Fried mod repair

My Smok Alien 220w got fried a year ago but I kept it for no good reason. I have recently gotten into electronic repair and circuitry. I decide to open it up and the was <a href="”>juice coating a good portion of the surfaces and I saw that there was a part in the of the board that had either fried or rusted (I assume either is a possibility due the the time span). An other component had been fried for sure because the contacts were not able to be cleaned, the component has the characters SK34 printed on it. I was wondering if anybody know what the component it and would be willing to help me fix my mod.

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First RTA mod kit – Kanger Topbox mini or Evic VTC Dual?

Hi, I am a relative noob to vaping and have been using a Kangertech EVOD Mega for the last six months. I made the mistake of buying a lot of 70Vg <a href="”>juice, which now keeps gunking up my coils and am also tired of constantly buying new coils. I now want to upgrade to an RTA setup.

I have been a great fan of Kangertech.. The evod mega has taken a lot of torture from me.. And keeps working.. I am not the best caretaker of my electronics, but it is for this reason I am strongly considering a Topbox mini.

I live in India, where vaping has not yet caught on.. Vape shops are absent and customer service for the big vaping brands is non existent. For this reason, my single most priority is reliability above all.

The Evic dual is currently having a sale on the website that I usually use to purchase my equipment and even though it's dual 18650, its right now at a comparable price to the Topbox Mini.

While I know running underpowered batteries are risky, I currently have some 4 unused 18650 batteries from an old power bank which have continuous 5A discharge. I guess I could use the Evic with these up to at least 30-35 W?

So basically, I'm a fan of Kanger, but if I buy a Topbox, I will have to get a separate 18650. 15W on a single battery will be underpowered. But I have heard great reviews of the Toptank mini. More so than the Ultimo on the Evic.

What do you guys suggest.?? Any alternatives in this range for a first time builder?

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Best 24mm compact mod

I'm looking for the best, compact (single battery or internal LiIon) mod that can fit a 24mm atty. I like black.

I am usually using a Berserker at 15 watts or a Dead Rabbit running single coil at 40 watts. I'm currently using the Smok AL85 but the TC is a joke. I've purchased from MVS and VaporFi before, and trust them to ship quickly to FL. If there are any other online retailers I should look at that don't ship via slow boat from China, let me know.

So far I have looked at:

Pico 25 (how's the TC with 316L?)

HCigar VT75 Nano (can't find it in stock?)

Smoant Battlestar (just heard about it)

Joyetech eVic Primo Mini (or whatever it's called now, people seem to like them less over time)

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Wismec Noisy Cricket II-25 question [inside]

Hello /ecr…

Does anyone know the low-voltage battery cut-off for the Wismec Noisy Cricket II-25?

I did search, and have come up empty. I'm looking at getting one of these and want to make sure it will be more efficient in how it uses power.

I plan to be in VV regulated series mode when I use it.

A cut-off of 3.2v per cel or 6.4v for series would be ideal.

Thanks in advance for any info you can offer.

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【vandyvape official declaration】about kylin mini RTA

This is the Joint Declaration by Vandy Vape and Mr. Andrei u/cap2666

Recently, there was a misunderstanding between Vandy Vape and Mr. Andrei about the Kylin Mini RTA airflow system.

Vandy Vape has explained and showed the good evidence that Kylin Mini U shape honeycomb airflow system was designed before Mr. Andrei provided his U shape airflow idea to Vandy Vape. Mr. Andrei provided his U shape airflow idea on Oct. 19th of 2017, however, the Kylin Mini RTA first iteration design was already finished with the U shape honeycomb system on September 12th of 2017. This misunderstanding is because that Vand Vape could not show the Kylin Mini RTA design to Mr. Andrei at the time he introduced his idea to Vandy Vape due to the company confidential.

Vandy Vape really appreciate that Mr. Andrei shared his great idea and always is willing to make the vaping better.

Now, we are pleased to state that we clearly understand each other, and everything is good between us. We will continue our friendship and seeking the new opportunity to help the vaping community together.

Andrei and Stefen

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