HELP – Joytech eVic VTC mini(Ni .2 ohm) only working in power/wattage mode??

So ive had this vape for about 2 or 3 months using only temp mode ( not new by any means it looked to already be banged up a bit when i got it, gift from a friend to help quit cigs) and suddendly the vapor production was little to none and same with the flavor or the <a href="”>juice. I replaced the coils, battery, and <a href="”>juice with no luch. After a couple weeks of no use i bring it to the shop and he tells me temp control is for cooler hits while wattage is for hotter hits with more cloud and switches my vape to w.mode. I immediately thought bullshit but honestly idk. It works in w.mode for now but with a new coils and letting the cotton soak the <a href="”>juice after about 4 or 5 pulls it tasts burnt. Help

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