Holiday Ejuice Review 2: BX Vapor (6 Flavors)

Hello everyone, this is part 2 of my "dumbass picked over 2L of <a href="”>juice now I need to test each one out" series. Today I am reviewing B-X Vapors.

Before the actual review though, I need to do a shoutout to BX as this is my third time ordering from him, and every time, he adds in small touches (<a href="”>juice upgrades, stickers, notes) which makes the ordering process that much more pleasant. He is super responsive to text messages and all-in-all, just a great guy.

I do all my testing on my Wasp Nano with staggered claptons, or Serpent SMM with fused claptons. <a href="”>juices have been steeped for 2-weeks to testing, although they were pre-steeped to begin with.

My preferred flavor profile is pretty wide, with my top two being fruity menthols and sweet bakery flavors. A 5/10 means that the <a href="”>juice is average, 8-9/10 means it is fantastic, and 10/10 is a truly, truly special <a href="”>juice.

Honey Suckle My Cuke

  • If I could take a single <a href="”>juice with me for the rest of my life, this <a href="”>juice is first on the list. Jesus, it is so good. First, there is a very vibrant and juicy cucumber that is present at the beginning and at the end. Then, there is a sweet, very natural tasting honey melon that dominates in the middle. I am having a hard time accurately describing this, except that it tastes like eating a very succulent and sweet honey melon, and drinking cucumber water at the same time. Flavor intensity is absolutely fantastic, and I genuinely prefer this <a href="”>juice to any premium <a href="”>juice I have ever tried. I love B-X Vapor for this, 10/10.


  • Wow, really fantastic job with the flavor accuracy. On the inhale, there is a very creamy cinnamon that isn’t overwhelming at all. But where it really shines is in the exhale, a very realistic sweet cinnamon milk that overlays the subtle rice flavor that replicates a good glass of horchata pretty much 100%. One of the few <a href="”>juices that I am absolutely in love with, but it does benefit from 3~4 weeks of steeping. 8/10


  • Hmm… On the inhale, there is a succulent pear and melon, and on the exhale some creaminess and pear primarily. The biggest problem for me is that the pear, perhaps in an effort to make it realistic, is actually fairly bitter, like I am biting into an unripe pear. Further, the dragonfruit, or the creaminess, does not belong in the <a href="”>juice, really fights with the pear for flavor and neither wins unfortunately. I couldn’t finish my bottle. 4/10


  • Hahahaha, this <a href="”>juice. Holy shit it is the most menthol I have ever tasted, and I vape mostly menthol. It is absolutely amazing how much cool-ness it has, and the first inhale after dripping had me coughing. But at the same time, I love the <a href="”>juice for its coolness. On the inhale, you basically get mint cough lozenge (probably twice the intensity), and on the exhale you get a hint of melons. Personally though, I don’t think melons are nice here, perhaps cucumbers or some like that would have worked better. But all-in-all a solid <a href="”>juice. 8/10

Mom’s Milk

  • On the inhale, a candied strawberry, and on the exhale a more creamy flavor profile, with a slight custard underlying the entire experience. I am not a huge fan of this flavor, and I think mainly it is because of the lack of a standout flavor. The strawberries are average, as are every other flavor, and ultimately it does end up being a very slightly above average <a href="”>juice. 6/10

Watermelon Crack

  • I think the easiest way to describe this flavor is as a watermelon jolly rancher, but a slightly more floral and more sour flavor. On the inhale, there is a watermelon jolly rancher with a slight coolness, and on the exhale is a more floral sour watermelon. Whilst I love the flavor, I would prefer a stronger intensity, as it is rather a weak flavor. 8.5/10

All-in-all BX-Vapors would be the first line of recommendation for anyone from me. His prices are dirt cheap with very frequent sales, and most of the line tastes pretty fucking amazing. I still have ~6 more flavors steeping so I'll write up a part 2 soon enough.

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