363 Days Smoke Free Thanks To Vaping!

So I was a pack and a half kinda guy smoking over 35+ cigs a day for a long time, spending almost $10,000CAD per year. Then I picked up a small Aspire Triton Mini January 2nd 2017 and never looked back. I no longer feel tired, no longer getting sick every other week, and can actually breathe again. Vaping is defiantly a life saver in more ways than one. It improves your quality of life! šŸ™‚

Happy new year everyone!

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2 years and no cigarettes. Thanks r/electronic_cigarette

I have reached the two year mark today. No cigarettes. Smoked for 20 years and bought an eleaf box and a mini nautilus and never looked back. Iā€™m down to 2mg nicotine in my <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>juice and often do tanks of 0 nicotine just to get me used to it. Working out pretty good!!

Thanks to everyone for the helpful posts and advice!!!

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After 20 years of smoking, I’ve finally quit.

First, I'd like to thank everybody here who helped answer my questions yesterday about my leaky coils. Just said screw it and bought a new Valyrian tank, and I'm loving it.

I got a smok alien for Christmas, and haven't had a cigarette since. I started smoking really young (13), and haven't really been able to put them down since. I was hugely sceptical of vaping, but after a few friends introducing me to it, I warmed up to the idea. I can't remember being able to breathe this easily since… Well, forever.

It wasn't even that hard, there were really only a few days off craving a cigarette, but the vape is really satiating my cravings now. I feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

I'll probably end up being on this subreddit often, especially since you all were so helpful yesterday.

I just wanted to stop by here and share my relief, I honestly feel like this thing could very well have saved my life.

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Sinuous P80 Stuck In Bypass Mode

So I was playing around with my Sinuous P80 earlier and popped it into bypass mode to see how it was. Didn't like it too much for the coil I was using, but when I went to switch, the three clicks literally did nothing. It wouldn't even respond to 5 clicks to turn off, but would still fire perfectly fine. It went back to normal after taking out the battery, but if I was walking my dog and only had one hand to use, it would be a pain in the ass. What if it was raining, and I didn't want to get water all inside my mod and on my battery? I know it's not the worst thing that could happen, but has anyone else encountered this?

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Regulated Mod Amp limit vs battery limit

I've tried doing a little research and always come up with forum posts talking about specific batteries instead of what i actually want to know.

I am running :

  • Predator 228

  • LG HG2s

  • 0.15~ Ohm Coil on a combo rdta2

The spec sheet for the predator claims a 50a maximum output, but the HG2s are limited to 20a CDR (I think)

When running higher wattages, I'm hitting 22-25a on my screen and my device gets noticeably warmer than anything under 20a.

I understand that regulated mods shouldnt run outside of their specifications, but im wondering if this assumes your batteries are capable of driving that much.

If my mod can support more amperage than my batteries, am I going to damage either my battery or my mod by running at higher amps than the batteries are meant for?

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Mooch test document about calculating battery current…can you read it?

This is a test Google Doc about calculating battery current.

[EDIT] The text will be changed from dark gray to black.

Let me know if you have any problems reading and/or printing this. There's no data in it so please don't screen capture it or otherwise share it. A licensed stock photo will take the place of the test one that is there now.

This will be deleted in a few hours. Thanks!


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