AUSTER.COM x Good Guy Vapes [GIVEAWAY](VT Inbox V2 and GeekVape GBox Squonk) + Collaboration + [SALE]

What’s going on ECR!

A few updates since we’ve been working on a lot of things behind the scene:

Auster Box sale (Easiest holiday gift for any vaping loved ones)

  • Use code “GIFTBOX40” at checkout for any Auster Boxes at $40!
  • We recommend ordering immediately if you want this in time for Christmas, given the postal services’ being killed with holiday season.

Countdown to Christmas

  • Be sure to sign up for our email list, as we will be sending out emails daily with a specific e-liquid at a specific price (30ml’s as low as $5). It’s all still a surprise, so don’t miss out!

Auster x Good Guy Vapes

  • Good Guy Vapes is now carrying Cypher E-liquid at every location for $12.99 – so this is actually the best price you can pick up Cypher if you live near a GGV location!
  • In collaboration with Good Guy Vapes, we’ve taken the Explorer Box (with 120ml of Cypher e-<a href="”>juice) and exclusively configured the accessory collection. Each box now comes with a microfiber cloth, Daneson mint-flavored toothpicks, two pins, two patches, a 2600mAH Auster Powerbank, and an Auster Chubby Gorilla bottle – all for 44.99 ONLY available at a Good Guy Vapes location.
  • If you live in the New Jersey and have a chance to stop into the Good Guy Vapes Clifton location, we have taken over their vault for holiday season. As you may or may not know, the location used to be a bank, so we’ve tapped into the 10-inch thick concrete to offer local vapers a taste of AUSTER. In the vault, we are carrying all three of our <a href="”>juice lines (Cypher, IGEN, Hawkeye), with the ability to BYOB (Build Your Own Box) at $40, which includes 4x30ml of your choice and 4 accessories of your choice.

Auster x Good Guy Vapes [Giveaway]

PRIZES (One Winner Each)

– GeekVape GBox Regulated Dualbattery Squonker + 1 Auster Box

– HCigar Inbox V2 Regulated Singlebattery Squonker + 1 Auster Box

In collaboration with GoodGuyVapes, they’ve been courteous enough to supply devices for the giveaway, and based on what I’ve seen on Reddit, it seems like you ALL WANT SQUONKERS!!

  • Rules: The usual reddit giveaway rules; you must be 18+ or 21+ in localities that require. No throwaway accounts. No double entries. I will be diligently checking any winners that pop up upon pulling the winners.

To enter you must complete both steps:

1) Visit, and comment with one of their location addresses.

2) Visit and comment with one of the Auster Boxes you’d like to win or one of the accessories in the boxes that you look forward to.

Auster Non-Reddit-Exclusive Giveaway


  • 1st Place: $100 GiftCard + 2 Auster Boxes
  • 2nd Place: $50 GiftCard + 1 Auster Box
  • 3rd Place: $25 store-credit at

We are currently hosting a separate giveaway that is open to all entrants regardless of reddit or hearsay. To enter, visit

If you have any questions regarding Good Guy Vapes' or their stores, please reach out directly to /u/SBi

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MTL seriously sucks!

New vaper, DTL vaping is amazing, love everything about it

However, i have a nautilus 2, battlestar 200w, 1.8 coils (13-16w) ( tried 0.7 too) and passion bomb 3mg 50/50

Whilst i do get the flavour, there is a very very harsh burn on my tongue and throat that doesnt feel right. Is it the <a href="”>juice? because i tried a triton mini and whilst it did feel a little better, the tongue burn and throat burn dont seem normal to me, its disgusting and feels like im giving myself cancer

What am i doing wrong? I primed the coils, tried new coils, the only thing ive not tried differently is a different e<a href="”>juice, but surely an e<a href="”>juice wouldnt cause a throat burn and tongue burn like that?

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Any of the legal experts out there have any takes on nicotine testing? If coffee beans were originally smoked but then found to be safe brewed, would they still test for caffeine?

I'm just beside myself on this one, how the fuck can it be legal to test for nicotine when in and of itself there is absolutely minimal health risks? Why can't they just swab hands and mouth etc for actual tobacco smoke particles? It seems like this needs a legal challenge! I'm fortunate enough to use the VA for health insurance, it's actually good in my area, but I was going to be charged much higher rates on my other life insurance and whatnot through my work so I told them to stuff it, I'm not signing up… But it would be nice to have those secondary coverages since I have a son that's going on 10…

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A different Kind of Battery Question? Is it Worth The Cost?

I vape on a Voopoo Drag. So, it is a well regulated mod. Also, I never vape above 35 watts.

My first pair of batteries were a set of LG HD2Cs. Now I'm looking to get a second set of batteries as a back up for when they are in the charger. Is there any reason to pay the extra $4 for a set of Sony VTC5As besides the increased MAH rating?

I'm vaping at least 100 watts below the theoretical top end for the pair of LG batteries and I have no plans on switching to anything that would require significantly more power. I may switch to using mixed twisted 28awg+0.5mm or 36awg*2+0.5mm wire at some point. That still shouldn't drive me up over 50 watts with single coil builds.

