Smaller device for lower juice consumption with good performance? (like the JUUL, but more affordable)

Looking for something like the JUUL, but more affordable. I want to bring down my <a href="”>juice consumption but still get the same amount of nic at the end of the day. Moving down for a number of reasons, but mainly because life is overwhelming and I want to tone down the hobby aspect and turn it back into more of a habit. I want a small elegant device that just slips in the pocket real quick and doesn't need much adjusting if at all.

Just to give you an idea of where I'm at; I've been vaping for many years and am currently using a Smok Alien with an Alien build at .09ohm on a Goon and going through 5-10mls a day.

I make my own <a href="”>juice so sourcing 50mg+ liquid isn't an issue, it's the cost of carts and the device itself. I will most definitely be buying a spare, and will likely lose a few devices as they're so small. I can't afford the $50 per unit asked by JUUL.

Just looking for a similar performer – safe materials used, decent battery life, decent vapor, great flavor delivery. Massive clouds no longer a concern, but I still want to see a small plume.

Might be that the device I'm looking for doesn't exist but I can always hope! I wouldn't know where to start looking as I've been out of the loop for a number of months.

Thanks ahead of time.

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