My Smok OSUB keeps turning off TC mode and switches to watt mode?

Hey everybody, sorry if this is a stupid question but I couldn't find any info on this while searching the sub.

I recently bought a SMOK OSUB TC with a Helmet Mini tank. I've been using 0.4 ohm coils and have usually been vaping in TC mode at around 200°c

A couple days ago the device has started to switch to WATT mode without any input on my part. At first I thought it was happening in my pocket but I can confirm that if it's set on TC mode at 200°c and 0.42 ohms that as soon as I hit it once and put it back it's showing me that I'm in wattage mode and I have to manually change it back every time. This happens even if the input buttons are locked.

Has anyone had a similar problem or have found a solution? Any help is greatly appreciated

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