Bought the exact same juice, a week a part…what gives with the color?

<a href="<a href="”>juice_a_week_a_partwhat/”> <img src="” alt=”Bought the exact same <a href="”>juice, a week a part…what gives with the color?” title=”Bought the exact same <a href="”>juice, a week a part…what gives with the color?” /> submitted by /u/TuffManJoens
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Looking for ejuice clone.

Sorry if this is the wrong sub. But i need to ask if someone know some flavor (or recipe) that can clone the e<a href="”>juice "crop circle" from SOI (sub ohm innovation). I really looking from that because i like so much but the original is a little expensive :/

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Not getting the hit I want

Just picked up a Tsunami. Not always getting the hit I want. 6mg nic. .49 ohm. 40-50 watts. Sometimes my hits are clean and delicious after a fresh <a href="”>juice and other times they are coarse and taste burnt. I'll rewick. Re <a href="”>juice. And still nothing.

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Need advice about my batteries

I charged my e cig batteries on a normal battery charger and when I took them off the charger they were very warm and smelled burnt… I let them sit for a while and after about 5 minutes they weren't warm or smelled at all. I told my buddy about the smell and he said I put the batteries on the charger the wrong way (which I don't believe I did) and he said I need to buy new ones. I'm new to vaping, so is it normal for batteries fresh off a charger to smell like that before? (I've charged them 2-3 times before this charge)

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Really having difficulty deciding on what mech to get.

So I'm planning on grabbing a new mechanical mod from fasttech, I've narrowed it down to two different options – one is series and one is a tube mod. Both are really solid choices based on my research but I just can't seem to decide….

Purge mod w/RDA kit: <a href="”>


Elite series box w/ a matching Apocalypse RDA <a href="″>

I'm happy using tube mods and series mods so I guess it's just a matter of what would look nicer or be more practical. Both are copper and going to be heavy, one takes single batteries and one takes dual.

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[Giveaway] CTHULHU MOD is giving One set Spatter effect GAIA RDTA away!

  • Spatter effect GAIA RDTA Pictures
  • <a href="”>Real reviews by Gaia RDTA users who have used it long enough
  • <a href="”>More Pictures on our ins
  • We need a new name for our new RDA(bottom and side airflow rda). please comment your ideas. (we will send you the RDA sample if we choose your suggestion)
  • Worldwide contest!
  • Many thanks!

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Von Erl is garbage. stick to your Juuls.

purchased my first von erl almost 2 weeks ago, it was giving me the green flashes showing something was wrong a few days ago. Got a new starter kit, and it lasted all of 10 hours before it started flashing when trying to hit it. these products couldn't be any cheaper. on top of this, almost all of the flavors suck, some taste like medicine. i give this productive a 0 out of 10. might as well smoke a fucking cigarette.

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OBS Engine trouble

I have been trying to get my Engine running right and I just can't get it to out out good flavor. It has been difficult to wick so far but I've found that you have to use very little cotton for it to wick half way decently. Im just not getting flavor that I've read about. My Limitless RDTA plus puts out way better flavor but i am loving the leak proof design and aesthetics of my Engine. Is this tank just not the flavor machine i thought?

What am I doing wrong?

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