Stainless steel: better than Kanthal?

I've been using prebuilt fused claptons( Kanthal) in my rta's for a while but am thinking about trying out stainless steel instead.

The problem is, it seems that you need a mod that can handle temp control, which in essence, means a mod with a yihi or DNA chip. And it seems most other mods can't do TC properly.

Also, is using TC mode as perplexing as reviewers say it is? A lot of vapers I know avoid it like the plaque and talk about it as if it's some unknown quantity or is not worth the hassle.

So, is SS worth the hassle? Or is no hassle at all as it gives a better flavour than Kanthal. And do you have to use TC mode or us it OK to use VW mode? Is it far better than Kanthal?

I realise some of this comes down to personal taste but appreciate any advice in advance.

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Nicotine strength in tank vs RDA

TL;DR: Do you use the same nicotine strength in tank and RDA?

First things first. Thank you very much for being such a helpful, honest and civilized community. A month ago I was pack a day smoker (and also occasional pipe smoker) for more than 15 years, starting well below the legal age. Based on some older experience with cheap MTL device, I was convinced that e-cigs can't satisfy cigarette smoker (let alone a pipe smoker).

Then my wife met a friend of mine who was vaping and she decided that WE will buy an e-cig. Of course, it was a lentghy masterpiece of caring manipulation and love (some would say it's the same thing). I won't bother you with details – I agreed and began my google-fu powered hunt for finding the perfect devices for the two of us. I got it kinda right, well at least based on what I thought was important at that time. My wife bought Joyetech ego AIO, she insisted on MTL and I bought Eleaf Aster RT kit. I decided on this kit because, I frankly couldn't see what's coming. I just thought of it as another pipe smoking thing for me – you know, tasting different tobaccos in different bowls is a pleasure of pipe smoker over cigarette smoker. Also, DLH seemed similar to smoking a pipe (yes, you actually don't inhale pipe smoke at all, but for me it feels similarily relaxing, deal with it). My local shop had only Dekang line in 70/30 (which I thought was needed in any subohm tank) and by accident I actually picked a flavor that can be my all-day vape. I didn't find another good one in that line yet. I came home, cleaned the tank, primed it, filled it and was really surprised when I first vaped that thing. It was really good, cool and flavorful. Ok, now it doesn't seem that perfect, but that one hit convinced me, that it can be pleasurable activity. I wasn't convinced it can beat the smokies yet but that was the hook.

So I decided I will give it a try. I brought it to work with me. I had a pack, also, but I hid it. I usually went for a smoke every hour or so. But that day I had one single cig while at work. I couldn't believe it. It really could beat the cravings. And the best thing of all – that cig wasn't good. I wished it was more vape-like and ended it quickly. From that day, I had 1-2 cigarettes most of the days. And when I had 3? I didn't put myself down. I tasted every awful pull from those cigs and part of me was smiling. There was still something missing. I tried to fix that by using another device – less bulky, AIO style – and yes, it's a good device and it seemed to solve newly growing problem – I wanted to taste more flavors concurently. That was the line.

I wanted to know everything. I was like a little kitten chasing laser pointer wondering what kind of magic is that. How come, that after trying several methods of quitting which were always painful and hardly working, this is so effortless? I wasn't stinking, people liked me for blowing vape accidentaly in their direction and I my breathing was stronger. Hell, I even didn't noticed I was breathing so shallow when I was smoking. I felt like cheating. I realized that apart from mostly out-of-date forums, YouTube and reddit are probably the best sources of information for beginner vaper, especially this subreddit. I've searched and readit up and down, hunting pieces of a puzzle that completed by todays mail delivery.

A month ago I was a pack a day smoker. Today, I'm sitting here with a black Sapor v2 sitting on a Nugget II, running my first build, which came as intended at 0.6 ohm, wicked just fine. I also setup rainbow Druga which looks sick on black Smoant Battlestar with twisted coils from Sapor package. I also burned the chip coil in Tornado Nano by not waiting enough time after priming and ALSO burned the replacement coil for Aster's Melo (but I'm pretty sure this one is actually fault of the coil). This is the sinker, guys. I didn't have a cig today and I don't care. If I smoke a cig in some stressful situation in the future – I don't care. Vaping had changed my life in a way I couldn't imagine. And my wife is happy. Isn't that cool?

