My review on the 9 juices by Naked 100 I purchased over the Memorial Day sales.

This post is pretty long, but I'll give you all the information I can about my experience with these <a href="”>juices. I've never done any sort of <a href="”>juice review before, so I probably don't know the right terminology in some places or the best way to describe flavor profiles, so bear with me.

These were all 3mg, and vaped on my SMOK Alien at 80W with my Troll V2 25mm RDA. The build is dual 316L SS triple core fused claptons (28Gx3/36G, 3mm ID, 6 wraps). Ohmed out at 0.16Ω.

I'm pretty sure some of them have a month steep (expire 04/18) right off the bat, but some of them do not (expire 05/18).

I won't be giving these any sort of number rating, because I'm not experienced enough in <a href="”>juices to really do that. I'm also relatively new to rebuildables, so I couldn't 100% trust myself there either.

All Day Vape Tier

Listed from favorite to least favorite (but all amazing).

[[Lava Flow by Naked 100]] – Probably tied for my favorite out of the 9 that I have, but might just barely edge to the top spot. Really delicious strawberry and pineapple mix that tastes very tropical, followed by a very subtle coconut.

If you're specifically looking for the coconut in this though you'll probably be disappointed. It's very subtle, almost more like a cream.

[[Hawaiian Pog by Naked 100]] – The second <a href="”>juice that is tied for my favorite, possibly edged out by Lava Flow. It's a delicious tropical vape in the same way that Lava Flow is, but with an entirely different flavor profile. Described as passion fruit, orange and guava.

I have no idea what passion fruit and guava themselves actually taste like, but the <a href="”>juice is delicious. It is a bit citrusy, but not in an overpowering orange kind of way.

[[Sour Sweet by Naked 100]] – Really nice and sweet lime vape with a bit of tartness and candy flavor throughout. Honestly, Naked 100's description for this is pretty spot on, so I'm pretty happy about that. The lime is artificial enough that it's more candy-ish like you'd expect.

Good Tier

Good enough to enjoy it, but for various reasons not good enough to vape all day. I would still buy most of these again on the next holiday sale. Listed from favorite to least favorite as usual.

[[Berry Belts by Naked 100]] – This <a href="”>juice tastes exactly like <a href="”>these things, especially the liquid inside of these candies. With the exception that there is a tiny hint of citrus flavor mixed in there throughout. This is probably how they were trying to get the tartness/sourness, but it isn't even close to reaching the sourness of Sour Sweet, which succeeds in its mission.

I really enjoy this one, but I'm still on the fence on whether or not it's an ADV. It's mainly because I don't take my RDA out of the house, and this <a href="”>juice is only good on a rebuildable in my experience. The flavor is way too subtle on my Crown 3 with the 0.25Ω coil and on my TFV8 Big Baby with the M2 0.15Ω coil.

Naked 100 really dropped the ball on the name of this <a href="”>juice and the flavor description (strawberry sour belt candy) in my opinion, but it's enjoyable enough that I don't really give a shit, I'd buy it again without thought. Don't let my mini-review here discourage you. It's a really great strawberry candy vape, but definitely not strawberry sour belt candy.

[[Yummy Gum by Naked 100]] – It really does taste like sweet strawberry bubblegum. It has that really nice artificial/candy strawberry but is thoroughly mixed on both the inhale and exhale with the bubblegum flavor, bordering on cotton candy. Naked 100 claims a tart candy strawberry flavor on exhale, but I don't really get that tartness at all.

That being said… It's a bubblegum vape, and the first of its kind that I have tried. It's a flavor profile that I find I really enjoy, but I'd probably get a bit nauseous if I tried to vape it all day exclusively. I do really like it though. Perhaps with a bit more of that tartness they were going for it would be a more rounded vape. This could potentially be ADV material mixed 50/50 with Berry Belts. I'll have to try that!

[[All Melon by Naked 100]] – Described as a perfectly ripened cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon. I probably should have taken that description a bit more literally when purchasing this. The ripened cantaloupe and honeydew a very prominent in this <a href="”>juice. It's definitely too sweet and creamy for what I wanted out of this <a href="”>juice. I would have enjoyed it significantly more with a more prominent watermelon flavor. It's still good enough for my "Good Tier" though. Far from unenjoyable.

