New Cthulhu Squonk Genius Adapter

Just get to see this new adapter as <a href="”>juice feeder I think, that might works well on my RDA.

<a href="”>

That seems to be a great idea, any suggestions though

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Broke Dick ejuice review

My bad experience was from back in July. I wasn't going to post anything but a friend was going to order from them. I told him not to and explained why. He said "But they have a 4.9 google review score". When he showed me their reviews and they didnt have a single 1 or 2 star review. I call BS. I even submitted a 1 star review to the site but that must have gotten misplaced. So here it goes.

I ordered two bottles and got the third for free. I ordered the 1st, cash advance, and water cup. My problems with all three were the same.

Hardly to no flavor. Some sort of chemical after taste. Cash advance is Key Lime Pie but the only thing I could taste was graham crackers. Water cup is basically fruit punch. It was so acidic it made me gag. 1st is strawberries and cream. Had just a hint of cream to go with the chemical taste.

Contacted customer service. He was never rude but could tell zero f'cks were being given. He said let it steep. I responded that no steeping was going fix it. Even the plastic lining in the cap seemed to be dissolving into the <a href="”>juice. He repeated it just needed steeping. Final message I sent was asking for new bottles if I sent these back but no response.

I tried them again after six weeks. While the harsh chemical flavor had disappeared none of the flavors bounced back. I think the nicotine level was off too because after a few drags i felt like I had hot boxed a cigarette. Didnt notice the first time because I hadn't been able to puff on it enough.

Contacted him again pasting a copy of the first email into the new one. Again I asked for new bottles if I returned his or a refund because of how terrible they were. He told me a flat no. Sent last message asking him to do the right thing. I was even willing to pay on the return shipping. No response.

I got on his site and left one star reviews on each product. None of these reviews are listed although there are a couple one stars that I noticed on later review.

The free unicorn bottle I got free does work great. This horrible experience spurred me into making my own <a href="”>juices and its come in pretty handy.

From my own experience and reading others my only conclusion is their manufacturing process must be shoddy. Ordering from them is like Russian Roulette. I got the bullet.

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Drop RDA & Bonza RDA Quick Look

Picked these up today and wanted to post a quick look from my first 24 hours with them. This is by no means trying to be a comprehensive review, but just a quick look for anyone considering buying these. Recently, my primary vape has been my Lost Vape Drone DNA 167, so squonkable RDAs have been my main focus, with the Dead Rabbit being my go-to RDA. I also regularly use my Pulse 22 & 24, Goon 1.5, and occasionally my Wasp. This quick look will mainly be based on comparing these RDAs to my experiences with the other RDAs I mentioned, so much of this review will be subjective.

This dripper is designed by TheVapingBogan and VandyVape. The build quality is excellent, and it looks beautiful straight out of the box, with no machine oil or heavy cleaning necessary. It comes with an 810 resin drip tip similar to the Dead Rabbit, but overall I think the DR's tip has a cleaner look and more comfortable feel.

The build deck consists of a "Fixed Screw Clamp Post" that is almost identical to that of the OBS Cheetah 2, but pointing in the opposite direction. Basically, when you build, one leg of the coil goes in a hole that has a screw to catch the wire, while the other leg goes in an upside down clamp like flipping your Goon upside down to screw down the clamp, except much easier to do. Overall, I really like it, and it gives you tons of space to work with. Ease of build is probably up there at the top, and with so much space underneath the deck, you can fit a couple ml of <a href="”>juice in the well easily.

The side airflow system consists of 3 rows of 5 holes, with the airflow rotating from the side to block off individual columns. I would have like to see a stepped AFC ring to allow to blocking of the top or bottom row, but as it is, the airflow works well and gives decent flavor. While the holes don't look terribly big, they allow for a massive amount of airflow when wide open, so if you like lots of air, then this gives it toy you in spades.

Overall, I think it's a great dripper for anyone wanting a nice build deck and lots of airflow. While it does prove to be a great RDA, I still think the Dead Rabbit edges it out with regards to flavor and squonkability. The <a href="”>juice well is very large, but the lack of directional <a href="”>juice flow makes it more of a pool than a streamlined feeding system like the DR or Pulse 22/24.
I give the Bonza a 6.5/10

This dripper is from TheVaporChronicles and Digiflavor. The design looks very sleek, and it has a very shiny finish, in contrast to the Bonza which has a metallic finish similar to the Dead Rabbit. It goes with a two-tone color scheme, where a small portion around the bottom and the top are either silver or black, with the middle being the opposite. I was a little skeptical about it looking good on my Drone, as the Drop seemed like it couldn't make up its mind on which color to be, but it really looked a lot better than expected, and the clear 810 drip tip adds a really nice touch to the overall sleek design. The build quality was excellent as well, and it came out of the box perfectly clean and ready to use.

