SALE And some news about a lawsuit :/

First off—the good.

Big sale at

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And now the bad.

I can't give too many details for obvious reasons, but one of the BIG players of Big Tobacco is trying to push us around and is threatening a lawsuit unless we comply with ridiculous demands. More info on that (hopefully good info) in the near future as things play out.

The reason I'm even posting about it and not giving any actual info, is that the tactics they're using and the reasoning behind it seems like the good 'ol "well we have a lot of money, they probably can't afford $100k in lawyer fees, and they're hurting our business, so let's be dbags" kind of thing that I wouldn't be surprised if they're doing it to many, many other small/medium sized companies.

So, if you own a company or know someone that does and they're dealing with the same Big Tobacco BS, I'd like to chat so we could see if a class-action type of thing is in order. WE MUST WORK TOGETHER TO BEAT BIG TOBACCO.

That, or maybe one of you has $100k sitting around that they'd like to donate to our cause?! …Free <a href="”>eliquid for life?! 😉

tl;dr–Big Tobacco is pushing us around, may cost us a lot of money and we sell <a href="”>eliquid so cheap that we'd be dead as a company before long 🙁 AND sale time at Northland Vapor!

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