Frontier Vapor Overstock juice review

Strawberry Shortcake:

Most companies have some sort of strawberry cream flavor so I decided to see how frontier vapor's stands up to the rest. While I get an intense, creamy strawberry hit on the inhale, I get an almost sour, chemical strawberry on the exhale. I though a steep was in order so I let it sit for a few weeks and didn't notice a change in flavor.

Other than my complaint on the flavor, this <a href="”>juice does vape decently well. The throat hit on this stuff is pretty minimal and doesn't cause any throat itchiness for me.

This <a href="”>juice is a part of frontier vapor's overstock line, so that may be why the flavor has a distinct chemical aftertaste. Overall it's not a terrible flavor, just more of a annoyance while vaping. I guess my quest continues to find my perfect strawberry cream.

Apple Pie:

I haven't found my perfect apple flavor so when I saw apple pie I figured I'd give it a try. It has a very creamy apple inhale with an exhale of cinnamon and apple. The flavor is pretty decent but it could probably use a bit more of a cream base to get closer to pie filling.

So far this <a href="”>juice is very pleasant to vape. It's pretty smooth with just a slight throat hit on the exhale. Overall a great vaping experience.

While this stuff probably won't be an everyday vape for me, I could see myself ordering another bottle if I'm in the mood for a decent apple flavor. I'll still be on the hunt for the perfect apple vape, but this will suffice for now. For 15 bucks I'd definitely recommend this stuff.

Berry Crunch:

I'm a lover of cereal flavors so it's no surprise that I picked up a bottle of this stuff. On the inhale, it tastes very close to a dry bowl of crunch berries (maybe even a hint of fruity pebbles), and on the exhale I get a decent milky cereal taste. Although pretty good, I think it could be a bit more creamy for it to have an edge over some of the other cereal flavors I have tried.

Like the other <a href="”>juices I've tried from frontier vapor the <a href="”>juice has been a great vape. Just enough of a throat hit to be satisfying, but smooth enough to get a great cloud without irritating my throat.

This stuff may not be the best I've ever had, but If I ever order from frontier vapor again I'll probably pick up another bottle. Cereal flavors are a dime a dozen, but a lot of them taste pretty chemical. This one is decently accurate. Pick up a bottle if you're like me and love a great cereal <a href="”>juice for cheap.

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Need help with my macro coils

Hey everyone I recently got my first rta the Gemini. I'm using a battlestar and am trying to build macro coils. I used a 3mm drill bit with 6 wraps of 24g nichrome. Wicked the coils. Burned evenly everything seemed fine and since I was using a regulated mod i can't remember what the coils were ringing in at.

I wicked, which I'm still not great at but thought I did a good job. Ran it everything seemed fine. I filled the tank and pulled on it at 40w and it hurt like hell throatburn and no flavor. What am I doing wrong? I didn't get a pic of the setup before I trashed the coils.

I'll build a new setup and post a pic when I get home. I used the search to try to identify the issue but couldn't as there's so many posts. Please help and thanks in advance.

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Apparently this needs re-posting. (Null if your mech has a delrin sleeve inside)

<img src="” alt=”Apparently this needs re-posting. (Null if your mech has a delrin sleeve inside)” title=”Apparently this needs re-posting. (Null if your mech has a delrin sleeve inside)” /> submitted by /u/crackizzle
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Honest review time: Azeroth RDA by Coilart (Xpost from Canadian_ecigarette)

Hey guys,

Hot on the heels of their Azeroth RTA release the folks over at Coilart also released a triple coil decked RDA that shares the same name, the Azeroth RDA. I was fortunate enough to be sent one for review as well as an extra one to giveaway! I had done <a href="”>a review on the Azeroth RTA and was quite impressed with it so when I opened the RDA up I was thrilled to find it addressed a few of the minor issues I had with the tank version. This one should be fairly short and sweet. Here are my honest thoughts on the Azeroth RTA by Coilart.

Package contents:
1x Azeroth RDA
1x Logo card
1x Accessory bag
1x Allen key

Listed features:
24mm diameter
42mm overall height
CoilART patented triple coil deck
(Black-Golden plated )
3X3 adjustable airflow
Gold-plated 510 contact
PEEK insulator
Stainless steel wide open drip tip
Extra black delrin drip tip
Black Black, Black Golden, Black Silver

Here's a link to a full album of pics.

Packaging and contents:

The rda comes in Coilarts familiar black and yellow packaging. They use really nice boxes that are lined with sponge so everything arrived safe and sound. The sleeve on the box bears all of the information about the rda as well as an authenticity sticker and some colour options. You don't get a whole lot in the kit, just the rda, a logo card, an allen key and a spares bag. In the spares/accessory bag you get a spare delrin drip tip, a few spare orings, 4 spare grub screws and a Coilart branded vape band. On the back of the logo card it shows the three suggested coil arrangements. The kit includes everything you really need so no complaints here.

The RDA:

Right out of the box you can tell this thing is well made and well polished. I got the SS version and it's so shiny I was having trouble getting pics of it without my ugly mug reflecting back at me. It's made from stainless steel and is 24mm in diameter with a height of 42mm. At the very top it sports a very wide bore 810 style SS drip tip but also comes with a slightly more standard black delrin drip tip that tapers a bit on the inside so isn't quite as wide. Just below the drip tip, the afc ring stands out just a bit with it's triangular cutouts circling the top. That top piece reminds me a lot of one of my all time favorite drippers, the Stumpy RDA by Element mods. That afc ring lets you open and close three sets of three holes that provide airflow to the deck and plenty of it. It's fairly tight to turn but loosens up a bit once some <a href="”>juice gets in there. I found at full open it's very airy and definitely suited to cloud chasers but was able to close it down quite a bit for a nice slightly restricted direct lung hit the way I tend to like it. The cap itself is just slightly concave but should still help concentrate the flavour although your mouth ends up being rather close to the coils so flavour should be good no matter what but ultimately depends on the build inside. At the very bottom on the base you've got a bit of Coilart branding and a non-adjustable gold plated 510 pin that protrudes just enough that I'd be comfortable with it on a hybrid.

