Really hard throat hits after switching from q2 to t8 smok Baby beast coils

Alright. I recently started vaping about a month and a half ago. It was great, especially compared to smoking. Anyways, things were going fine. I bought a Smok Alien 220w starter kit which comes with the baby beast tank. Gave great flavor, great hits, everything was fine. A couple weeks before the holidays, I switched out the Q2 coil (the dual coil with just one large hole in it) for the T8 (the octuple coil with four holes). I really didn't care for it as it felt like a much harder throat hit, and not enough airflow. I bared with it though and just figured I would switch out the coils after I went on my vacation. During christmas time, I went to visit family and didn't bring my vape along. Things were fine and I actually let my friend borrow it during the time as his batteries recently died off. I got a couple of texts from him while I was gone saying that the thing was broken. It gave hard hits or something? I assumed it was just him not being able to handle the wattage it was at (only around 65 but he is used to much less) so I ignored it and he just stopped vaping on it. When I got back from my vacation, he gave the vape back, and it was just awful to vape on. The throat hit was absolutley unbareable. I was close to just throwing up after I took a hit, even when compared to before the break. I stopped vaping right away, cleaned out the entire thing, put new coils in it (the Q2 which I previously liked), and it still gives off this awful throat hit. I have tried a bunch of things including factory resetting the device, but nothing helps. The only thing that has helped at all is turning down the resistance manually. It is a much smoother hit, but it still does have a bit of the hard hitting in the back, especially compared to what I was used to. Another friend of mine has the exact same build as mine, and I copied his settings exactly (as far as I can tell) and it just doesn't make a difference.

Does anyone know what may have happened or how to fix it?

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