Too many RTAs to choose from, my eyes are bleeding! Help me narrow it down, please?

Looking to replace gf’s RTA. Shes using a Tesla Carrate right now and frankly, it’s a POS. I hate building on it, it leaks no matter how I coil, wick, or fill it, it’s got zip for capacity… and now she’s saying even with a fresh build she’s getting a nasty taste. I’m guessing the insulating material is scorched as I’ve cleaned it top to tail and there’s still the off taste. Unfortunately finding a new tank for her is not as simple as I had hoped. I don’t keep up with all the latest and greatest since we can’t afford new gear all the time, so all the options on the market have me yanking at my dang hair.

The basics: She’s not a cloud chaser (far from it, she finds the big clouds annoying) and is firmly in Flavor Camp. She likes a restrictive draw – not MTL, just restrictive DTL draw; typically any tank she uses the airflow is half closed to give you an idea. And she’s a pretty heavy vaper, especially while driving, so looking for bigger than the 2ml she’s got now. But since I’m the one who has to build on the dang thing, here’s MY prefs haha… grub screws, for the love of god please grub screws. The Carrate has Phillips and I want to die every time I change the coils. It also has vertical clamps, which I abhor. I much prefer the velocity style. I’ve never built on postless, but since it seems to be the recessed version of a velocity I assume it would be fine. I’m willing to try it at least.

A lot of the trouble I’m running into is some of the characteristics of tanks aren’t listed in specs. Like tightness of draw. I find myself pouring through reviews and pics for each and every model to find out the info I need and good god its time consuming. I’m hoping y’all can help me narrow the scope a bit so I can focus my research better and get her a replacement before we die of old age. TIA!

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Need a new mod, help?

Looking for a new box mod for around $35.

Loved my last two wismec RX mods. Wore them out!

Needing a back up.

Any sweet deals on a tough x2 18650 (or that new 20700) under $40?


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so my mod just exploded this morning…

…on the bookshelf at the end of my bed. Fucking woke up to what sounded like a gun shot and look down and see my bookshelf half engulfed in flames. Beinng half a sleep and full retarded I use my blanket to put it out and that caught on fire. Got some water and doused the bitch, and put a cup over the smoldering remains of my mod to put out the flame. Fun morning!

I don't know if it was an issue with my mod or the batteries (probably batteries) but I think I'm gonna take a break from cloud chucking for a bit. Tbh I'm just really fucking thankful that I was home at the time.

RIP Smok GX350, good riddance tfv12 for fucking draining all of my <a href="”>juice 😉

On a side note, anyone have suggestions for salt/pod vapes? I started using juuls and they're kinda great but if there's something better out there I wanna know about it. Thanks for reading y'all, makes the lingering smoke smell in my room just a bit more bearable 🙂

edit: fun pics

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Similar to Unique Juice.

Does anyone know of a <a href="”>juice retailer whose product is similar to Unique <a href="”>juice? I'm pretty ignorant unfortunately about it all but that's the stuff I use w/my setup. Its just so GD expensive I can't take it anymore haha. Flavor isn't really a big deal. I really just use Tobacco 119 and Turkish select from them anyway. Their <a href="”>juice just seems to work with my set up. I use a iTaste svd 2.0 and a Aspire Nautilus 5ml. I've tried other brand <a href="”>juices and they seem to burn out my coils in a day. The Unique stuff gives me at least 10-14 days or so before I have to change out the coil. I'm assuming its whatever the mix ratio is or whatever. Thanks for any help or insight.

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The new battery/mod/atty test station is ready for work in its temporary home!

There's no room for the rest of the gear in this location but it's enough for most of the things I want to do now.

Unfortunately there's only a tiny bit of room for the stuff I'll be testing (more room to the left though) but this temporary setup lets me play around with where I want everything once the new shelving is in place on the other side of the room.

The first thing I realized is that the new shelving will have to be doubled up to handle the weight. 🙂

More info regarding what this is all for when everything is in its permanent home.

Hoping everyone is having an awesome weekend!

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Repeated burnt coils

Hey all! So I have a brand new vfeng snow wolf mod and for the most part I've been really enjoying it. However, the first coil I put in there from my previous mod starting tasting burnt very quickly, even though I had let it sit in <a href="”>juice for about 20 minutes. It was an x baby. I changed out the coil to a new x baby and primed it even more throughly this time, following all the instructions I could online to make sure I'd done everything right, leaving it sitting in the <a href="”>juice for longer this time, too. For about two and a half hours, it was great, really nice clear taste. But then I started getting those god awful burnt hits again that taste horrible and scorch my throat and I am not sure what I'm doing wrong. I've searched for answers but I can't seem to find anything that explains what is going on. If it helps, what I did was let it sit in the <a href="”>juice, take about 5 dry hits on it, and started at ten watts, vaping on that for about 5 hits and slowly moving it up by a few repeating taking several hits on it before moving up, till eventually I got to 30 and I let it stay on that for a while. Then, I moved up to 35, and then 45, and I stayed on that for about 45 minutes, and then I tried doing 65 for a bit, and I never went higher than that. The coil says "40-80 W, best at 55-65 W" What gives? I only have one coil left at the moment and I don't wanna ruin that one, too. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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