Grandpa has lung cancer, should I get him a Juul?

My grandpa has been smoking since he was a teenager and it’s caught up to him, recently diagnosed with lung cancer. I got him a Juul before his diagnosis to help him stop smoking, does anyone know if Juuls would still be harmful to him?

Anyone have experience with this? How much worse is cigarettes vs. juuls? Sorry if this question doesn’t fit into the thread, I’m trying to see how I can help him

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Just Discovered how to use Temperature Control on my vape (accidentally)

I'd been vaping in Wattage control mode for the last 6 months or so since I got my vape (an eLeaf iStick Pico 25), and now I feel like an idiot, but I never knew how much difference temperature control could make.

Just today I accidentally hit some buttons and set it into TC mode (on the Stainless Steal setting) and I've just gotta say the taste is so much smoother.

I didn't realise what the difference would be. Basically, when you use a constant wattage, your coil will continue to heat up the longer you fire it. With TC mode, it drops down the wattage once the coil reaches a certain temperature, giving a much smoother taste on long hits.

10/10 highly recommended 😛

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Newest stabilized wood mod project!

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Blitz Intrepid RTA Review [Giveaway] X2

Blitz has been around for awhile. Some hits, some misses. Let's go on a journey and find out if this is a home run or a swing and miss. This product was sent to me for the very review by the DX army at Heaven Gifts. Shout out to my home girl Sophia. If you can put up with me you are alright in my book.

They have been gracious enough to let me give 2 away. Hope you all know the drill by now. Be kind to each other, you can nominate in the comments. I'll be checking post history to ensure they go too a good home. Now on to the main event.

Product Specs.

*24.5 mm

*3.5 <a href="”>juice capacity

*easy push to open fill design

*dual or single coil

*elevated postless build deck

What's in my tight little box?

*Intrepid RTA

*1 extra glass

*2 extra drip tips

*1 accessory bag

*1 tri tool

What's good?

The Blitz Intrepid can be configured in single or dual coil modes. The dual coil ceramic blocker comes installed. In your accessory bag you can locate the single. Mine didn't have the clear o ring already on the single so make sure you check yours. It's stainless steel constructed and has a few color options. Very nice static gold plated 510. There are 3 cyclops style air flow holes. The controller doesn't spin freely. It stops full open and full close. Just enough tolerance to move easily and stay in place. To dump your <a href="”>juice in there is an indicator, simply pop it open, fill, shut. Rinse and repeat.

The build deck on the thing just makes sense for an RTA. It's raised so it's gonna be very difficult to get it to leak. I have yet to experience a drop of unwanted <a href="”>juice and I am most certainly not a great builder. Sports a postless quad deck. I love when each lead gets it's very own screw. My leads are selfish, they don't like to share. Anyways just drop those bad boys in, and screw'em down. Insert cotton and stuff it in those <a href="”>juice channels. The dual ceramic has 2 swoops making it easy to know where to put your coils. The single just has 1, obviously. Drip tip is proprietary, they toss in a couple different ones at least.

I sampled both offerings and stuck with the dual. The clear o rings are chinsy. I'd recommend you figure out which style you like the best and stick with it. I doubt the o rings hold up to constant changing. If you want to use the single you are limited to big coils. Gotta put a decent amount of cotton in those <a href="”>juice channels.

Flavor and performance is par for the course with your top Rta's. It's up there with my favorites. The air flow is silky smooth. I don't like to rate flavor. Let's just say your favorite <a href="”>juices will taste like your favorite <a href="”>juices. Flavor can only get so good. I think we have already reached the point where your flavor is at "max taste" I'll call it. Something will probably come along and prove me wrong though.

Let's get into the pros and cons. I really only have one con. Those damn clear o rings. Everything else is a pro. Build quality, flavor, performance, all that jazz. I will highly recommend this thing to anyone looking for a new RTA.

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Thank you for the sidebar

To all of the sidebar editors and those in this sub whose posts and reviews have also contributed information, thank you. I'm always learning new things here, like the Scottish roll for wicking. Every year or two my wife and I pick a new mod from the mod guide. We're happier with our RTAs and batteries than we've ever been too, and that's thanks to this subreddit. The sidebar especially is well organized and a great resource. Thanks again.

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Last day to submit comments to FDA about Vaping regulations!!!

This is the last day to submit comments directly to FDA and tell them what you think about vaping regulations and potential manufacturing standards. When we started posting this to Reddit and Facebook there were only 17 comments that were mostly negative to the industry, since then we’ve been able to flip the script to 34 comments (double!) (not counting ours which they haven't posted yet) and they’ve been mostly positive.

The vaping community needs to jump on this, this is one of the only ways we have a direct influence on our government, and we need to tell FDA directly what we think and they are legally required to take our comments whether they like them or not. We need our industry leadership to take action, including SFATA and CASAA. The comments were initially flooded by Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, Altria, Tobacco Control Legal Consortium, and Philip Morris! Is this who you want to represent the views of America when it comes to vaping? We have a very real opportunity here to be heard.

So we've made it real easy, just click the link below give FDA a piece of your mind.

Comment period ends on 12/22 which probably means TONIGHT so get up on it!

Posted comments can be viewed here:

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