Pharaoh Mini RTA – Worst I’ve ever had

This RTA is great… But god damn does it suck! I've had to swap out the drip tip 0-ring twice because it just decides not to fit… It leaks like a fucking siv, but I have no idea where from! There's just a puddle on my mod when I take it off. The JFC is tighter than the virgin mary. The "T" clamps can't handle a 28g wire… I do a single 28g wire with temp control. When I go to break the leads, they move all over the place. I'm used to decks that hold the wire tight, so I break the extra wire.. With this, I have to clip it and push it down. Fuck it, do not buy this thing. Get a Zeus. Unless you're a wizard, this thing sucks.

Honest drunk review

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