Thank you for reading this and being welcoming community. Oh, I have a question! It seems to me, that when I get more vapor in RDA (and more flavor?) I also get stronger nic hit. Is it common to have different nic strength preference for different types of devices?

Oh, my English sucks, I know :/

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Vaping is the first thing to work for the whole family!

Glad I found this subreddit. It's helped a great deal over the last 3 weeks. I found vaping subreddit first…uhm that was weird, I think I'm too old to know whats happening there.

After 33 years of smoking, at 3 packs a day I about gave up on quitting. I tried many times and I never made it more than 2 days and usually ended with me smoking more than I did prior. I did try about 5 years ago with an ecig, it was one of those that looks like a cigarette and tastes like nothing. So I was skeptical of vaping.

I noticed an article on vaping and went in picked up a smok v8 stick. Loved it. I actually got the good throat hit and tasty flavor. Cigarettes tasted like crap next to it and didn't even hit as hard.

My daughter who has been smoking for 10 years tried it, knowing how difficult it was for me to quit encouraged her to try and loved it too. Husband followed suit, who also had smoked for 33 years, about a pack a day, plus chewed.

They both bought 2 smok v8 sticks and I got an alien 220 kit. (don't judge me, I hadn't found you guys yet)

We've been to 2 of the local vape shops and they have been great with all the help and advice on setting up.

I now have on order a bunch of supplies to start making my own <a href="”>juice. I've been reading a lot on the DIYe<a href="”>juice sub. I'll probably get a tank eventually to make my own coils in the future once I'm more comfortable with my understanding of ohm's law.

Oh, and a week ago my oldest daughter also quit smoking and started vaping as well. Truly the first time for all us to quit and not feel like total weak failures.

Thought I'd share with you all how vaping helped a bunch of us easily quit the stinkies!

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Comparable mods to the athena/beyond vape tandem 75w

Im looking for a vape similiar to the beyond vape tandem 75w tc. It seems like I missed out on when it was available and I need a discrete stealth mod.

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Blue Dot Vapors Indiana Sale – Every Order Doubled for IN Residents

Fantastic News Everybody!

Can you feel it? Yes! It’s a letter from the Indiana Tobacco Commission. That’s right folks, they have finally approved us to sell all our products in Indiana. We will at long last be reunited with our brothers and sisters all across the state.

We’ve had many, many emails, calls and messages on various social media platforms asking when we would be able to sell to them again. We are so happy to be able to say yes we can and are having a great sale specifically for Indiana residents.

Any person who orders from the state of Indiana (ship to address) will have all of the <a href="”>eliquid on their order doubled until Monday, July 31st. There are no limits on the size of the order, but ask yourself if you will be able to vape 1 liter of Milk of the Poppy before you order 500ml. If you order a sample pack? Doubled. If you order 4 – 30ml bottles? You’ll receive 4 identical 30ml bottles in addition. There is no need to input any discount codes, but customers can use the code reddit10 to receive 10% off in addition.

Hopefully everyone is as excited as we are and will help spread the positive vibes all around!

Thank you,

Team Blue Dot

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Regretting A Vaped Forward Item..

Anybody else have this happen? You have a piece of kit that didn't fit your style of vaping in the slightest so you decide to be a bro and give it to another deserving individual. Upon getting it to them, setting it up and trying it with different eyes on their setup, you pull a Michael Bluth exclaiming, 'I've made a terrible mistake,' in the confines of your cranium. Long story short, I miss my govad rda I gifted my brother. Any recommendations for a similar rda with bottom airflow I can replace my good intentioned give with?

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[X-Post] Start the week with a treat (30ml/$7 60ml/$13 120ml/$22) my best mixes delivered to you

Hey Reddit hope you had a good weekend! Happy Monday or whatever they say.

<a href="”>link to OG post on classies

It's Vince again, offering some of my best mixes for sale right here on Reddit. New flavor this week is Raspberry Pomegranate! Please let me know if you have any questions/requests!

  • Verification Photos

  • These recipes will be mixed 70/30 VG/PG unless otherwise requested and I offer 0mg-6mg. (if you'd like more than 6mg, can do but I will have to charge 75 cents more per bottle)

  • I use Nude Nicotine for nic and Essential Elements for VG and PG.

  • I have hundreds of flavors from a bunch of brands like FlavourArt, The Flavor Apprentice, Capella, Inawera, Real Flavors, Flavor West, Jungle Flavors, Flavors Express, Flavorah and Purilium.

