Questions About Single vs Dual Coils

Hey guys, I've been really curious about this question for a while. I have done a few searches, read up on some other forums and including Reddit, but I just can't find a definite answer.

The question basically is: Why do single coil builds theoretically give more flavor than dual coils? My understanding is that, if you use dual coils, you're getting more surface area by having another set of coils vaporizing your e <a href="”>juice. So in turn, you're vaporizing more e <a href="”>juice which should mean your getting more flavor.

Then, why would others say single coils are for flavor chasing and dual coils would be for cloud chasing? Shouldn't the amount of vapor mean you're just vaporizing more e liquid and in turn getting more flavor? And that the flavor difference would come down more on the atomizer you're using? Rather than the amount of coils you have (Assuming we have the same build on both the single and dual coils, the only difference is the number of…well..coils)

Single coil=Less vapor=less flavor

Dual coils=more e <a href="”>juice vaporized=more flavor

Blaargh! I'm confused. Well, anyways, this is where I currently am. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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