Tsunami dual coil build question

Hello all, wonder could help me out, never built dual could before so just wanted to ask to save myself some time/wire/stress

My device has a limit where it won't fire .8ish coils (mvp v2 20w) I was just wondering is it just a simple as adding in two .5 coils to get the device to read the dripper at 1 ohms so it will fire correctly? (If not what ohm coils would I have to put in to get it to the 1ohm mark?)

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Help me pick a vape please

Ok so I would really appreciate if one of you would help me pick out a vape/ e cig. I really liked the Vaporfi Express Cig a like, but I do not want to buy from them. What I want is a cig a like, that has refillable cartridges that last long so I don't have to keep buying blanks. I want a cig a like so i can just pre fill the cartridges. You also don't need to press a button. Any reccomendations? my budget is like 60 bucks and I want to buy from a website that does not ask for any personal information besides age and card, I live in USA

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The "my sister broke my mod helping her move furniture", new mod handcheck.

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First mod handcheck (from Smok Stick V8)

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