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Anyone else experiencing slow shipping from Vape sourcing?

I guess I'll just go straight to the point. On November 25th 2017, a family member decided to purchase two new tanks for her and me. She chose to order from Vape Sourcing as I guess she found the best deal on there. Estimated delivery was 7-14 working days. It's now December 14th, 2017 and the tanks still have not arrived, nor have they even left China. I don't like buying from any Chinese company, but she's had luck in the past with fast delivery this time of year. I've gotten into contact with the post office it is going though, (singapore post) and after two weeks of purchase the company hadn't even shipped it out yet. They finally shipped it on December 9th, but as the tracking shows, and what I've been told when I contact the post office, it hasn't moved since. At this rate I think I'll be lucky if the tanks get here by mid January. Has anyone else had to go though this kind of service with this company, or am I just the unfortunate one?

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DPRO 133 Kit Review! A Regulated-Mechanical Device – Darksun Vapes

Good day fellow vapers, today I’m going to be reviewing the DPRO 133 Kit by CoilART. Disclaimer: I was provided this product for the purpose of this review by CoilART.


Simply put, the DPRO 133 is designed as a training device for mechanical mod users. While knowledge of Ohm’s Law is needed, the device will help protect the user in the case they build to low (<0.08ohm). Additionally, there are other protections that come with the device to keep the user safe unlike in mechanicals. The DPRO RDA is one of CoilART’s newest RDAs to hit the shelf in 2017. The DPRO hits home with a truly postless design and can cater very well to dual and single coil builds.

The 133 is a lightweight, regulated, parallel device and the RDA is a 24mm atty that is also squonk (bottom fill) friendly.


  • Size: RDA-31mm x 24mm (including drip tip), mod-84mm x 44mm x 28mm

  • Material: RDA-stainless steel, ultem, mod-aluminum

  • Colors: RDA-Stainless Steel, Black, Ultem, mod– Black, Red, Silver, Gold, Blue, Purple

  • Cell: dual & single 18650

  • Output: 133w max?? (not listed)



The first thing that immediately stands out on the RDA is the 24k gold-pated build deck. Additionally it has a nice protruding, and gold plated, 510 pin with both squonk and regular options for hybrid mechanical mods when the user graduates to them. The <a href="”>juice well is a tad bit on the small side so it may be an over-dripper’s or an over-squonker’s nightmare. Thankfully, the side airflow is designed at a downward angle to help prevent leaking from too much <a href="”>juice in the well. Additionally, the downward angle will help get improved bottom airflow for better flavor. Finally, the conical top is a nice step to improve overall flavor with an 810 drip tip on top (also compatible with other 810 drip tips).

The DPRO 133 is remarkably lightweight (not even a quarter of a pound) and is extremely simple to use. Based off of the several builds I’ve used on it, I feel quite certain that the device does cap the wattage around 130w due to everything below 0.13ohms to 0.09 feels the same with max battery. Additionally it can’t fire a build below 0.08ohms, has battery protection and protection from shorts. The pin is spring loaded so there is no worries on needing to have a protruding 510 pin on the atty used with it.

  • DPRO 133

The 133 is a parallel device (i.e both battery go in the same direction) which shares the load between two batteries. However, it can also just use a single 18650. Even with all of its safety features, this is truly a mechanical mod with training wheels. That said, I would greatly encourage the use of ohm’s law when using this device so that the knowledge can be learned and used when advancing to a true mechanical device. Unlike in a series mod (which many regulated devices use) that effectively double the voltage, in a parallel the voltage remains the same (4.2v) but the amps are effectively doubled. For example: a 0.2ohm build will pull 21A thus each battery will provide 10.5A each. With the 130w-ish cap, anything below 0.13ohms will be capped at the max output with roughly 16A draw per battery.

The battery door is simple and solid. It is slightly on the snug side but I’ve not encountered any issues in the 20+ days of use. Also the battery indicator is a nice function to let you know when your batteries are about to be low. The cutoff is 3.5v which is the lowest I tend to go to with my mechanicals anyways due to the reduced power output. The only downside of the device is the lack of venting. I understand that it isn’t really needed since it is regulated to a degree but any amount of venting is always a plus. Finally, I had no issues with the button but it has an abnormally loud clicking sound when pressed.


Coil Install

The only challenge to building on the DPRO is the initial measuring and cutting of the coil’s legs so that it fits well in the deck. CoilART includes a couple precut Ni80 fused claptons to make the first build easy. When I measured the leg length (from the bottom of the coil) it came out around 7mm. The reason you want it this length is so that the coils line up slightly above the side airflow. This will allow the coils to get air more underneath than on the sides for better flavor production. Once the coils are tight in the deck, make sure to check that they are not touching before wicking. When using dual coils the maximum inner diameter is 3.5mm with some of the smaller exotic and 24g builds, but I would recommend sticking with 3mm ID overall.

