Gremlin Juice lowered prices by 30% or more

I know I've been missing for quite a while, and I know most of you probably don't know who I am anymore, but… The Gremlins have been around for 4 years now and instead of getting more expensive, we are going to opposite direction and lowering all of our prices.

To do so, we dropped most of our flavors, and most of the options to make it more streamlined and easier to produce your orders. We are still working with as close to a one day turnaround as we can (sales weekends are a different schedule, it may take 2 or even 3 days to catch up with a weekends sales orders)

So, with this weekends sale, the coupon code "presidents" is good for 20% off our already 30% off <a href="”>juice. This means it is actually more than half off what it was just two weeks ago. 🙂 A 120ml of Vanilla Custard (or any of your favorite flavors) with the presidents day sale code is now only $24.

See ya there! ~ Rich

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Cthulhu Mods Gaia RDTA Review!

Hey ECR!

Today I will be reviewing the Gaia RDTA by Cthulhu mods.

I preordered this a few weeks ago on the <a href="”>Cthulhu mods Website for only 17.99, but now it looks like the price is $34.99


From the Cthulhu mods website, this RDTA was designed to provide a balance of clouds and flavor. It's 24mm in diameter and has a velocity style deck with centered filling, a 2ml capacity, and also features an optional squonking pin. It uses fully adjustable under-coil and side airflow.

Comes with: Extra fancy box, Gaia RDTA, extra o-rings/screws, extra glass, squonk pin, 510 driptip adaptor, allen key


Building it is really easy due to the velocity deck. The deck is pretty spacious, and works best with large builds. The build pictured is 6 wraps of 24g Kanthal with 32g ni80 3mm ID, and I could have done a couple more wraps. Lots of room, but is also very accommodating to smaller round wire builds. I like the versatility

Filling it looks weird but is surprisingly easy. Just take the cap off and press the tip of your dropper or unicorn bottle into the hole and squeeze. It works great with either. I expected it to leak and be kinda messy, but it really isn't. Works flawlessly.


It has adjustable bottom airflow and a velocity-style threaded side airflow adjustment. You can use only the bottom airflow, but you don't have the option of using only side airflow because to block off the bottom it would misalign the side airflow from your coils.

I prefer using just the bottom at around 60W, and it gives a slightly restricted lung hit with phenominal flavor. As soon as the side airflow is open, it gets really airy and loses all restriction but is capable of much more wattage. I'm more of a flavor chaser so I leave it shut.

The domed shape of the cap also helps enhance flavor a lot

Machining Quality

All the threading and tolerances are excellent. All threads are smooth, and anything that can be adjusted spins smoothly without much resistance. Nothing feels too loose or too tight. Great all around.

Squonking RDTA?!

If you want to use it as a squonker, all you have to do is unscrew the stock 510 pin and replace it with the sqonking one. This is really cool because you can swap it out without needing to take it apart or mess with your build.

I don't own a squonk mod so I couldn't test it, but still a really cool option


This thing is awesome. Building is easy due to the velocity deck, the center filling method is well designed and works perfectly, and the flavor is excellent. The machining quality is top notch also, and feels like the quality of an American made authentic.

For 34.99, you really cant go wrong. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a new RDTA

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