This vape stuff is so broad and confusing. Looking to upgrade and completely lost, hoping somebody could help out

I entered the world of vaping about a month ago and I just have a generic vision spinner 2 right now, would like to upgrade to a decent direct lung vape. I don't need anything crazy or fancy, just something nice, simple, and reliable that gets the job done well. I will be using it to vape 70/30 <a href="”>juice and THC carts 🙂
I'm looking to stay around the $50 price range, could go a little over if you guys have one that is an absolute must. According to the mod guide on the sidebar, the only two vapes that seem to fit my general criteria are the Vaporesso Veco One Plus and the Aspire K4. Would you guys recommend one of those over the other or perhaps a different one than those two? Thanks

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