How long does nicotine/cotinine stay in your system?

I’ve looked through the search bar but I haven’t seen any questions about a very small amount of nicotine. I stopped vaping on about Dec 1st, and I had been vaping 3mg <a href="”>juice before, consuming about 1.5 ml a day for about two weeks (my vape broke and I got a new one right before thanksgiving). On Dec 9th I took two draws from my friends Suorin which had 5mg <a href="”>juice in it. If I have a health insurance physical on Dec 19th in which they test for nicotine (probably either cheek swab or urine test), would I test positive for nicotine or cotinine? I feel like I should be okay but I just want to make sure. Any advice is appreciated, thanks!

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Recommendations for a reliable AIO similar to the Smok 22?

I love the flavour and ease of use of the Smok 22, but the coils are garbage. They've consistently burnt out on me within a day of moderate usage for months now and it's too expensive to replace them. (I've bought two different devices, primed them all properly, and tried every trick in the book). I want something with more reliable coils. I understand a burnt one here and there but when every single one in a package is a dud, it's time to upgrade.

I've also had the ego AIO about a year ago, and while it's a good device, I don't find the flavour very noticeable on the coils.

Are there any new AIO devices with a similar flavour to the Smok 22 that you guys can recommend? I was looking into the Warlock Peas but I've seen some questionable reviews and I can't imagine the flavour being too good either.

I'll take any help I can get. Thanks!

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Lamplighter Reviews – CoilArt DPro 133 Premium Kit

Hello Lads and Lass' of Reddit.

A few weeks ago, the awesome folks over at CoilArt reached out to me here on Reddit about doing a review of their new DPro 133 Premium Kit. After checking it out, I was more than thrilled to accept the offer. I have done reviews for these folks before and I have always really enjoyed their stuff! CoilArt is well know for many different items such as the AzeRoth atomizers,Mage and Mage Mech. It seems like they are constantly adding new products to their lineup on a fairly regular basis. Let's dive right in and take a look at the DPro 133 from CoilArt.

Album of Pics

Manufacturer Specifications

  • 84.5mm x 44mm x 28mm
  • Dual battery in parallel
  • battery voltage output (4.2V-3.5V)
  • 0.08ohm low resistance support
  • Aluminium anodizing body
  • 24K gold plated fire connection
  • Internal self-adjustable connect pin
  • Features self-adjusting battery contact
  • Color: Black, Red, Silver, Golden, Blue, Purple

Package Contents

  • 1 X DPRO 133
  • 1 X DPRO RDA
  • 1 X BF PIN
  • 2 X COTTON


Fairly normal standard packaging from CoilArt here. As usual, there is a slide off cover sleeve that has a sizeable image of the DPRo with the CoilArt logo top left and the DPRO 133 yellow banner also to the left. The back shows a validation scratch off and box contents. The presentation of the DPro is fairly basic but that's all it really needs. I like the companies that put full size images of the product on the front of the box, I can't say why but I am always drawn to a package that gives me visual representation of the product inside. Removing the sleeve reveals the standard gift style box most companies are using. There is a nice large CoilArt logo dead center of the box. Sitting inside, packaged nicely in foam cutouts are the DPro mod, DPro RDA, hex key and spares/accessories bag. Overall, pretty much as expected and not disappointed!

First Impressions

So there is two things to cover here really, the DPro mod and DPro RDA. The Dpro mod feels really nice in the hand. It's fairly small, at 84.5mm x 44mm x 28mm it makes it pretty pocketable. This thing is pretty light too, even with batteries in there, it may actually be the lightest mod I have that takes dual batteries. The finish feels really nice, it appears somewhat of a Matte finish but has a nice smooth glossy feel to it. At the bottom of the body, on the left side there is a nicely engraved CoilArt logo. The button, oh the button. I absolutely love it. The firm click that it emits is oddly satisfying. It click in really nicely when firing and makes the same click on the way out. The battery door on the bottom slips off really easily and click back into place with no movement at all. The DPro RDA has what appears to be the same finish as the mod which is a nice touch to keep it all matching. The one thing that had me a bit put off with the RDA was how thin the top cap is. It feels paper thin and kind of cheap to be honest. I have some clones that have thicker top caps that feel more sturdy. This obviously does not effect the performance of the RDA, it's just a minor cosmetic/design thing that I would point out no matter what it was. On the inside of the RDA, the build deck looks nice and solid,a beautiful postless design that appears to have some room for fairly large builds. The drip tip has a nice DPRO logo across half of it,a simple design touch that adds a lot of curb appeal. You can also find the CoilArt logo etched into the side of the top cap as well. Certainly no shortage of branding on the DPRo kit. Overall, both products seem pretty solid aside from the flimsy feeling cap on the RDA.

The Finer Details

So, the DPRo is advertised as a mech box but with safety features standard in most regulated devices. I am sure die-hard mech heads will scoff at that statement but in it's essence, it does work like a mech mod, it's just safer. I have seen a few devices like this before, they advertised their stuff as having a "smart chip" which essentially just detects your resistance of whatever you put on top and puts out the appropriate power for that specific resistance. There are also a few devices out there that contain this method of operation as a separate mode no different than TC. Smart Wattage,Bypass..whatever you call it, it's all tied together. The DPRo mod has a max wattage of 133W so the majority of folks will find it useful but there certainly will be some folks that require more power so it's no going to work for everyone. The DPRo body is constructed of nearly all anodized aluminum, making it incredibly light. I don't think that for the performance and range this has you could find anything more pocketable. This is about as basic as it gets for a mod. There is no messing around with temperature control, wattage of temp curves etc. Push the button and inhale,rinse and repeat. The DPRo will read down to 0.1 OHM,not exactly like a mech but functions similarly. At the top of the DPRo is a little LCD screen, with 5 lights that display the current status of your batteries. Running in parallel, the DPro provided pretty exceptional battery life, perhaps I was expecting less as it's advertised as a mech box but with safety features. I was able to get almost a full day out of the batteries I had in there. I read somewhere that there is "self adjusting" battery contacts in the device, from what I can see inside the battery compartment, it is just simply a spring loaded battery connection,still, a nice feature. That is really basically it for the DPro mod. It is extremely simple but pretty nice and effective.

