Let’s get this on /r/all for the 4th time! Quitting smoking for your New Years resolution? We can help! Pop over to /r/electronic_cigarette and see how vaping has helped us!

I'm sure you've heard "we get it you vape", but not all of us are douches about vaping and we just wanna not smoke cigs.

Quitting smoking is hard, no doubt about that! But it doesn't have to be as hard as you think. Check out how a good majority of our community successfully quit smoking with the help of vaping! If you're ready to quit, we're ready to help you along on your journey! Happy New Year from /r/electronic_cigarette

Want to learn a bit more about vaping? Check out our wiki.

Want to read some scientific publications about vaping? We got you covered.

Want to chat directly with some vapers who can help you get started and talk you through getting set up? Check out the /r/ecr Discord – drop by and chat with us!

Vapers, tell us your story, and if you want, feel free to ask us questions 🙂

Vendors of /r/ecr: Let's make this a giveaway. Any vendor who wants to participate, shoot me a PM and I will add you to this post on the list of vendors participating with a link to your website. We'll have 10 winners per vendor, vendors can give away whatever they like to those 10 people, winners drawn/announced on 1/2/2017.

If you want to win some free stuff, simply comment in this thread to be considered. Must be over legal smoking age to win. For the uninitiated, vendors are no longer allowed to give away free products thanks to the Federal Government. Winners will likely be required to pay a token amount (usually $1 plus shipping) to claim their winnings and verify their age. For international entrants, this still holds true but I can't guarantee every vendor can/will honor international winners. If that happens, we will work something out for you or find a vendor who will. Good luck!

Happy New Year everyone!

Participating Vendors:

Vendor Website
2OHM6 https://www.2ohm6.com/
Astral Cloudz http://www.astralcloudz.com
Bigglesworth Labs http://www.bigglesworthlabs.com/
Central Vapors https://www.centralvapors.com/
Crescent City Clouds http://www.crescentcityclouds.com/
eciggity <a href="https://www.eciggity.com/”>https://www.eciggity.com/
Giant Vapor http://www.Giant-Vapor.com
GrayScale liquids <a href="https://www.grayscal<a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>eliquids.com/”>https://www.grayscal<a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>eliquids.com/
Labrat liquids <a href="http://www.labratliquids.com/”>http://www.labratliquids.com/
Nuclear Vapes http://www.nuclearvapes.com/
POTV Maryland http://planetofthevapesmd.com
Roman Haze https://www.romanhaze.com/
Safari <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>juice <a href="http://www.safari<a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>juice.com”>http://www.safari<a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>juice.com
Sloth Sauce http://shop.slothsauce.com/
Sugar Hill E-liquid <a href="http://www.sugarhill<a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>eliquid.com/”>http://www.sugarhill<a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>eliquid.com/

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Haven’t been around since the V2 days, is there a refillable cigalike that doesn’t use cotton?

I remember refilling V2 cartridges with VG before going back to cigarettes, and I'd like to try and get off cigs again. What is the "cigalike" model on sites like eBay called so I can stay in budget with generics?

I know the risks of generics, but I can't afford brands. I just got over a heroin addiction and can't afford food, staying with a friend while I go to college and get my life together.

If I can't find cheap, reliable cigalikes with refillable tanks I will gladly PayPal some money to someone here that can help. If this isn't allowed, please ignore it!

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E-liquid with CBD?

Just saw Vape Falcon offering Pancake Man with 200 mg CBD… does anyone know anything about this or have tried any e- liquid with infused CBD?

edit: I know what CBD is, more curious to those who have used it in an e-liquid form.

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Best rBA cartridge to use in a Tobeco super-tank-mini? (hearing ‘melo’ and ‘segatank’?)

I was surprised to hear people saying that cartridges from other tanks would fit in the super tank, I figured these things were inherently proprietary designs but apparently there's some standardization (yay!), and I've heard of both the Melo and Segatank (apparently the 'v2' though, not just 'segatank') being used as RBA cartridges in the Tobeco Super Tank Mini, I'm hoping to find out whether there's a 'best' or if they're the same, as I'm on ebay now trying to choose one and don't know which is best! Only one seller even has the segatank RBA, and it's not even the v2 (which I was told to get – so the v1 is a no-go I guess…the description on this page says this one is for the segatank (not segatank v2), yet it says in the description it's compatible with the melo's, so wouldn't that mean it'd be compatible with the Super Tank Mini?

(Yes, I know there's a proper RTA version of the super tank, and that's why they don't make OEM rba cartridges for it, I got this tank used for a few bucks so I just bought it figuring I could find an rba, didn't expect not to have an OEM part for it like all my other tanks do!)

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Looking to dabble into drippers

Hello my fellow vapers! I have been vaping for a good part of a year now. Using super tanks and tsv4. I was going to pick up the baby beast sub ohm tank. I'm starting to think maybe i should give a dripper a try. I have no clue how to build nor have the tools. Can you guys recommend a dripper for me that has really good flavor and pre built coils maybe too? My highest mod goes up to 70 watts. Any recommendation would help! Maybe a easy assembly, minimal tools required setup? I really want to try a dripper, since I've heard good things. But I'm pretty uneducated when it comes to this. Thanks a ton everyone and Merry Christmas!

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Looking for a new RDA – whats good these days?

I've been using a few different RDA's and RTA's, but am not fully satisfied with any of them.

Triforce – Leaks like a nightmare

Airek – Sputters all over my hand, tastes bland

Wismec Theorum – Tastes great, works great, but is virtually impossible to open back up to re-coil or re-wick. It's so difficult to open that I just stopped using it.

Also have been using a bunch of tanks, etc., including TFv4, Atlantis, and Kanger Top Tank.

I just really want to find a good, easy to build RDA/RTA, but am feeling kinda lost in options.

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Looking to buy a new RBA and RDA and new mod, what do you use?

Hey all, Happy Holidays!

I've been using my iStick Power (max 80w) for about 2 months now and moved on from SMOK baby beast shop-bought coils to building my own with the SMOK big baby beast RBA deck(?) but I cracked my tank last night and it doesn't come with a spare one

I could just buy a spare tank on ebay or amazon or whatever but I'm looking to try out something different and was wondering what you guys and girls would recommend since I haven't had the chance to try out any other tanks yet

Also, since the mod I have is closed (batteries cannot be removed) I'm looking for a new mod too, something regulated that I can clean if need be and the batteries can be removed too, I don't want to accidentally spill <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>juice and not be able to clean it up and ruin the whole mod

I also want to try out an RDA so I can switch <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>juices quicker

Some things to note:

  • I've tried my friends SMOK alien but I really dislike the huge fire button and prefer the smaller push buttons

  • A charger port on the side would be great too, the iStick Power comes with the port on the bottom which is retarded

  • I usually vape around 30 – 50w with a dual coil setup

tl;dr/summary Looking for a mod (I vape at 30 – 50w with a dual coil setup) – and a RBA and RDA coil


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Will pre-fab coils dry out or become unusable to where wicking is unobtainable.

So sorry if the title is confusing but I'll try to clear it up. I have a pre-fab coil in one of my subohm tank and I just got another coil for my subohm I prefer to use so I planned to take the tank apart I'm not using and air dry it. Will the residual <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>juice in the coil dry out or will it cause the cotton to become "crusty" and in turn unable to wick properly. Sorry if this is still confusing any help is appreciated. Any additional info needed just comment and I'll check my inbox after family festivities today.

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