Coil burns out when I vape outside

ANybody else experience this? I can't find any info on it. Its happened with multiple coils too. Aspire, Smok (Smok coils awful in general) and now its happening with my tobeco coils. Mainly its at work when I am in room temp for an hour or so, then I go outside to vape and maybe the 2nd or 3rd pull, at the end of it , I hear the coil still sizzling. Then sometimes its done, and sometimes after a bunch of gross hits, its kind of better again, but never the same as a good coil. Tighter draw, less flavor. I know <a href="”>juice will get thicker in colder temps, but its not a drastic temp change so idk whats happening.

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What makes a juice taste bad or good.

Different brands <a href="”>juice with the same flavors can taste incredibly different.

Some <a href="”>juice is just vapes very poorly, while others are just wonderful no matter what the flavor is.

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Wanting to go back to MTL – suggestions?

Hey ecr,

Been vaping subohm for years, gone through RDA's, RTA's and the new fancy Subohm tanks and i'm absolutely fed up with them

Fed up with looking like a dickhead blowing clouds in public, fed up with carrying around a giant mod and atty that weighs a kilo. Can't forget the spare 18650's in my pocket either

I miss my MVP2 and my Kanger T3S, could go 2-3 days between charges and I vaped a shitload on it

Any decent suggestions for MTL gear these days? Hoping to get some decent battery life too

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Aspire is excited to announce that a new addition is on its way to our line up.

The most innovative design yet. We truly Aspire to bring the best to our customers. We cant wait to show what we have come up with 🙂

However in the mean time, let us hear your thoughts on what you wish companies in this industry would make/or take into consideration. Feedback from this community is always appreciated.

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Kellogg’s claims Frosted Flakes are for adults – yet, vape juices apparently “target” kids. Absolutely asinine.

<img src="” alt=”Kellogg’s claims Frosted Flakes are for adults – yet, vape <a href="”>juices apparently “target” kids. Absolutely asinine.” title=”Kellogg’s claims Frosted Flakes are for adults – yet, vape <a href="”>juices apparently “target” kids. Absolutely asinine.” /> submitted by /u/neutral_red
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What was the first rda/rdta/rta you learned to build on? What is now your favorite to build on?

I'm always curious to see what was a person's first deck they learned to build on. For me I learned to build on the iJoy RDTA Box with the velocity style deck. Easy to learn to build on and forgivable I feel. My favorite now is still a tie between velocity and the postless deck on the pulse 24 bf rda. What about you?

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Adirondack Peace (Placid Infused)

Has anyone received their new flavor Peace? It’s Placid deconstructed to take the pear and honeysuckle out (I’m guessing) and adding mint or koolada to the strawberry and lime. I received mine and have dripped some on a single coil narda clone I have. I like it so far, but I wonder how it will be in a tank? Placid for me could taste very different depending on the tank or rda. In certain tanks I never tasted lime. I also can never taste strawberry so that’s always pretty much muted. This new flavor is pretty intense with the lime and cooling which I love. Anyone else had a chance to try yet?

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when did tanks get to be so flavourful?

I've been vaping for about 3 years now and I started on a shitty little tank that had little to no flavour so thus i moved very quickly on to rda's starting with a wotofo freakshow then moving on to a derringer and then one after another i was always getting flavour chasing rda's and recently i started dabbling in rdta's yet never found one i liked but today i picked up a uwell crown III and am blown away it is so much more flavourful , has anyone else noticed how far tanks have come in the last few years and has anyone else had the same experience?

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