Anyone know what juice company this is?

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Tanks that don’t guzzle juice?

I've been out of the loop for a few months, but I've been trying new tanks over the past year. Got a Griffin, and it was OK, but a little leaky. I noticed it went through <a href="”>juice faster than my Subtank Mini. Tried the TFV8, and it guzzled even more <a href="”>juice even faster! Told the guy at the shop, and he recommended a Cleito 120. Same thing, it's a <a href="”>juice guzzler. Is it just because I'm using such a high wattage (110W)? Is it the tank itself? Any suggestions? At this rate, I'll be spending more on <a href="”>juice than I ever did on cigarettes.

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Need help getting liquid and coils online

So i've been smoking analogs for around a year and started vaping a few months ago after a local vape shop sold to me but they closed down. Vaping has kept me off boges for a while but i still need the nicotine so i don't want to quit because i have no wear to get more coils for my TFV4 and <a href="”>eliquid. Ive tried to order online but the one and only issue is that i'm 18 and in NY the legal age to purchase vape stuff is 21 in my county while its 18 everywhere else. I could make the trip to a place that would sell to me but buying online would save me quite a lot of money instead of spending nearly double for the same amount of stuff. When trying to buy online it requires me to do ID verification in order for it to ship to me and i dont know what to do. If I can't find a way around it or website that doesn't ID i might just have to go back to cigs because i still have the urge to have nicotine. So if theres anyway i can get vape related items online i would appreciate some help.

TLDR: Underaged in my county and really want to purchase coils and <a href="”>eliquid online but cant get passed online ID verification and need help getting passed it. If not I'll just go back to analogs as enjoyable as vaping is.

That was a long TLDR lmao but I would appreciate some help.

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Sale unwanted ejuice

I'm a flavor chaser and I have a lot of <a href="”>juice to sale, but I don't know where to sale it. Some bottles are almost full, some unopened. Any suggestions?

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Omh’s Law in Practice (for regulated mods)

Hi everybody! First I want apologize for my bad English. Hope you are patient enough read this to the end 😀 I'm newbie to all this vape stuff. After reading some information and watching some reviews I ordered SMOK Cube X II, RDTA Limitless Plus, and LG HG2 batteries. I'm not sure if my choice is good, but I can't change it now and I'm waiting for my package:)

As an (feature) owner of RBA I became interested in coil building. I've been digging deeper into this topic few day's already and I read some really awesome articles:

[1] Ohm's Law Explained for Vapers – <a href="”>

[2] Basic Coil Building And Safety For Beginners – <a href="”>

From [1] I got that since I will own regulated mod I can't use Omh's law same as mech mod users. After some googling I found very cool post here:

[3] PSA: You Don't Calculate Current Draw on Regulated mods Like You Do on Mech mods –

And a bit more detailed info here:

[4] <a href="”>

I thought to myself "ok, it's time to take a look at my ordered stuff specifications and do some math". And here I met problems and new questions. There is no info about X Cube II batteries connection… Is it series or parallel? Ok. Let's suppose that X Cube II has series connection. According to [3] "Resistance of the coil means absolutely zero on a regulated mod". So to calculate current at input side for maxim power of this mod (160 W) and fully charged batteries (3.6 + 3.6 = 7.2 V) I need to do next: 160/7.2 = 22.2A

And here is my first question: Does it mean that LG HG2 doesn't fit to X Cube II since they have only 20A CDR?

Also I couldn't find which controller is used in X Cube II and what efficiency it has. Due to [4] for proper calculating current draw I need to know controller efficiency and minimum voltage. From [4]: "The minimum voltage is set by the controller. If at any point during the power transfer from the battery that voltage is reached, the controller will consider the battery too weak to perform its duties and act accordingly (lower the power or simply stop the transfer). This value will vary from 2.8V to 3.3V depending on the controller."

Here is my question 2: Does this minimum voltage has fixed value or it can be set by user? How can I found out it if there is no info in mod specification?

And the last thing. At <a href="”> it shows me for X Cube II optimal coil resistance is 0.4

What does this sweet spot means? Why 0.4? Because of Resistance = mod's Max Output Voltage2 / Power (8*8/160 = 0.4)? I'm a little bit confused here and can't understand which resistance for coil I need to choose when I build mine. I hope you will help me =)


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Do high shipping costs deter you from ordering from certain businesses?

I'm just curious as to how other people feel about the wildly varying costs of shipping vapor products. I have come across a few <a href="”>juice vendors that offer flat 3 or 4 dollar shipping. That seems so reasonable that I don't even factor it into my vape budget… and these companies usually get a lot more frequent orders from me. But sometimes I'll get to checkout and the shipping will be like 6 bucks… Not a HUGE difference as far as dollars go, but it just really irks me to pay that much when I know the costs could be much less. If it's something I'm really wanting, I'll pay up… but often I just click out of the page and move along.

I work in a shipping Dept, so I'm well aware that charges can be all over the place depending on where an item is shipping from and to, but when I see products coming out of the same town via same shipping method and there's a $3-4 price difference in shipping I'm left wondering.. am I being a cheapskate? Does anyone else feel like certain vendors are making a good chunk of money from overcharging on shipping?

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Box Mod Suggestions?

Hello all,

I am looking to acquire a new box mod, I really love my current mod the Sigelei 213w TC but the buttons popped out after the first months use and I don't feel comfortable vaping with it at the moment. I typically run the uwell rafale with .5 coils at about 40w. I used to run the TC but I can't seem to find coils for them. I also have the og crown tank but I use it less since it eats up <a href="”>juice.

I want a box mod that is comparable in battery life. Any kits would welcomed as well. I had the kanger topbox mini but the tank broke and I haven't replaced it. TIA!

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