First RDA Recommendations (Help)

I'm wanting to start building but there is so much information out there. I'm not sure if I will prefer single coil or dual coil builds yet. Do most RDA's allow you to do either? What is a good RDA for a beginner? I keep hearing "velocity" style decks are the easiest to build on. What exactly does that mean and can someone please recommend an RDA with a velocity style deck? I have watched a few reviews on the Dead Rabbit RDA and that looks like something I might like (everything but the logo that is, haha). I also keep seeing stuff about Goon and Goon "clones". Please recommend a good site to get a clone from if you think that is my best option. I'm looking to spend $25-$40.

Also, is it worth it to get Coil Master kit? Will I need everything in the kit? Is it a good value?

What kind of wire is best to start off with?

I appreciate the help! TIA

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