Good looking Vape pen for a girl? max 19mm

Hey guys looking for a starter vape pen for my girl so it I don't want something too big. She said the tiny vape pens start to looks less like vaping and more like smoking cigs and she doesn't want to give that impression.

Was looking at the Eleaf iCare 160 which is 16mm in diameter. I think this is a good size but even 19mm would work out too, then I could get her a kayfun 3 mini if she likes it.

Any suggestions on similar pens to the Eleaf? Something available in different colors?

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Looking for a good subohm tank for my tarot nano kit. 22mm and precoils that last long.

Pretty much the title, ive been looking at the tfv baby beast alot, but i dont know many other good precoil subohm tanks out there which fits for 22mm. Aswell when i found out the tfv8 baby beast tanks precoils only lasted roughly a week i dont think its worth it anymore. Edit: forgot to mention the tarot is 80 watt mini mod and the battery is inbuilt 2500mah so preferably lower wattage coils at around 40-60 in range.

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Newbie that wants to upgrade

Hello guys! Been vaping for some months, thanks to that I stopped smoking. At the moment, I am using an iJust 2 and it did a pretty good job, but lately the fire button got a little jammed and from time to time it auto fires, so that's why I want to upgrade. I mainly look for kits, mostly because they are cheaper than buying a mod, a tank and so on. What I've been looking at are: SMOK Alien Kit, Vaporesso Nebula Kit and Vaporesso Target VC Kit. They are all same price in here, just wondering which one is "superior". From what I've seen on the internet about my iJust 2, is that it starts from 100 W and goes down as the battery is getting lower. I gotta say… if that's what 100 W is..I definitly need something that's more higher than that. I am more of a flavour chaser rather than a cloud chaser. And yes, I know that RDAs or drippers are better for that, but I realy don't like carrying e<a href="”>juice all day with me just so I can have something to vape on. If you guys can help me and tell me which one is better, or maybe come with another idea that maybe I checked or something, would help me alot!

Thank you guys for the help!

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Tesla terminator mod?

Saw a local shop has this in. Tried searching here and online. Couldn't find a review or any posts about it.

Anyone have this mod or know more about it?

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Hi. I have coughed for like 2 weeks… On and off! Some healty juice out there? Or tips.

Hi. I have vaped for over one year now. I love it. I am free of tobacco cigarettes also. 😉 Thanks to vaping! <3 Right now i use a aspire platinum kit… And a yaeliq <a href="”>juice which i really like.

I use 70 vg/30 pg. Not sure what mix the sub ohm can handle.. Anyways. I cough on and off. My throat is irritated, and it's getting annoying after 2 weeks. What should i do? Stop vaping for a week? Do any of you get a sore throat from vaping? What do you do about it? If there is anything, apart from not vaping that is. Thanks allot! Peace

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Daily Questions Thread [02-26-2017]

If you have questions about <a href="”>juice, vendors, mods or anything vaping related, please feel free to ask them below.

Here are some helpful links-

Starter Guide

Everything I wish I knew about rebuildables

Infographic that every new user should see courtesy of /u/emergenl

/u/Jimmith's beginners guide to vaping

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