  • Free shipping on orders over $100

Please note, $15 120ml sale limited to one (1) per order. Multiple orders allowed. Coupon code REKT will work with all regularly priced e-liquids, but will not reduce the $15 120ml by any amount. These two deals cannot be combined with other offers.

Just for Reddit BONUS GIVEAWAY:

  • Leave your username in the order comments to be entered x2 to win $500 in CVC Rewards points.

  • No purchase required for Reddit Bonus Giveaway: Leave a comment below with <3 for one entry. (This means that if you're ordering, you can also comment here for 3 total entries.)

The Deal


1 WINNERS: $500 CVC Rewards Points ($10 minimum purchase, can not be combined with other coupons): /u/killerwales

2 WINNERS: $250 CVC Rewards Points ($10 minimum purchase, can not be combined with other coupons): /u/Nd4Wd, /u/ThatAnimeWatcherGuy

Congratulations winners! You should receive a message in your inbox shortly. Winners will be credited by December 5th after verifying age.

This has been a really fun week to plan for you guys, and I hope you thoroughly enjoy not only your savings with us and your other favorite vendors, but we also hope you enjoyed your time with friends and family. As always, we are truly so thankful for this community for allowing us to do what we love, which is serve you. Happy holidays everyone!



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Suggestion for an E-cig for Cyber Monday that is Digital and Will allow me to make my own e-juice

I'd like a digital e-cig. A girl had a box shaped one that had a digital display and a plus and minus button to decrease the amount of nicotine/cloud. It was flavored strawberry banana which was delicious and it was smooth.

I would also like to be able to use CBD oil as I have a seizure disorder. [CBD is legal in my state and most states as it is non-psychoactive.]

I know there is online calculators to show the ratio of ingredients for nicotine dose and how much of a cloud you want and how strong of a flavor. I intend to make my own e-<a href="”>juice. I'd like to be able to mix nicotine and CBD together, but if they have to be separate then that is okay.

I am looking for a good quality one, while it is on sale for Cyber Monday. I would like make my own <a href="”>juice, so I guess I'd need a number of tanks/tubes/whatever it is stored in.

Can anyone give recommendations. I do not want to buy pre-mixed flavors. Like I said, if I could make a e-liquid with CBD, and nicotine and flavorings and possibly other "things" that could be vaped.


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Vaping a scam?

I recently placed an order for the Smok Alien and TFV8 baby beast kit from I placed my order on Oct 25 but only received the package on Nov 21st, at this point I'm slightly annoyed but I finally got it so I'm happy. After opening the package I find out they ONLY sent me the TFV8 baby beast.. I have emailed them a few times and have not gotten a response in over a week. Does anyone know what I can do here? I've asked for them to send out just the mod, no response. I asked them to refund me for the mod and just charge me for the baby beast, no response. I feel like I've been scammed and I don't know what to do.. has anyone had this issue before ?

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2vaped Weekly [giveaway] #74 (11/28) – PLUS BLACK FRIDAY – 25% oFF EVERYTHING! Our biggest sale ever!

Morning everyone! Chris here from 2vaped with our weekly giveaway – let's get this party started! Thanks for everyone who came by last week's giveaway! We've got even more new flavors continuaing to be added – so stay tuned!

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25% OFF EVERYTHING – Cyber Monday – 24 hours only!

It's our biggest sale of the year! 25% off EVERYTHING – 24 hours only! Check out our new e-liquid and use code CYBER16 at checkout! As always, shipping is free on orers over $45

We have a lot of new <a href="”>juice being added – so check <a href="”>our selection of 30+ lines and find your new ADV!

SAVE 25% on EVERYTHING with code CYBER16

New E-liquid

Check out our newest additions:

  • <a href="”>liquid Nation – From the makers of liquid State, 3 flavors from around the world!
  • Ohm Grown 60 mL – An awesome new line! I love the fried dough… so.. doughy!
  • Forge HTV – Awesome high temp <a href="”>juice at a bargain price! Only $15.49 for a 50 mL bottle!
  • Five-0 – The best stcky buns and strawberry milkshake I've found!
  • <a href="”>liquid State – Max VG, premium e-liquid inspired by local foods, drinks, and idiosyncrasies that make each state unique
  • <a href="”>liquid Debate – Flavors inspired by the 3 front runners. Each bottle includes a free pin! All 3 are excellent.
  • New Marina Flavors (including Blueberry Donuts!)
  • <a href="”>Five Pawns Taken Three line – three new awesome flavors at an affordable price!

Now on to the good stuff…

Here's what we've got to give away this week!

  • Grand prize: $25 off your order of $35 or more
  • Runner up: $15 off your order of $25 or more

How to enter:

  • Leave a comment in this thread. That's it! At 7 PM EST tomorrow, November 29, winners will be randomly selected and PMd their code. Entry is open right up until the time of the drawing – no giveaway accounts, please. All winners will be double checked for activity!

Winners will be posted in /r/2vaped so make sure you're subscribed! They will also be posted in this thread and I will send a PM to both.

A huge thanks again to everyone here! This subreddit is where Kyle and I got our start and we love nothing more than being able to give back! Good luck in advance to all entries 🙂

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  • <a href="”>All mech mods are now 20% off with code mech20 – we're trying to make room, so have at it!