The deck is also great for single coil builds. Between the two airflow openings there is about 12mm to work with and the only limitation is the amount of airflow if you build too big. I had no issues getting great flavor off of a 4mm ID triple fused clapton and I could see it shining with many beefy exotic builds. The only trick to using a single coil in the DPRO that I noticed was to make sure the coil was a little bit more elevated than you would do with dual coils. Due to the increased distance between the coil and airflow, the airflow will be more likely to just hit the side/top of the single coil. By raising it 1-2mm will allow it to get better bottom/side airflow and increase flavor.


Wicking is fairly straightforward. Make sure the wick is snug in the coil (not too tight, not too loose) and just make sure to not stuff it under the coil too much (if any). If the wicks get too far under the coils, <a href="”>juice will not be evenly distributed from dripping/squonking and result in dry hits. I strongly encourage, especially with RDAs, the Scottish roll technique for the wicks. This style will not only give the user more hits per drip/squonk session but will also help alleviate over-dripping/squonking issues.


The flavor from the DPRO RDA is simply amazing from CoilART (I actually have 2 of them that I constantly use weekly). From my tests, I felt that the dual coil performed better due to the correctly angled airflow. Not knocking the single coil builds, as they still performed well, but there was too much open space in the chamber (even with a 4mm ID exotic build) to best the dual coil 3mm ID exotic build. Other additional factors that really crank up the flavor are the downward angled airflow, the conical dome top, and the postless deck. Not to mention that the hex screws are good quality and have had zero issues to-date.

The fact that it also comes with a squonk pin is a huge plus in my book. This allows me to easily take the DPRO when I go out for the night and not have to worry about <a href="”>juice and constantly stopping to drip. As a slight bonus, the squonk pin uses a hex tool to be inserted with so it does not have any openings along the sides for <a href="”>juice to escape from. Additionally, the RDA is perfect for use in a hybrid mechanical device when the user progresses. The only flaw is the loose top cap. So don’t pick it up by the RDA! However, if you have a set of thicker o-rings you can easily fix.

The DPRO 133 is targeted towards those who would like to get into mechanicals but have little to zero knowledge. Personally, I would have loved a device like this 2-3 years ago and I have to give props to CoilART for making a device like this. The ability to use it with 1 or 2 18650s also provides additional training for a vast majority of mechanicals on the market. However, it is currently very similar to a regulated device that has the bypass feature (however, the bypass feature in most regulated series mods do not help train the user with single battery mechanical devices). Because of this, I really wish that the 133 had the ability to turn off the protections and make it a true mechanical device. This would fully allow it to train a new mechanical user and, when they are ready, switch it to a full mechanical device if they wanted more power.


  • RDA – fantastic flavor cannon with dual coils

  • Spare parts plus squonk pin

  • RDA – 810 drip tip compatible

  • Durable hex screws

  • Perfect training tool for those wanting to get into mech mods. Plus just purely simple to use.


  • No ventilation on the DPRO 133

  • Minor– loud button

  • Minor– loose RDA cap


CoilART did a great job designing the DPRO RDA and it shows. Amazing flavor plus being a squonk friendly RDA earns it two thumbs way up from me. The DPRO 133 kit is a fantastic training tool for a majority of the mechanical market and it also gets two thumbs up. While it is a niche market, I’m happy to see a device like this come out. If you have been looking at mechs and have not taken the leap due to the fear of making it into a pipe bomb, this is the perfect device to train and learn on until you’re comfortable with taking that step. While the 133 greatly helps achieving this, I would still strongly recommend reading/watching guides on proper mechanical mod safety in addition.

Make sure to follow me on Facebook or Twitter for upcoming reviews and more! Also check out my last review on the Alpha One if you missed it!

Let me know if there is additional information that you would like to see and/or your thoughts on the product and the review. Thanks for reading!

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History of Issues with Suorin Air

Hey Guys, I just wanted to post a write up of my issues with the Suorin Air. When this device is working I absolutely love it. It's super stealthy and satisfies with 50mg/ml nic salt. However the issues I've had have me looking for other subcompacts. I love my multi 18650 mods, RDA's and squonking but this device hits a great niche. Here's hoping they come out with more revisions solving issues.

History of Issues:

First Suorin Air Gold: Blinking light 1 out of 10 puffs, then developed to only 1 out of 5 puffs working. Auto switch stopped working, this could be fixed by blowing up from the bottom hard.

Second Suorin Air Black: On/Off button stopped working and LED showed charging status at all times. Then after overnight charging battery vented. Swapped battery from gold to black. Also getting hits that continue 1-2 sec after finished drawing.

You can open the Suorin by removing the pod inserting the smaller end to push the electronics out of the body, this is totally non-destructive and the unit can be re-assembled.

After taking the unit apart a number of times I collected the markings on various parts. Microcontroller Marking: S033 PHVG 709Y Likely: STM8S003F3 Also seen on Board TL431 voltage reference X1YV power switch Mosfet 702 LTC4054 Li-ion battery Charger

Also noticed possibly a new version listed on cigabuy. This one seems to have an adjustable slider on the bottom?

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New CAD Design: 3D Printed DVM Bezel for mods.

<a href="”> <img src="” alt=”New CAD Design: 3D Printed DVM Bezel for mods.” title=”New CAD Design: 3D Printed DVM Bezel for mods.” /> submitted by /u/CodingArduino
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