It’s been a bad couple weeks

Alright, so I just needed to get this off my chest after this slew of unfortunate events. For the past 2 months the battery door on my IPV 8 has been loose and would pop open at the slightest bump. So, last week I'm in my local shop, I mention the issue to the clerk and he notices I'm missing a screw. At this point I'm thinking "perfect! I'll just get a replacement, tighten the others and my problems are solved!" So a couple days pass and I decide that I'm going to fix my mod once and for all when I get home from work. So, I get home, set my mod on the kitchen counter next to the coffee maker and head to the garage to get my tools. On my way back in I hear a crash and my wife yell. As I come around the corner my wife hands me my mod and says "I think I broke it." Sure enough, when she knocked it off the counter the battery door popped, it landed bottom down and snapped my entire battery door clean off… I sigh, take it as a sign, and decide to order a new Smok Alien Kit.

Still with me? Alright, here's where it gets good. My package arrived today. I'm super excited, since I'm tired of using my broken IPV 8 that I've now heartily taped the battery door back on with electrical tape. So, I open up my package, take a look at my new mod. It's the black and gunmetal version. Looks good. Decide to try out the baby beast it comes with. So I prime the coil and clean the other parts while it's absorbing. Now that everything's clean, I'm screwing the tank back together when suddenly it pops out of my hand, hits the tile and shatters the glass… After letting loose a slew of profanities and cleaning up a bit of glass, I chalk it up to some sort of tank breaking record. (About 60 seconds flat, never a single time fired). I grab the replacement glass, clean it with the precision of a surgeon on Aderol and get the tank ready to go. At this point, I'm thinking "OK. Minor setback, but you're in the clear now. No more annoying broken battery door." I grab my new mod, pop in 2 18650s and go to close the battery door. But, it doesn't seem to fit. After a quick Google search I discover that you need to use a good bit of force to get the door into place. Before you ask, yes I was using flat top bats. So, I give it a little elbow grease and the door slides into place. Immediately followed by a pop I look down and notice that one side of the battery door is locked and the other popped up. I push it back into place. POP. Frustrated, I try again. POP again POP POP POP UGH!! After multiple attempts, and the opening of a bottle of wine, I decide to take a closer look. Turns out, there's a flaw with this battery door.. On one side the little piece that locks to the base is shaved down at an angle preventing the door from staying closed with any pressure from the batteries… So, here I sit with my glass of wine, a roll of electrical tape, and the pieces of my IPV 8 before me. My Alien back in the box, awaiting a response from the online vendor's customer service team. Hope you guys are having a better week than me…

TLDR; My mod had a broken battery door. I ordered a new one. When it arrived i dropped the tank which shattered then discovered that the new mod also had a broken battery door…

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