And don't forget redditors always enjoy 10% off at 2vaped with code REDDIT10 and free domestic shipping on orders over $45.

This contest is open to US residents and APO address holders over the age of 18 (21 in CA, NY). International vapers are welcome to enter!

Thanks again and vape on!

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More MasterCard info – why your B&M might not be exempt

Been a member of this sub for over 2 years and vaping for at least that long. I've seen a few posts about MasterCard's new rules regarding card not present (e-commerce or phone orders) sales and e-cigarettes (ENDS). (BTW I am a rep for processing company and the bulk of my business comes from the vape industry) This post goes into to full detail about the new requirements:

Here's what we know so far:

$500 fee to register with MC (annual fee collected in January) yes you can move processors you would only be charged the annual fee one time per year

Attorney's letter verifying that your website is in compliance

Adult signature required on all deliveries (this seems to be the biggest cause of concern as it adds huge fees to all shipments)

MC has been very vague with us so in turn your processor has been vague as well.

What we are assuming: that as MC goes, Visa, AMEX Discover will soon follow. The assumption is that there will be reciprocity with the bankcard association. Meaning 1 letter from attorney, 1 fee of $500 is all that will be required

Here are a few questions that I'm waiting on answers:

Wholesalers/Distributors/Manufactures/ that do not sell directly to the public, do they still have to comply with the adult signature requirement

Drop Shippers – take card payment but do not ship product, who's responsible for making sure adult signatures are required? What's the drop shippers liability/repercussion if adult signature is not included on package

Here's where B&M's can get jammed up:

on any new account, the application asks for the businesses processing profile:

Retail (B&M)




Mail/Telephone order (MOTO)


Most processing sales reps when filling out an application for a retail store (B&M) will say 95% card present and 5% MOTO, just in case a customer calls in and wants to make a purchase over the phone to hold a piece of hardware or whatever. This is considered a non-face to face sale and will fall under MasterCard's new rules.

B&M owners, make sure your application says 100% retail or you run the risk of having to pay $500 for registration and paying an attorney to validate your website.

I'm scheduled to have a conference call with our internal compliance person later this afternoon. Would love to ask questions that might have slipped my mind. Feel free to leave your questions below and I'll do my best to get them answered in the next 24 hours.

EDIT: A few early answers

The new rules do in fact apply to B2B Wholesale/Distributors/Manufactures

Drop shippers: you are responsible to ensure that adult signatures are on all packages, as you are the ones with the contracts and are accepting payments

You cannot separate MC from Visa

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Need a good mod for beginning vaper (rDTA)

So I ordered the limitless + for my girlfriend, as a gift for the upcoming holidays. She smoke's cigarettes, but I recently got her to finally get used to my vape without any coughing at all. Of course, after the fact she started really enjoying the experience.

So I'm taking advantage of that and hopefully getting her off those cancer sticks.

I got her an RDTA so she wouldn't blow money on coils for tanks, as she seen me do and have been turned away from it, and I could just rebuild for her whenever. Only thing she'd ever need is <a href="”>juice.

I Have her on a dripper now and can tell shes getting annoyed by it, so the rdta route was the easy choice. she loves my avocado with the bottom air flow.

Okay, enough back story lol. I need a mod that wont break the bank, but with good enough power to take advantage of the limitless plus. I use the realeaux 200s myself and shes used to it, so im thinking of getting her the rx2/3. Any thoughts? any help is appreciated.

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Question about Genny tanks

Not sure if this is the right place, but I don't see any rules against this. Anyhow, I'm looking to get a limitless or an azeroth, however I don't fully understand why people don't wick the tank to the bottom. I know about the whole genny lean and I understand if cotton goes down all the way, there's less space for liquid, but once you start vaping and the liquid level reaches below the end of the cotton, how does the liquid feed without you tilting the tank? AND when you tilt the tank, how effective is the feeding system if only one cotton lead is getting the majority of the <a href="”>juice?

Not sure if I was clear enough, but any answer will be helpful lol. If you take vaping slightly out of the problem, I guess you can narrow it down to me being interested in the physics of the feeding method. Teach me, please!

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Can’t get a reading on hcigar mod resistance using copper plug

I'm using a 510 pure copper plug to short the mod out and I don't get any reading in the atomizer analyzer. Really weird. it's worked with every mod I own. Could it be the gold plated 510 or what? I was able to estimate my mod resistance based off of what my resistance readings are with different attys in my sx minis and vapor shark 133 box.

Any idea why I just get a ? It def made contact with the pin.

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Upgrade on my portable vape setup?

Hi all,

I'm the kind of person who doesn't stay up to date on vape goings on once I have something that works. To that end, I've been using my subtank mini (with the 2nd version of the RBA, with the holes that you can put the cotton through) with a 30w istick for like a year now, and it seems like the technology and prices have progressed to the point where I can probably get a better setup for a decent price.

Does anyone have any suggestions for an all-in-one, primary setup? I've really enjoyed using my subtank mini, I build coils with 26 kanthal that are like .5 ohms-.8 ohms, but I do seem to lose all flavor after like 3-4 days which is a real pain. I also want a new battery, but would like it to be on the small/thin side so that I can continue to have my vape in my pants pocket without it looking super bulky. Even my friends with smaller mods seem to be thicker/wider than my 30w istick.

Thanks for your help, love this community!

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