Quick Review of the Smok Alien 220w

I recently bought a Smok Alien 220w Kit, but decided to put the Cleito 120 tank on instead of using the TFV8 Baby that came w/ the kit. It quickly became my main mod because of how easy it is to use & it's functions. I love being able to lock it, instead of having to turn it off, preventing accidental misfires in my pocket or elsewhere. It's obviously very powerful (I don't know anyone who would need to hit on 220w) & I haven't run into any issues with it. I've seen a few reviews with people having issues with the button being a little loose or shaky & I haven't had any issues with it. Smok did a pretty good job designing it, it's not too small or too heavy & fits perfectly in my hand. I do however highly suggest at least getting a silicone case to put over it because the paint will easily scratch. All in all it's a pretty great mod. I will update if it begins to have any issues. Ask any questions you may have I'd be happy to answer.

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