Looking for advice on a new mod

Ive done some shopping around and I'm hoping for a few opinions.

I'm currently using a tesla two. My pros on this mod are the fact that it has an internal battery and that it charges via usb. Otherwise it is pretty bare bones, which isnt terrible. I had am rx200 before this one, but it ended up dying (I admittedly was a fool and simply listened to the moron that I bought it from, who said it would be fine to charge it via usb).

Ive looked around a bit and I've found the smoant battlestar to be the most intriguing to me, aside from the removable batteries.

Does anyone have any recommendations on what to look at? I am kind of hoping to stick to internal batteries, unless someone has experience with a mod that charges external batteries evenly.


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iJoy RDTA Box – Need a resistor measurement

I'm looking to repair my iJoy RDTA Box, i keep getting 'no atomizer' however i am 100% sure that my issue is different than what others have asked about, trust me this isn't a simple loose atomizer nut problem. One day i went to take a puff, and smoke came out of the bottom of this device….it still smells like electronics.

i took it apart and noticed a resistor has burnt up due to liquid leaking down the inside of the mod. I just need to know what the specs are of that resistor because I've got a TON of surface mount components…i just need to know what the resistance is. If anyone with a volt meter could measure the resistance of the resistor in the center of the board beneath the display you would help me out a ton! I'll see if i can get a picture of my board and point to which one i need. It's the only resistor on that board that has a small rubber piece on top of it.

iJoy is already sending me a new one free of charge, i just want to give this a shot as a project (not to mention have a backup once my replacement arrives), and if it works i can provide a tutorial of this crazy workaround for anyone else having this problem. Thanks!

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Battery cover broke on Pico Dual

I have the Pico Dual with MELO III Mini, and it's a pretty hardy thing so far. But tonight, one of my cats knocked it off of the counter on to tile, and the battery cover popped open. In the process of doing that, the two little tabs that lock the batteries inside and keep the cover from opening have snapped off. Otherwise, everything is fine, and I really don't want to have to buy another when it's just two plastic bits that are broken.

Does anyone have experience with Eleaf or know if it's possible to get a replacement part just for the battery cover? Or, if not, how to possibly fix it? I emailed them, but with tomorrow being a holiday, I'm sure it'll be a bit before I hear back.

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Got some joy out of watching one of "those" people get downvoted in r/all.

I browse r/all and here mostly, occasionally in r/all vaping will come up somehow, some way, but this wasn't as random as usual. Like 6 months ago I would constantly come across the hive mind unanimously shitting on vaping, upvoting comments of that goddam sentence our friends/family/asshole redneck coworkers have all told us. "Vaping is just as bad if not worse than smoking." Well, on the second or third post on r/all on a karma fishing post about a friend quitting smoking in one of those ironic subreddits, someone recommended a vape, two dudes said that goddam sentence along with a rec for gum/the patch and they got downvoted pretty damn hard. I haven't seen this before honestly, usually anti-vaping or neutral position.

Pretty fucking stupid thing to take some petty joy in but hey, I like seeing vaping not get shit upon and these unsupported claims straight from the persons buttcheeks get downvoted. I like any indication that vaping is becoming more accepted. https://imgur.com/a/fNjox this is it if you didn't want to shoot over to r/all. Ignore my stupid ass comment I was trying to karma farm.

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Okay, So I Got Her To Rewick…

…Now how do I get her to delve further in? Had her birthday the other day and she tossed her crutch pack on a walk because she left her lighter at some other sea port. We've got a merlin mini rta on the way as she'd dislikes the constant rewicking of the kayfun v3 mini I tossed her way a while back.

I don't mind doing the little necessary build things, the coiling, the installing–she means a great deal to me, honestly lol. I just feel that if she's going to continue this she needs to be a bit more engaged with her setup, etc. My question is this: Vaping couples, how did you get your special someone to stick with it and/or become a tad more self sufficient in their 'recovery?' I feel the line tugging gently and I feel the slack lessening ever so slightly. I wanna set the hook, not scare her off. Any thoughts?

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Conflicting experiences on quitting vaping

The past 3 months i have quit smoking, tapering down from 30 pre-rolled a day and 12 year habit. Not easy but then nowhere near as hard as when i have been without a vaping device.

Its my intention to get off the nicotine though, or at least to a casual level as the odd puff of 6mg, not everyday seems just like it would be an ideal way to actually 'enjoy' it. I'm vaping 18mg at the moment, chain vaping a lot, although as time goes on away from cigarettes there have been long sessions where i just didn't do it.

But i get conflicting messages. One user will tell me, that their device perhaps broke and they just stopped, completely unaware. Others like it was quitting coffee…but others say it is worse than the switch from cigarettes. I tend to buy that nicotine in cigarettes is basically free-based and that maois and even adrenaline are what make it so addictive.

-but i do wonder, if some of the more extreme reactions are just the smoking addiction rearing its head in some people who try to quit vaping far too soon. Or that if i had a rough ride in the switch from smoking whether that will mean it will be rough again or that i've gotten over the worst of it.

So what are people's experiences? How long after quitting smoking? Is tapering helpful?

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SMOK GX350 ticking noise. Anyone else have a mod that does this?

Hi all, recently purchased a SMOK GX350 which has been working great.

Tonight I noticed that when the screen is lit. I can hear a ticking noise, exactly like a clock coming from the mod. When the screen dims or the device is turned off it stops.

The noise isn't very loud, but I'm a little bit concerned that it could be unsafe? Was wondering if this was normal as I can't see anything about it in the manual.

Thanks 🙂

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How much Om Vapor flavor concentrate per 120ml bottle?

I wonder if anyone here has tried Om Vapors flavor concentrates and knows about how much you need to use to get close to the flavor of their <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>juice? I got an email about a memorial day sale and they have WTA nicotine that can be used to DIY. With the discount everything to make 6 120ml bottles comes out to ~$8 a bottle if I buy 3 30mg bottles of concentrate. I'm just curious if anyone knows whether or not 90mg of concentrate will be enough to make 720ml? Either way, it seems like a cheap way for me to stock up on some <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>juice and try some WTA, which I have been wanting to try for a while.

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Help! I’ve been out of the e-cig market for years and now I’m overwhelmed with all the options.

I've been vaping on my trusty iStick 30w + Aspire Nautilus Mini for years and have finally decided to upgrade and enter the world of sub-ohm cloud chasing. After a few hours of research, including browsing this subreddit and its guides, I'm still having an incredibly difficult time deciding the direction I want to go.

Here's what I'm looking for in a setup:

  1. mod of 150W or more
  2. Dual 18650 batteries. Any more seems like it'd be too bulky for my tastes.
  3. I'd rather not break the bank. Hoping to get mod+tank for around $100.
  4. I'm not really interested in rebuildables.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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