  • All these mixes are original and some of the recipes are available publicly at

  • Everything is made to order to ensure that the nicotine is a fresh as can possibly be.

  • Absolutely no sucralose/fructose/sugars used. Menthol/Koolada added upon request.

  • Currently offering 30ml for 7$ and 60ml for 13$ or 120ml (two 60mls) for $22. Also available are sample packs of three 30mls for 20$.

  • Special Offer (valid until midnight EST 7/28) one free 30ml orders over $30 OR one free 60ml orders over $60 (not incl shipping).

  • Standard Shipping $2.75-4 depending on weight. Expedited shipping (2-day) $6-7.50 depending on weight. International Shipping is $10-20 to most countries depending on weight, $8-18 to Canada depending on weight.

  • Please include fees if you would rather pay through goods and services (fees are 2.9% of the purchase plus 30 cents). PayPal and Google Wallet are the only accepted means of payment.

  • Steep times vary from a few days to a week, notes will be included with each order.

  • I've pointed out my ADVs but that doesn't mean the others are not good, I'm just a bakery/cream lover!

  • If you'd like to see a flavor profile offered in the near future please PM me with requests.


  1. Strawberry White Chocolate Biscuit (ADV)

  2. Heavenly vanilla infused butter cookies (ADV)

  3. Maple Biscuit brushed with honey

  4. Peanut butter and marshmallow on a graham cracker (ADV)

  5. Coconut Milk (unlike any coconut vape you've come across) (ADV)

  6. Earl Grey Tea (Bergamot and a dollop of vanilla cream)

  7. Mango nectar and Jackfruit

  8. Juicy cactus (prickly pear) and sweet guava

  9. Peach/Bourbon with hints of papaya and pineapple

  10. Passion Orange Guava

  11. Honeysuckle with a hint of pear, strawberry, and lime (back in stock)

  12. RY4 followed up with notes of bakery cinnamon, and a bit of cake and cream

  13. RY4 (vanilla+rich caramel+hint of tobacco) (ADV)

  14. Apple Fritter: soft baked apple with a nice cake/doughnut finish (with or without cinnamon)

  15. Green Apple: borderline candy apple with a juicy mouthfeel

  16. Watermelon Kiwi: candy sweets

  17. Strawberry Ice Cream (ADV): you know the deal

  18. The Real Milk and Honey (straight up milk with honey swirled in)

  19. Melon Mix: Watermelon+Cantaloupe+Honeydew

  20. Pink Starburst (yup)

  21. Lemon Tart (Lemon Meringue Pie) (ADV)

  22. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (ADV)

  23. Honeydew Berry Cream

  24. Cereal Milk (fruity/berry cereal with milk)

  25. Orange Creamsicle

  26. Donuts topped with powdered sugar

  27. Cappuccino Cream Dream (balanced coffee and cream vape, been developing this one for months and I hope you enjoy)

  28. Tigers Blood (Coconut, Strawberry, Watermelon)

  29. Raspberry Pomegranate

Orders will be shipped within 36 hrs of payment unless otherwise noted.

Thanks for looking! And if you're ready to order just comment in the post and I will PM you with details.

here are links to my older posts, check the comments for some very satisfied customers

<a href="<a href="”>eliquid_one_new_flavor_this_week/”><a href="”>eliquid_one_new_flavor_this_week/

<a href="”>

<a href="”>

<a href="<a href="”>juice_multiple_flavor_profiles_some_new/”><a href="”>juice_multiple_flavor_profiles_some_new/

<a href="<a href="”>juice_multiple/”><a href="”>juice_multiple/

<a href="”>

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Interesting Paper Looking at Health impacts US Folks born 1997 TL:DR ~20% reduction in smoking and 20% fewer human-years lost compared to No Vapes Available. Does note that heavy vaping needs more study of long term impacts

<img src="” alt=”Interesting Paper Looking at Health impacts US Folks born 1997 TL:DR ~20% reduction in smoking and 20% fewer human-years lost compared to No Vapes Available. Does note that heavy vaping needs more study of long term impacts” title=”Interesting Paper Looking at Health impacts US Folks born 1997 TL:DR ~20% reduction in smoking and 20% fewer human-years lost compared to No Vapes Available. Does note that heavy vaping needs more study of long term impacts” /> submitted by /u/mstave
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