The deck on the Drop is basically a reverse Dead Rabbit, with the posts coming from the outside pointing in, rather than inside pointing out like on the DR. If you'v ever used the Cartel Obelisk RDA, then it is pretty much identical to that, with a few slight improvements making it easier to build on. I was worried that the layout might make it very hard to get your wire cutters in to finish the job, as that was one thing GrimmGreen complained about, but I actually had no trouble at all, and found it just as easy as the DR. I really love postless decks, so this was right up my alley, but after inspecting it, I was confused on how to build it as the airflow seems low compared to the raised height of the posts. I decided to build a stacked coil with one on top of the other, as that seemed like a unique setup that few drippers can accommodate, and I must say that I'm glad I did. Even with the top coil being up high, it still fed perfectly, and had no trouble with dry hits. The flavor was much better than expected, but still not quite on par with the DR or the Pulse 24. I'd say the flavor might be a bit better than the Bonza, and I think that might be attributed to the airflow setup.

The airflow system on the Drop is similar to the Bonza in that it consists of multiple holes, but they are actually in a T shape, with 2 columns of 4 making up the shaft and one row of 4 making the top. The AFC ring uses a stepped shape that I wish the Bonza had utilized, making it possible to cut off the Top of the T, with lessening portions showing as you move over step by step. It feels slightly more restrictive than the Bonza, but is by no means restrictive at all, as the Bonza is definitely on the extreme end when it comes to airflow.

Overall, the Drop is a great squonking RDA, and beats the Bonza just slightly. It definitely surprised me, as I didn't initially like the design and airflow that much when I saw my first pic of it. It honestly looks a lot better in person, and the flavor was definitely the biggest surprise. I didn't expect a side airflow RDA to have as good flavor as this does, but it doesn't beat out the DR, which has channeled airflow that I think is one of the keys to it's success. One of the biggest flaws is the same as the Bonza, in that it need some sort of channel to help guide the flow of <a href="”>juice when you squonk. It seems to just pool in the bottom, which allows for tons of <a href="”>juice to sit there and spill out into your pocket, rather than it channeling the <a href="”>juice to the cotton, and sucking up the excess that would otherwise be sitting around ready to spill. If this was added, I think it would make a huge difference, but overall nothing has yet to dethrone the DR in my eyes.
I give the Drop RDA a 7/10

TL;DR: The Drop and Bonza are two new squonkable RDA's providing huge wells to hold lots of <a href="”>juice when you squonk, and utilizing side airflow to deliver flavor to you. The Bonza uses a post system that integrates a clamp, while the Drop is a reverse Dead Rabbit deck almost identical to that of the Cartel Obelisk. Both work well, but the Drop takes the edge slightly by delivering better flavor and having a better airflow system. Overall, they come close to the Dead Rabbit, but can't take it's crown. If you're looking for another cool RSA to try out, go for it, but otherwise, just stick with your Dead Rabbit or Pulse 24.

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Wicking the Zeus RTA – an unbelievable PITA

Been vaping since 2009 – pyramid tea bags for the win. I have 8 years of experience – from wicking the shittiest kayfun clones to to decently priced quality RTAs. I loved my obs engine – it was exactly what I’ve been looking for – top airflow – leak proof – saturated vape all the time. But I’m not a dual coil guy.

The Zeus came – saw all the reviews – fell in love before I even received it. But the thing doesn’t wick for shit. I’ve read every reddit post related to the Zeus – most people including YouTube personalities – just stuff some fucking cotton in there – but they only vape it 2-3 times and continue to say how great it is.

I am getting absolute dry hits after the 3rd hit. First hit is good – wait 2 seconds – 2nd hit is decent – 3rd hit is horrible and dry.

I tried 3mm – 3.5mm – 4mm Claptons – tried 10mm wide cotton – 15mm wide cotton – I tried fluffing and not fluffing – I tried wicked at bottom of deck and right up against the <a href="”>juice channel.