The DPro RDA is a nice little performer. There are some design wins that set it apart from the rest of the stuff out there. The deck is really nice, it's a 24K Gold Plated deck(pretty standard now days) and it is postless in design. The 510 connection is also 24K Plated and also switchable to a BF pin for squonk users. There are 4 sizeable slots to slip your coil leads into, I used the fused claptons that came with the kit but in all honestly, they look really small and out of place in there, I think bigger builds are more appropriate here. The screws for tightening the leads down are sitting inside of a slot milled right out of the side of the deck. I did notice a bit of play in the included driver but I have some nice precision drivers that I basically use on everything so I discarded it anyway.

The airflow on the DPro RDA is what I would say is my favorite feature. There are these little posts that run up the side of the RDA and have holes drilled into them that sit in front of the coils. When you place the top cap onto the base, you line up the holes on both the cap and the deck. The airflow in this is basically perfect. It is slightly,very slightly restricted but more than enough to satisfy. I think that this feature does indeed drive the flavor up a bit compared to running it offset from those little holes. The RDA is advertised as having a deep <a href="”>juice well but honestly, the well is almost non exsistent. By the time I got a build in there and placed the wicks in, I layed them flat onto the well sort of like a cotton carpet type deal. I did jam a ton of cotton in there to make up for the lack of <a href="”>juice capacity but compared to some other "deep well" RDAs this is definitely the shallowest. I would completely saturate every bit of cotton on the deck and then some, I could get 8-10 good pulls off of it before I needed to redrip. While it does have some design flaws, it does perform really nicely.

Final Conclusion

Overall, CoilArt has put together a really nice little package. It is clearly not going to be something that everyone will fine useful or desirable but as far as extremely basic and well performing packaged kits go, this is a win in my books. The small form factor and higher power output really appeal to me, as I love to be able to grab something aside from my normal setups for when I am going out and about. I think that using the mech term with this needs to be handled relatively loosely. This is basically a regulated mod set in one specific mode that carries standard safety features. I really enjoyed using the DPRo kit. It is certainly going to stay in my regular rotation of devices as it does serve well for portability, its lightweight design is a huge win.

Thanks for stopping by once again, cheers reddit an Merry Christmas,Happy New Year,Happy Hannaukah and every other holiday I don't know exsists!

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Fasttech Kit shipping? – Voopoo Drag w/ uwell valyrian Kit

Kit in question: Voopoo Drag 157w Purple resin w/ Uwell Valyrian for $63 (each resin color has it's own listing if you scroll down)!

Has anyone had any experience with Fasttech kits? I've read the dealing with Fasttech guide, which warns against buying anything that's not in stock, but as I understand, kits have to be put together after they're ordered? So would the "ships in 7 days" be a more reliable measure here? Especially since the listing is new 12/8/17? I know it wouldn't get it by Christmas, just don't want to order and not get it for 8 weeks, haha.

Also, does the model of battery matter much? Looking at the Samsung 18650 2500mAh 3.7v 20A on Amazon with the LUC V4 charger.

Sticking with a tank to start out, cause I'm sorta leery of building coils and installing them. Going sub-ohm because I'm a bit of a cloud chaser, haha. Was thinking of picking up an RBA/RTA eventually though, possibly from <a href="”>/r/ecigclassifieds (?) for more versatility, after I've had more time to research wires and different models and get a better feel for what I really want.

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2OHM6 6iveaway Winners!

The WINNERS of the Official 2OHM6 Tell Me the Song You Hate the Most and Why <a href="”>Contest ARE>>>>

u/AnTi90d – Because I was once a radio DJ and I had fantasies like that.

u/krytan11c – Because I have a nu-country loving ex-military coworker so I hear that stupid garbage song everyday.

u/chucKing – Because I BEEN THERE. Why must I whistle it?

u/nakedz – Because I hate that song for the exact same reason.

u/TeamSwish – Because nope tf out of there was the proper response also could we share a rowboat?

Thanks y'all for entering, I had a jolly good time reading about your hatred! Winners will get a code good for $21 off any 60ml bottle from the 2OHM6 Vapor liquids line! If I were you I'd check out our <a href="https://www.<a href="”>”><a href="”>juiceDB reviews to help your selectioning.

Coming soon will be a new giveaway contest and flavor discount. I'm open to suggestion…What flavor should I discount next? Let me know. XOXO

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Joyetech cuboid 200 problem

Wonder if anyone can help with a problem that's recently occurred with my Cuboid. I'm unable to set TCR mode. When I use the plus button to go from power mode to TCR mode the top and bottom readings go blank (that's not my device just an example) the only way to get the device working again is by remove the batteries which makes the device usable in power mode.

I've tried updating the software (v6.04) in case it had became corrupt but to no avail.

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