[GIVEAWAY] + $12.99 120mls! Use code ‘happynewyear’ + $100.00 to 5 winners! — E-Liquid Wonderland

Whats up everybody! It's that time again, we're back with another giveaway and this time we bring you the great coupon code 'happynewyear' for 35% off store wide, now valid through 1-7-18! That's a 120ml bottle for only $12.99!

It's giveaway time again from us at E-liquid Wonderland and up for grabs are a few different coupon codes good at <a href="http://www.<a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>eliquidwonderland.com”>www.<a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>eliquidwonderland.com. There are 75 flavors to choose from. These codes being given away this time have no minimum. The codes are one time use only so be sure to take that into account when placing an order.

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We offer 120ml bottles for only $19.99 and sample packs (2 60ml bottles) for $19.99. We have 75 flavors to choose from. You can purchase these in either 60ml or 120ml bottles. Plus we offer $2.75 Flat Rate Shipping anywhere in the good old U.S.A.

sale ALERT! With code 'happynewyear' you get 35% off site wide, making 120mls only $12.99 and 60mls just over $8.00 with! Only at <a href="http://www.<a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>eliquidwonderland.com”>www.<a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>eliquidwonderland.com and the code is valid through 1-7-18.

For the giveaway, the winners will be randomly chosen the morning of Friday January 5th and updated shortly thereafter. All entries are eligible to win and not just Top Comments. Winners will be contacted directly and updated on this post.

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment with what your favorite flavor from us is or if you haven't tried us yet what you would buy with the gift code if you won. All entrants must be of legal vaping age in their state/country, and it must be legal for us to ship to your location to qualify. Customs/Duties are out of our hands for shipments outside the U.S.

Good luck to all and we can't wait to update on Friday!

<a href="http://www.<a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>eliquidwonderland.com”>www.<a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>eliquidwonderland.com

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Help with serpent mini

Hello I really like this tank but no matter what I do it leaks from the air holes which I can get to stop sometimes or the bottom… not the 510 pin but the gap around a afc ring…is this just a normal thing? I have watched all the youtube videos and the reddit responses but I get all kinds of answers. Some say this is just the way the tank is…can some regular users of this tank chime in and tell me what you experienced..thanks and HNY

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Aspen: 40% tax on Vaping Gear (and presumably liquid) Goes Into Effect (stock up before you visit)

<a href="https://www.reddit.com/r/electronic_cigarette/comments/7nfg3j/aspen_40_tax_on_vaping_gear_and_presumably_liquid/”> <img src="http://thecapecoralvapestore.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-o-matic/cache/fc1e03cac8_6fWfQ-RPKUXFgrPSeMLlb4PRpLgT2TeaEFyciNe1r9c.jpg” alt=”Aspen: 40% tax on Vaping Gear (and presumably liquid) Goes Into Effect (stock up before you visit)” title=”Aspen: 40% tax on Vaping Gear (and presumably liquid) Goes Into Effect (stock up before you visit)” /> submitted by /u/mstave
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Singapore: Total Ban (even in private homes) Comes Into Force Soon

<img src="http://thecapecoralvapestore.com/wp-content/plugins/wp-o-matic/cache/ecb8ee88ef_qzEmNjL-FVid4rb2kZcSuDA8CKkNNbnaVmSymiPQeIc.jpg” alt=”Singapore: Total Ban (even in private homes) Comes Into Force Soon” title=”Singapore: Total Ban (even in private homes) Comes Into Force Soon” /> submitted by /u/mstave
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The Fairly Late Vaporesso Swag Mod Kit Review

Hey ECR,

You might know me from being a regular poster here, or that guy which maintains the mod guide. I actually have been trying to bring a few parts up to code of the glorious wiki many of you don't even care for, but I don't do it for you. Yeah, you. I do it for the new people. All the boys and girls that may use it so that they can be well informed and make good decisions. Now I'm doing reviews too!

That mod has already been reviewed, so what?

That may be the case, but I've owned the Vaporesso Swag since release. Not only is this intended to be an additional review for interested buyers, but this review serves the purpose as being additional context for the mod guide.