Would I buy it again? Probably not. The next time I buy Naked 100 <a href="”>juices I'll stick to what is tried and true for me. I'll still be finishing this bottle in time. Although you don't know me personally, that alone says a lot about this <a href="”>juice. If I don't truly enjoy a <a href="”>juice enough, the bottle will just collect dust.

Another redditor (/u/AnxietyAttack2013) said:

"eh…the watermelon isn't artificial enough for me. I want a jolly rancher watermelon. This is a little too natural. It's good but not amazing."

Spot on in my opinion.

Meh Tier

Good enough for the occasional drip, but not much beyond that. I wouldn't buy these again even on sale, but the bottles I already have will not go to waste.

[[Amazing Mango by Naked 100]] – Almost sickly sweet for me, and the peach is a bit too strong, I also wish it was a little creamier and less in your face about the super sweet fruitiness of it. A heavier cream or stronger ice cream would really tone that down a bit for me. I'm not too crazy about it, but I don't hate it.

[[Very Berry by Naked 100]] – For starters, I just can't seem to be able to vape anything blueberry flavored. I threw this one in without thinking about it much just for shits and giggles and to try it out, because a lot of people seem to love it.

Blueberry <a href="”>juices always come across as chemically and strange to me personally, and this <a href="”>juice is no exception. It's not nearly as bad as all of the other blueberry <a href="”>juices I've tried, but the chemical taste is prominent enough to bring this one down to Meh Tier.

Because I can at least still vape this one without gagging (unlike every other blueberry <a href="”>juice I've tried), I can tell it's just me and not the <a href="”>juice. That's why I haven't put it into the next tier.

Unvapeable Tier/WTF is this Tier

Like sucking on Satan's asshole the morning after Taco Tuesday (on crack). Pretty much 90% of the <a href="”>juices I buy end up here. I've wasted a lot of money on <a href="”>juices, so I am always so excited when I find something I enjoy and can buy again.

[[Green Blast by Naked 100]] – Honeydew was the prominent flavor in my first ever ADV, I enjoy Kiwi in e-<a href="”>juices, and when done right apple is pretty awesome too. For those reasons, this is the single <a href="”>juice that I was the most excited for, the reason I even found Naked 100, and subsequently the biggest letdown I've ever experienced in a new <a href="”>juice.

This was the first of the 9 that I tried, and almost made me not even attempt the rest. On the inhale the apple is very prominent, but not in a good way. You also get a bit of the sweetness from the honeydew, but none of the melon flavor. On the exhale, christ the exhale.

Remember when you were in high school the last week of school when you pull your dirty old gym clothes out of your locker that you forgot about from the first semester? It's like you soaked those in sugar water and let them dry out in the sun and then used strips of it for wicking in your RDA. That's the best way I can describe the exhale on this <a href="”>juice.

What the living hell is wrong with this <a href="”>juice? As good as almost all the other <a href="”>juices by Naked 100 are, how can this even be so bad? I almost can't even believe it. It has to be a bad batch or something. Regardless, after one drip I will not touch it again.

There you have it, my reviews on all 9 of the <a href="”>juices I purchased over the Memorial weekend. Thanks for getting through it all. Let me know what I need to improve on in a <a href="”>juice review, I'd appreciate it.

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CoilArt Mage Mech Tricker Kit Review

Clearing one more item from my review backlog today! I know that this particular item has already been reviewed to death on this sub, and for that, I offer you a thousand apologies.

CoilArt sent me this along with the Azeroth RTA for review, and I'd have turned them down if I'd known that they were going to carpetbomb the whole sub with freebies in exchange for reviews. I've already let them know that I'm not interested in receiving any further review samples from them.

In the meantime, I'm gonna make good on this obligation and get it out of the way.

CoilArt Mage Mech Tricker Kit

The Mage Mech Tricker Kit consists of a 24mm 18650 direct-to-battery mechanical mod and a matching RDA.


Full kit

Mage RDA

Mage RDA bottom

RDA disassembled

Build deck

mod from logo side

Button screwed out

mod 510 side

Button housing top

Button disassembled


The Mage Mech Tricker Kit came in a small, foam-padded box with an outer sleeve. Included with the mod and RDA are a bag of spares, a round card that calls out specific features on the kit, and some marketing materials.


The Mage Mech mod itself consists of a Delrin-lined copper tube with a direct-to-battery threaded connection on one end, and a button housing on the other.

