Exotic Coils in TC?

In my curiosity of TC, I purchased some SS316L and made dual aliens that ohm out to .17 on my Battlestar mod. Coils fire just fine in wattage mode and fire fine on the very first fire in TC. However, subsequent firing is only at 1-2 watts according to the display resulting in no heating of the coil.

I took the setup to a B&M to have them look at it and check for user error. They seem to think the alien coil is retaining heat which is throwing off the TC sensor.

Anyone have any input on what could be the issue? I've seen Anthony Vape's video on exotic coils and TC, which is why I thought this would work. Could it just be the chip? Would a DNA chip work better?

Further info:

The build was at room temp when initially fired

The ohms aren't showing any fluctuation

The wattage is set at 130

Temp was set at 400F

Checked for shorts; there aren't any

TC was tried in the preset SS and TCR M1

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