Need Help Buying New Mod

So as the title states, I need help finding a new mod to purchase. I would like to spend around $60-$70 (don't be afraid to go a bit higher) including the tank, mod, and batteries (maybe a starter kit?) I currently have an Istick Pico and wanted to upgrade to something that will produce more clouds. Let me know what you think I should get, or maybe if I should stick with the pico a bit longer? Every opinion matters πŸ™‚

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πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ 🎩 Vaporham Lincoln’s 65% OFF (48 hours only) Presidents Day Sale! 120ml Bottles for $15.99! + [Giveaway] 🎩 πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Our Name is Vaporham Lincoln. Of course we're doing it big on Presidents Day!!


120 ml bottles for $15.99

60 ml bottles for $9.99

prices on the website are adjusted, no offer code needed.


For every 100 comments we will be giving away 10x60ML bottles for 1.99ea + shipping

To enter just comment below.

winners will be selected next week.

all giveaways are international.

Love & Respect,


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Quick Review of the Smok Alien 220w

I recently bought a Smok Alien 220w Kit, but decided to put the Cleito 120 tank on instead of using the TFV8 Baby that came w/ the kit. It quickly became my main mod because of how easy it is to use & it's functions. I love being able to lock it, instead of having to turn it off, preventing accidental misfires in my pocket or elsewhere. It's obviously very powerful (I don't know anyone who would need to hit on 220w) & I haven't run into any issues with it. I've seen a few reviews with people having issues with the button being a little loose or shaky & I haven't had any issues with it. Smok did a pretty good job designing it, it's not too small or too heavy & fits perfectly in my hand. I do however highly suggest at least getting a silicone case to put over it because the paint will easily scratch. All in all it's a pretty great mod. I will update if it begins to have any issues. Ask any questions you may have I'd be happy to answer.

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Apothecary Elixir Co. [Giveaway] (and Winners) / President’s Day Sale / MO’ JUICE LESS MONEY UPDATE!

Hai guysssssssss.

So I has some good things to say!

Chubby Gorilla Unicorn Bottles!!

First off, we've made the switch to chubby gorilla unicorn bottles for our 30ml / 60ml bottle options. This means that 50ml bottles are now gone, and replaced by the 60ml option for the same price! (Woohoo!) Our 100ml bottles will continue to be the awesome LDPE 100mls because I think that the CG 100mls fucking suck. The 30's are pretty badass though.


It's President's day? which apparently means that USPS doesn't deliver which sucks, but somewhere I read this rule that we celebrate all holidays with a sale, so let's do it.

You can save 30% off or your purchase by using the coupon code SHAPEOFYOU @ Apothecary Elixir Co. (I love that new Ed Sheeran song btw, it's badass)


To enter, just comment in the thread below!

Gonna do 3 winners this go 'round (US only canada hates me now sorry bros.)

1st Place: 100ml AECo <a href="”>juice ($4.50 including shipping) 2nd Place: 50ml AECo <a href="”>juice ($4.50 including shipping) 3rd Place: 30ml AECo <a href="”>juice ($4.50 including shipping)

Previous Giveaway Winners

You lucky fellas.

/u/kungfoogorilla — 100ml AECo <a href="”>juice (4.50 including shipping) /u/BradRadcock — 50ml AECo <a href="”>juice (4.50 including shipping) /u/voxalas — 30ml AECo <a href="”>juice (4.50 including shipping)

Winners: Shoot me a PM and I'll get a coupon code for you to use.

PS: If you guys don't have hex ohms yet, you need to get a hexohm. They're the best. You just can't have my hexohm.

PPS: Sorry I'm snarky today, I'm just in a realllllllllyyyyy good mood.

PPPS: oh wtf apparently btw someone created /r/apothecaryelixirco — all <a href="”>juice for sex requests need to go there based on the current content.

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