Regulated Mod Amp limit vs battery limit

I've tried doing a little research and always come up with forum posts talking about specific batteries instead of what i actually want to know.

I am running :

  • Predator 228

  • LG HG2s

  • 0.15~ Ohm Coil on a combo rdta2

The spec sheet for the predator claims a 50a maximum output, but the HG2s are limited to 20a CDR (I think)

When running higher wattages, I'm hitting 22-25a on my screen and my device gets noticeably warmer than anything under 20a.

I understand that regulated mods shouldnt run outside of their specifications, but im wondering if this assumes your batteries are capable of driving that much.

If my mod can support more amperage than my batteries, am I going to damage either my battery or my mod by running at higher amps than the batteries are meant for?

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