Now we move on, the curtains open, I present to you a small single 18650 battery mod. The Vaporesso Swag.

What's in the box?!
  • Vaporesso Swag 80W (75H x 48W x 22D)
  • NRG SE tank (3.5ml NA, 2ml TPD)
  • An extra glass section
  • A GT4 coil, and GT CCell (ceramic) coil
  • A very nice but short USB plug.
  • A metric ton of manuals and other nonsense.

The Good

The mod itself is very small, very lightweight, and aesthetically it is easy on the eyes.

When you remove the battery cap you can see plastic tubing as well as a very visible bright red + sign on the bottom to indicate the positive end of your battery goes down.

The buttons are very easy to use even though they're small, and you get used to pressing them quickly.

Accessing menus, making changes, and navigating between the different modes is relatively easy. It is certainly appreciated to have custom curves, and the scrolling through wattage or temperature is relatively fast.

The LED screen is small but there is all the relevant information you might expect to see. If I might say so I also appreciate the font used as well.

When you take the NRG SE tank and thread it on it becomes abundantly obvious you're limited to the 22mm size of the said tank, but while it is limiting it is not a deal breaker. There are more than a few great tanks and rebuildables that will fit on the mod. Speaking of great tanks the NRG SE is not to be disregarded or underestimated. I've personally found the standard GT coils to be fairly flavorful as well as lasting between 8-11 days. The GT CCell coil lasted a few weeks.

Using the Vaporesso Swag in wattage mode I could tell you it felt like it delivered fairly accurately in terms of power. It may have been just a few watts shy at times. Don't get me started on TC as I don't currently have a small atty to test it, and I must presume it's fairly close to other Omni chip based Vaporesso mods.

The Bad

Unfortunately the silver lining around the mod is painted plastic, and the only stainless steel section is the portion your battery cap and 510 are attached to. Immediately we don't want to drop this mod, and of course we don't want to drop any mod but this one might take more damage to the casing than others made of sturdier materials.

The Vaporesso Swag only fits 22mm. As I said it isn't a deal breaker, but the fact the mod can't fit at least 24mm at this point in time is a bit frustrating even if it was Vaporesso's intention to make a light compact mod.

We have to scroll in increments of 0.1 watts. The fast scroll helps you along to bypass some of the frustration, but it doesn't remove it. Too many mods have 0.1 scrolling and I demand you STOP. Just seriously STOP.

Navigating between modes while easy is a little slower than it should be.

The Ugly

The mods cuts off at the voltage of your battery at 3.4v. In my opinion it isn't the big deal some people make it out to be but when it comes to a single battery mod you can definitely feel it. The mod just cuts you off a little too early.

Final Thoughts

The Vaporesso Swag is a nice light compact mod that has been in my hand almost daily for a few months. While it isn't perfect, I've had no problems with it outside of its limitations. Not only is it a solid feature packed mod for beginners it is also suitable for those looking for a more compact stealthy device that won't cause their pants to fall off or their shirt pocket to rip apart at the seams.

The faults that it does have are more prevalent to an experienced vaper. If you're the new guy on the block you likely don't care about the tank limitations or the little negative points such as scrolling increment value. Why would you? You just want a nice dependable device for vaping, and honestly that's what the Vaporesso Swag is. That is point blank why I bought it in the first place.

You can buy the Vaporesso Swag kit from a number of vendors but the most affordable in the U.S. as of this review is at EightVape for $35.99.

The only U.S. vendor which sells the Vaporesso Swag mod only is <a href="https://www.myfreedomsmokes.com/swag-80-watt-mod-by-vaporesso.html”>MyFreedomSmokes for $30.95. Coupon newmfs15 provides 15% Off.

Note: Press and hold the minus button and fire button to automatically enter the settings while in any mode.

Thanks for reading and have a happy new year!

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Suggestions for a Dual 18650 mod

Hello. Happy New Year.

In the market for a dual 18650 mod. I vape MTL so it's always under 20W!

Shortlisted options are:

Sigelei 213 Smoant Charon Wismec Sinuous P80

Any other options? Please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

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