The deck:

The deck on this thing is what really sets this thing apart. It's a three coil deck so the positive pin basically splits in to three and your negative posts are milled in to the base around the perimeter. It basically echoes the deck of the Azeroth RTA although, it's a tiny bit bigger and feels a little bit more refined. I noticed right away that the grub screws used to secure your leads are much thicker then the ones from the RTA. They're still fairly short and small but are much easier to work with then the grubs from the tank version. I'm not entirely clear on what materials were used to make the deck but the golden positive posts feel sturdy however I noticed an issue with the black negative posts. It appears that they were tapped a little too deep leaving just the thinnest bit of metal on the back of the post. It's so thin that when I went to tighten down my negative leads it felt 'soft' when it should have been tightening up. I took a closer look and noticed the back of the posts were bulging and looked like they were about to blow out. Enough that I could even see the lead being pushed through. I didn't tighten them anymore then needed once I noticed this but I imagine it's only a matter of time before they push completely through.

Building on this thing was pretty much exactly like the Azeroth RTA however I found it a little bit easier with slightly more space and bigger grubs. Coilart were nice enough to also include a pack of 24g SS straight wire coils so I decided to use them in my first build. Probably the trickiest part is cutting your leads to length but once you've done it a couple of times it's second nature. I cut mine about 1-1.5cm long and they fit perfectly into the slots, then it's just a matter of tightening them down. Wicking is also similar to the RTA version, just run your wicks through and bunch them up in pairs, then I cut them downwards on an angle and pick them up and drop them in the wick slots. The <a href="”>juice well on this thing is actually quite deep so it holds quite a bit of liquid and your wicks actually prevent most of that liquid from flowing back out if left on it's side.

*Looks great
*Build quality for the most part is excellent
*Easy to build and wick
*Plenty of vapour and flavour
*Drip tip options

*Over-milled negative posts


The Azeroth RDA left me with very little to complain about. It's easy to use, for the most part is well made and works well to boot. In fact I only had the one real complaint with the negative posts. While this thing definitely caters to the cloud chasing camp it can be used with dual or even single coils so technically it should suit nearly anyones needs but with that airflow I'd say it's still mainly a cloud chaser. The deck is beautifully crafted and is surprisingly easy to build on and wick. I also thought the rda looks fantastic with it's highly polished cap. So as always the big questions:
Will I keep using this thing? Yup, I like to play around with big fancy builds and this provides a lot of freedom to mix it up and try some new things so yeah I'll definitely keep using it.
Would I recommend this thing? I will of course mention the weak negative posts but I don't see any reason I wouldn't recommend this thing especially to folks who like to play with multiple coil builds and appreciate a unique build deck.

As I mentioned above Coilart were kind enough to include a second RDA a black one which I'm going to giveaway to one of you. All you need to do is leave a nice comment. Must be legal age and I'll leave it open to both Canada and the US but if you're from the US you might be asked to pay for shipping. Because ballbot still appears to be down I'll be randomly selecting a winner but since it's my giveaway, preference will be given to active members and non-giveaway accounts. I'll let it run until Wed June 28th, 2017 at which time I'll pick the winner.

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Sidecar mods?

Got bored yesterday, picked up my old Tesla Stealth 100W and threw the Crius in there with a .2 build. Such a solid, simple, perfect vape, that can can almost completely hide inside my hand. Only problem (other than the 22mm limit) is that I can't adjust anything. Anyone know a good sidecar mod that's VW or at least VV? Would definitely need that top/side button for thumb fire action (it's awesome in a way you won't know till you try). The Tesla Stealth 70W and Rofvape Witcher seem like the only 2 choices out there. I'd love something with a DNA or YiHi chip. Found one with a DNA60 but the button is under the atty, which kills the whole experience for me.

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What cool ways do you guys carry around your juice??

I normally have at least 6 bottles on rotation for variety, and have been carrying them around in a tiny cardboard box.. hahaha. Any way you guys carry around your <a href="”>juice that works for you?

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Tip for Smok Alien users (how to lock wattage workaround)

You guys might already know this but I discovered this today. I got tired of accidentally changing the wattage on my alien and didn't feel like locking the whole device. So I found a workaround. Here's what you do: Go into the menu and set it on memory mode. Memory mode has 22 wattage presets. You can change all of them to your desired wattage. Then, when you accidentally change your wattage, it'll just go to the next preset. So, you'll have a stable wattage even if you accidentally change it.

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Looking for a new mod

I had an Innokin Coolfire IV TC100 that just screwed the pooch (sucks because only 9 months of intermittent use). I liked the usb charging feature, and I liked that you could vape while charging as well. I used the wattage range, but not the temperature range.

In addition to those two features above, I'm looking for a mod that has more battery capacity, but can charge via usb (I don't want to use an external charger on a daily basis). So I'm probably looking at a mod with 2 18650 batteries. Don't care if it's internal or external, but prefer external.

Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.

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