I don’t know anymore – just venting – I was dying for a single coil top airflow – but this is too annoying for me

This is why I fell in love with squonking – no stress – squeeze and vape

Pics of most recent build

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Eciggity 25% Off + a few other Sales

No one posted it and I should have taken the initiative earlier I suppose.

eciggity has 25% Off until the 22nd for your last minute shopping needs before Christmas. Check their website for the code. With this code they have the cheapest modefined Sirius, Voopoo Drag, and Smoant Charon TC in CONUS. Additionally the Super Tank Mini is $12.75, Crown 3 is $21, Dead Rabbit is $18.74, Bonza is $22.49, Digiflavor Drop is $22.49, etc.

The Cool Master DIY Mini Tool Kit is $15 at Eightvape when added to cart. Thanks for taking that info from me last night when I posted it in ECR late night thread :p If you only need a tool kit it's cheaper at Eightvape than eciggity.

On the 21st the Tesla Punk will be $50.39 at VapeWild. That's the cheapest you can get it outside of waiting for it from fasttech. Shipping should be free.

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Last night, after yet another rule violation from Umba Vape, Om Vapors claimed they were a separate company and do not own Umbavape. They lied. Here is the proof.

Let me preempt this by stating this does not break reddit rules.

Public figures can be an exception to this rule, such as posting professional links to contact a congressman or the CEO of a company.

In addition all of the information provided below can easily be obtained from the companies websites.

For the record I don't care if a company wants to operate under multiple brands. Tons of companies do this. The problem I have is when they straight up lie about it.

Here is the now removed post by Umba

This is not the first time Umba has violated the rules of this subreddit particularly the 9:1 and spamming rules. I stated that since they were owned Om Vapors they should know better.

Om replied to my comment and stated: Separate company, Separate user, We did not make this post. We do not own Umbavape or u/UmbaVape

They could have just apologized or even stated they had a different social media person running it(though that is unlikely since they claim to be a very small company with no dedicated customer service team and the fact that Umba's account appears to be run, at least partly, by the owner) but they didn't. They lied and I thought that was a bit shitty to be honest.

Many of you probably already know this if you have been signed up to Om Vapors email list longer than a year or so because when Umba went live you started getting emails from Umba as well as Om without having signed up from Umba. They had to get their emails from somewhere. It was a bit e<a href="”>juice mafia of them but whatever. It was quickly established then that they were the same company. Om Vapors was selling Umba for a while before Umba got its own site Link to one of many posts where Om is selling Umba

They were also the only two companies to come out with WTA is years. They also hadn't been active in 3 days, weren't tagged and showed up in the thread to defend it. That just sounds like conjecture though, right? We'll get down to the nitty gritty in a second.

First, I want to point out this:

When someone posted a thread asking about OM, Umba chimed in and gave them a glowing review.

Pretty shitty, huh?

Now, if you go You can see they list a phone number but no address. The phone number is a North Carolina area code.

Now, if you go to the Umba Vape website here:

You get their address(UmbaVape 121 Dewey Drive Unit D Nicholasville, Kentucky 40356) but no phone number.

Hey, that's not North Carolina, maybe I was wrong. Lets keep digging to be sure.

Lets do a whois search:

Here is what you get from Umba: As you can see they've opted to hide their info via GoDaddy's privacy option

Here is Om Vapors: Theirs is not hidden and we learn something important here. The Registrant is Ben McCalla.

This is interesting because a representative from Umba goes by the name Ben here: <a href="<a href="”>juice_with_a_few_dollars_i_scraped/di4197c/”><a href="”>juice_with_a_few_dollars_i_scraped/di4197c/

Well, there is more than one Ben in the world so lets go even deeper.

If we look here: We can see the princial for Om Vapor LLC is Ben McCalla as we verified earlier.

What is interesting is we can see their principal address is: 121 Dewey Dr. Unit D, Nicholasville, KY 40356 the very same address listed on Umba Vapes website. Curiously, no info could be found for Umba Vape's business registration.

Seems fairly conclusive. Lets go a little further.

If we look at the documents provided on Om's websites like this: We again seen Ben McCalla of Om Vapor, LLC

Now lets go back to Umba and do the same thing:

What we find is Ben McCalla again with the same address and phone number as listed by Om Vapor.

It even lists Om Vapor right there as the manufacturer

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A great Vaping Biker battery orientation video for mech users

A great short visual safety tutorial by the Vaping Biker on what can happen if you run your battery positive side down in a mechanical mod, a subject still debated by our community.

Always follow the directions for your particular mod though! Different mechs have different designs and safety features.

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