Help determining check battery error in sigelei 213w

Hey everyone, so I recieved my Aspire Cleito 120 yesterday and loved it. Vaped all day with no problem but it was running through my battery like crazy. I was lazy and hooked my Sigelei up via micro-usb to the wall charger and let it charge to 100%. Now I'm getting a CHECK battery message even though they are reading at 4.05V and 4.08V respectively. The mod won't fire at any Wattage currently. I've tried cleaning the terminals, pressing the reading pin in between the battery slots, and the batteries seem to be in good condition although they are probably well over a year or two old, although they are not frequently used. Is this an issue with the mod or the batteries?

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Some shit is about to go down on facebook between Stefan Didak and Dimitris Agrafiotis

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Doomsday vaping Preppers

Not exactly, but if vaping was banned tomorrow I would be prepared for a while.

My overall goal is to get to a point where I don't have to spend anymore money on vaping. Due to the nature of everything being purchased online I'd always be waiting for vapemail and it becomes a process. Ordering a little thing here, another there etc.

So over the last few months I've been aquiring everything I need/want to vape and not have to buy anything else hopefully for the rest of the year…

Here is a list of everything I have… I have other goodies in the closet but don't intend on using them…A couple tanks and kits that I didn't like.


  • Smok R200

  • Smok Alien

  • Smok AL85

  • Smok G320

  • Istick Pico 75w


  • TFV12 (waiting for RBA, vapenw sent me the wrong item ffs)

  • TFV8 (have RBA)

  • TFV8 Big Baby (have RBA)

  • TFV8 Baby

  • Tsunami RDA

  • Kennedy Clone RDA


  • 8 packs of Coils for tanks above

  • 48 pack of SS316 Clapton's w variety builds

  • 2 bags of cotton bacon

  • 30 pack of cotton pads

  • Flush Cutters

  • Ceramic Tweezers

  • Heatsink 22mm for Pico

  • 16 LG HG2s in rotation

  • Bag of battery wraps and insulators

  • LUC Charger


  • Scale

  • 2 Gallons of PG/VG

  • 250ml 100mg nicotine (mixes over 8,000ml @ 3mg)

  • 150+ Bottles of flavoring (15ml to 120mls each)

  • 100's of empty bottles (variety of glass, plastic, 15ml thru 240mls)

  • Other misc mixing accesories (gloves, pipettes, syringes, beakers)

  • Around 2000ml already mixed and steeping

I might have missed something but I tried to think of everything in my checklist.

But yeah, I'm happy to finally get at this point. No more window shopping online and researching. No more constant vapemail for the wife to complain about. At most I may have to order some cotton or a bottle of flavoring down the line.

Anyone else out here that stocks up like a vaping doomsday prepper?

Anything I missed on my checklist I might need down the line also Let me know…

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Smoktech AL85 screen issue

So, I bought my wife an AL85 baby Alien, and the screen is FUBAR at the moment. It looked almost like there was a burn in, and the screen keeps getting darker. I saw there was an issue like this with the X-cube II, and you just had to flash the firmware to fix it, but I can't find the original firmware anywhere on Smoktech's site. Anybody have any other ideas or experience with this sort of thing? My Alien 220 is still going strong and haven't hand any issues even without shutting it down and the batteries coming out (my cat's a jerk and has a habit of knocking my stuff off of tables to get my attention.

Anyway, hoping someone out there can help.

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Having the worst luck with vaping

Dear Reddit,

After smoking cigs on/off for 10 years, I made the commitment to switch to vaping 100% for the last 16 months. Even though I've had issues since day 1, I've stuck by that commitment. I've tried tanks and dripping, but for the sake of this post I want to seek advice about tanks as they're my ideal setup.

I may be rusty on the names but you guys will likely know what I mean. I've tried the Kangertech Subtank (first one ever), Uwell Crown 1, Aspire Cleito, Herakles Sense and Herakles Sense Mini, and most recently the Uwell Crown 2. I've tried a variety of <a href="”>juices at various qualities, various ratios, and various nic levels. I've gotten to the point of being fed up and cigs are looking pretty good again. Here is what's happening.

I'll focus in on my experience with my recent Uwell Crown 2 (though the issue had followed me throughout). I seem to have vacuum issues most especially, where I don't seem to be getting great flavor for long at all. Coils burn out real quick, within a matter of hours. I prime the coils with <a href="”>juice prior to placing them in the tank, close the airflow, fill the tank, screw everything tight (but not too tight), ramp up from 15 watts to 45 max (only taking a few short puffs then letting it sit), and no matter the tank, no matter the coil (I tend towards .5 ohm)…it's burnt and awful. I've watched countless YouTube videos, tried to carefully follow instructions, and have read through many forums (most especially Reddit). Higher watts, great flavor, and long lasting enjoyable vape experiences are an elusive thing for me. I've tried loosening the top cap, loosening the middle section (most recent suggestion I came across about the Uwell Crown 2) and still…garbage experiences.

This inquiry may be too general and it might not be interesting to you guys. I just wanted to inquire from the community as to what in the world I'm still doing wrong. I'll follow the suggestions you may have and would be eternally grateful for the advice you can offer. Thing is, I seem to be trying so hard to incorporate so much advice at the same time I could be overcorrecting as well and making things worse. Thanks everyone for, at the very least, taking the time to read this. If you have any questions or if something wasn't clear, please ask. Thanks!

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