The button housing has a spring-loaded Delrin battery spacer to reduce battery rattle, and uses a pair of low-strength ring magnets instead of a button spring. The button screws in all the way to lock, and is screwed out about 3-4mm to unlock, at which point it can be pressed to fire. A triangular threaded key locks the button in place, and the negative battery contact itself is a copper flathead screw that can be adjusted.

The mod is finished in a rough matte black coating, with engravings exposing the underlying copper.

The Mage RDA disassembles into three parts: the top cap, the wide bore mouthpiece, and the build deck. The top cap has three airflow slots, allowing the RDA to be run in single or dual coil mode. The terminals on the build deck have four post holes arranged horizontally in a straight line, a moderately deep <a href="”>juice well, and two bottom airflow channels.


I should make it clear from the outset that I'm coming at this from the perspective of someone who already owns several mechanical mods.

On the low end, I have several Maraxus V1 and V3 clones. They represent the nadir of unregulated vaping to me, and they're so gloriously and unrepentantly goofy that accessorizing them with silly looking toppers is a hobby in and of itself. If Dollar General sold mechanical mods, these would be all they stocked, they'd be in loud neon colors, and they'd be packaged in a carded baggie labeled "KING BEAST SMOG WARRIOR TUBE".

In the middle of the quality range, I have 3 Limitless sleeve mods. Two in brass and one in aluminum. They're not fancy, look as reasonably nice as an inexpensive, decently machined, sleeved metal tube can aspire to, have a functional button that works well, and their primary appeals to me are the fact I can customize them on the fly and the fact that they perform very well. If Nordstrom's or Macy's sold mechanical mods, those would be on the shelves next to a staggering array of designer sleeves and drip tips.

Also in the middle of the quality range, I have a stainless steel Beyond Vape Sage V2. It's attractive, understated, reliable, takes 18350/18500/18650 batteries, has a very pleasant button throw, and is remarkably inexpensive. If Walmart or Target sold mechanical mods, this would be their upper end offering.

My Hellvape Trishul hits the same notes as the Sage V2 with the exception of being a direct-to-battery mod and only taking 18650 batteries, and would be a mid-level Walmart or Target offering.

On the higher end of my collection, I have a SOI Shorty/SZCRDA combo. It's aesthetically understated, feels great in the hand, has fixed contacts that don't arc against the battery, has the best button feel out of my entire collection, is a true hybrid, departs from some of the usual design conventions in a slightly weird way, and performs extremely well. To torture the already strained store analogy further, it's an Apple store mechanical mod.

The CoilArt Mage Mech Tricker Kit, on the other hand, feels very much like something you'd pick up from Harbor Freight when you suddenly need an inexpensive off-the-wall specialty tool.

You know how the conversation goes. You're like, "Honey, I'm gonna need a Whack & Pecker Deckinator 3000 to do that porch extension you asked for", then your significant other comes back with "That's $299.99, are you out of your mind?", and you riposte with "It's got a picture of Tim Allen going 'Arrr arrr' on the box!", then your special someone gives you that old-fashioned look, the one that says "Bless your little heart, for I have married an idiot", and then says "Fifty dollars, no more", and you rally with "But…Tim Allen!", and you get "Fifty. Dollars." in response, along with a side dish of gritted teeth and a hand slowly inching towards the nearest blunt, heavy object.

Dejected, you head to Harbor Freight, and you stare longingly at the shiny orange-and-black Whack & Pecker Deckinator 3000 display model for a while, then you give it one final, bittersweet, loving caress before you bid it a sad adieu. You then head to the bargain bin section and treat yourself to a Bobotool Deck Beast King, which costs a whole $39.99 and comes in a brown cardboard box, with a black line drawing of the tool and the words "SHENZHEN BOBOTOOL WARNING CHOKING HAZARD QC PASS #113 PRECISION TOOL IMPORT EXPORT COMPANY LTD" on the bottom in 32 point Comic Sans.

You bring it home, unbox it, and of course, it doesn't work. You spend an hour filing down the pistons, recalibrating the vacuum tubes, draining the cheap pink shit out of its hydraulic reservoir and replacing it with the good blue shit, and then you fire it up, and she sings. You know at that moment, deep down inside, that by the beard of Zeus and the intoxicating sex-musk of an unwashed Heracles, you're gonna build the everloving shit right out of that porch extension, and you've already lapsed into a softly lit and erotically blurred daydream where Tim Allen places a rugged hand on your shoulder, then gives you and your $39.99 Deck Beast King a silent, manly nod of approval, all the while an angelic choir sings in the background.

