Can someone help me

So i have an smok alien mod and it has always worked just fine. Until recently i just got back from vacation and it was dead bc i left it here the week i was gone. so i charged it over night on the given charger which i do every other night or so. However when i unplugged it the device wouldn't recognize the trigger button. So i took the batteries out and put them back in but now when i tap trigger five times it won't turn on. I kept clicking it for about five minutes and i got it to come on and it worked perfectly fine. I could vape, adjust watts, and power off, all that. However now it won't turn back on no matter how long i try. The weird thing is, is when i take the batteries out and put them back in the Smok logo will appear and go away it just doesn't turn on.

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Looking for an upgrade, recommendations needed

Hi all, I'm currently using an Alien 220w mod. There is nothing wrong with it, have been using for 8months. Have some extra cash lying around and was looking for something to treat myself to a new mod.

Got sick of how the Alien look 😛

Looking for something different, maybe a entirely new experience. Not looking into Vape pen style-ish though.

Was looking into Therion166 or the Charon, or maybe a mech mod. ( new to mechs)


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Looking for a good rTA to buy (Need Recommendations)

Hi! I'm currently looking to upgrade from my iPower 80w and aspire cleito. I already have my sights set on the smoant battlestar, however I also want an RTA so I can start building my own coils. My budget at the moment is about 75$, that being allotted for the battlestar (~$40), two 18650's (~10), and then the RTA. That leaves about 25 dollars for the RTA. I would like suggestions on what a good rookie RTA is. I was looking at the Serpent Mini, because of its good reviews and included prebuilt coils and cotton. What are some other good RTA's?

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Favorite RDA so far?

So I just got a hybrid tube mod and I have no clue what rda I want to throw on it. I haven't had really much choice on attys because I've been using the smok skyhook rdta box for a good 6 months now and just wanted to get back into building, but I've been out of the game for awhile now, seeing as how the last rda I've purchased was the mutation x v4. So if y'all have any suggestions I'd really appreciate it.

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Problem with Ego One. Both tank and battery work but not together.

Hello hello!

Recently i've been wanting to use my pen vape again but for what ever reason it doesn't work. It's an ego ONE set with what I believe is the smaller of the 2 tanks it could come with. I have a second vape which is the istick Pico and my tank is the MELO 3 mini.

I thought the issue may have been the battery but I put my Melo 3 on the ego one and it works perfectly. So then I though the issue had to do with the tank, I brought it to my closest vape shop and they has said the firing pin was too high and they lowered it. Still didn't work. It hadn't occurred to me to try the ego one tank on my Istick and of course it works.

So the issue is, both of my ego one parts work but the don't want to work together. Is there a way I can fix this? It seems like a weird issue. Also would like to avoid spending money on replacing parts but if that's what I have to do, i'll do it.

Other Misc. Stuff that's not required to read. My shop had told me to get a completely different tank but I like the fact that it's a matching set. I can also put my MELO 3 on the batter of the ego one but it looks very top heavy and wonky. It's sad to say but I probably only got about 4 months out of it. It has other issues I'm willing to work with and fix (such as leaking) but all around disappointed with it.

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Box 75 mod 26650 weak battery error

Had the mod for a while and now it says weak battery whenever I try to fire it. I've tried swapping out all my 26650s and it says the same thing for all of them. Is the mod toast?

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