22mm RTA or RDTA

Alright Good day first, Now I'm looking for a 22mm RTA or RDTA and had narrow it down to a few but can't seem to choose 100% and will probably end up just trowing a dice and just get what it rolls. Option that i found are the Avocado 22, Serpent Mini, Geekvape Ammit and the New Wotofo serpent RDTA. Now my first RDTA was the limitless use it a few times and all then trade it to a friend since i then went full RDA. Now we all know RDA filing and Driving is a no go unless you have a lots of red lights, So I went and bought a SXK Petri RTA clone and flavor awesome and capacity enough for what i usually Drive etc but the whole unscrew the 510 etc etc (all the extra steps) is making me think i might need a RTA or RDTA that does not include all those extra steps. So what are you guys thoughts ?

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