Or maybe not, it could also turn out to be a complete trainwreck of a shitshow that results in arson, divorce, and a steep descent into alcoholism. Who knows? Life's funny like that, but I digress.

From a distance, the Mage Mech Tricker Kit looks cool. In hand, it feels like a crude farming implement, looks a bit cheap upon close examination, has some rough edges that you have to smooth over yourself before it's ready for serious use. You know, like something you bought from Harbor Freight.

To start with, the airflow holes on the RDA's barrel sleeve had sharp burring on the interior from the machining process, as well as signs of a sloppy masking job during the coating process. The burring shreds o-rings unless you take a few moments to sand it down smooth, and the sloppy overspray marks around the bottom perimeter and the airflow ports don't really make you feel like it was crafted by someone who takes any pride in their work. It feels like they did the absolute bare minimum and just tossed it in the box.

The coating isn't bad. It's grippy and rough, like friction tape. The engraved logo looks neat in photos, but in your hand, you can see all the crude tooling marks. It looks cheesy and unfinished, like they stopped somewhere before the final finishing steps and called it a day. The coating seems reasonably durable, but I doubt it'd stand up to the same level of abuse as Cerakote.

The button assembly is a mess. You can tell that CoilArt does zero basic function-checking and little to no real QC work, because my sample was nonfunctional out of the box, and several other reviewers have encountered the same issue. The culprit? Sloppy masking again, because half of the threaded section on the button housing was coated just like the exterior of the mod. I had to strip the slopover off the threading with a Dremel wire wheel, then hand-finish it with a wire brush and some polish before it would even fire.

Once I had it working, my excitement was short-lived. The button feels wobbly and loose, spins at the merest touch, and has a sloppy throw. I would have vastly preferred a recessed button with a stiffer, smoother, and straighter throw. I'd have also preferred a larger, flat negative contact, not a twee little screw that adds another unnecessary threaded connection.

Adding insult to injury, there's nothing stopping the button from threading all the way out and unceremoniously dumping itself on the floor.

Being a direct-to-battery mod and made of copper, its performance was acceptable, delivering a comparable voltage under load to that of my higher-priced mods. The difference is largely in the button feel, which is the weakest part of the vaping experience with it.

I liked the fact that the interior of the tube was insulated with a Delrin sleeve for an extra measure of safety, but disliked the fact that they didn't also insulate the battery side of the 510 end. The places where battery wraps see the most wear are around the terminals, and the most dangerous place for a tear is around the perimeter of the positive terminal of the battery. Leaving the top of the tube uninsulated is rather like having a U-shaped motorcycle helmet that leaves the top half of your head exposed, like the illegitimate offspring of a public toilet seat and Lobot's fancy space hat. Sure, you're fine as long as you don't crash, but if you do crash, your melon is gonna be toast.

The RDA itself was better than the mod. Airflow and flavor were excellent wide open. Both single and dual coil modes worked fine, just like with a Goon. However, the airflow adjustment is a joke. You cannot close any two ports more than roughly halfway before the third hole in the sleeve starts exposing more of the opposing airflow port. I ran it fully open for the most part, and occasionally closed it down to two-thirds. Even at fully open, it's still a slightly restricted draw.

The build deck was simple and straightforward to work with, and the post screws didn't feel disgustingly soft. The <a href="”>juice well was adequately deep, and there's enough room for 3.5-4mm ID coils. Flavor is good even on simple 22-24 gauge round wire builds.


It's an unexceptional, serviceable budget mechanical mod bundled with a good RDA. It's not the worst, and it's not the best, but it certainly does the job at its price point.

If you already own nicer mechanical mods, you'll probably be disappointed with the Mage Mech unless you're looking for a disposable beater. If you've only owned crappy mechanical mods up to this point, you'll probably be pleasantly surprised. If this is your first mechanical mod, you'll probably like it just fine until you discover something better.

I have no need or desire for it, and since I got it for free, I plan to give it away. I haven't figured out the giveaway details yet, but I'll post a new thread when I do.

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