Frustrated vaper bro, just looking for some fool-proof advice.

Hey guys,

My last post on my new Stride V80 got me some nice advice, although unfortunately I wasn’t able to solve the problem.

I went to my local B&M (London) looking for a new mod to replace my clapped out Alien/baby beast combo and was recommended the Stride V80 (CKS edition) and Crown 3 tank.

The crown seems great, seems to flood quite a bit but that’s probably my issue.

My stride is still cutting off at around/over half battery, even when trying different batteries to the ones I bought in the B&M.

To cut a long story short, I’m going to try and return the Stride as I’m not entirely convinced it isn’t faulty.

I’d really appreciate if somebody could give me advice on a mod/tank combination that is sustainable, affordable (broke uni student) that will serve as a good and reliable daily driver. I mostly vape in my room while I’m studying, but the Stride seemingly unable to read any batteries properly is freaking me out and I’m unhappy with it.

I’d also love some solid recommendations of which battery’s to buy with any mod you might suggest and a good, trusted vendor to purchase them from.

I don’t want to waste any more money (my own fault, I know) on poorly researched recommendations and probably counterfeit batteries.

Thanks so much.

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What surprised you most when quitting smoking/starting vaping?

I'm a little over a month off the smokes. I knew there would be differences but I wasn't prepared for some of them. For me the biggest surprises were 1.) just how much I would be able to smell again – it's like seeing color for the first time. I could smell potato chips from across the room. I had no idea they had a smell! 2.) How easy it is thanks to vaping. Those first couple weeks were hard but it's nothing like cold turkey. I wasn't prepared for how fast I would lose the desire to smoke. It's amazing. 3.) Breathing. Totally forgot what that was like. I didn't think my lungs could recover this much this quickly after smoking 3 packs a day for over 3 decades. Why didn't someone tell me about this sooner? 4.) Scumbag vape shops. Come on guys, it's 2018, we can do better. I had to try 8 local vape shops in the dallas area before I could find one that wouldn't lie to my face, do something slightly scuzzy, or charge an arm and a leg. I did finally find a great one though about an hour away so I'm thankful. edited for formatting

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Big shoutout to Varitube for Customer Service

So I'm on my second G-Class, my first the screen scrambled and I had it replaced. My second the screen scrambled again, and than wouldn't even turn on. It also came back to me with cosmetic damage, the 510 in particular the screws were scratched and the plate was scratched.

I contacted YiHi and Varitube and got a response back from Varitube immediately. Due to it not turning on they allowed me to bypass getting a "YHCS" code from YiHi, basically I believe is YiHi confirming you can send it in for warranty repair with Varitube. Well..YiHi ended up like 3-4 days after Varitube already got the mod and telling me to bypass their confirmation warranty code; asked me to make a video of my issue to "better explain the issue"..of it not turning on.. (obviously probably a language issue, and a good idea/reason why they brought Varitube in).

Anyway, the screws apparently were unusable when I sent it into repair, which Perry from Varitube told me it'd add wait time. I emailed him back and said no problem. Than to my surprise a day later he had already fixed it and was sending it out on Monday.

So for anyone worried about spending good money on a SX Mini product, Varitube is fucking excellent at customer service, and also for taking care of warranty issues for Yihi in the US. Without Varitube I probably would have waited a month to get my mod back, and ended up selling it as soon as I got it.

But all in all, big thank you to Varitube for your excellent customer service, quick replies, keeping me in the loop and abreast of everything going on, and repairing my mod so quickly when I understood damage to the mod from mfc created larger issues to repair.

tl;dr – Varitube is awesome

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Bombies stickers

I'm not a vendor, but I've got some Bombies stickers I want to give away since I've pretty much quit vaping. Show me a picture of your Bombies <a href="”>juice collection and I'll arbitrarily pick a winner to send these stickers to. US only since I don't think a forever stamp will cover postage outside the country.

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Like poker? Like vaping? come join us tonight at 7 Eastern! Free entry and winners get codes for vape juice!

<img src="” alt=”Like poker? Like vaping? come join us tonight at 7 Eastern! Free entry and winners get codes for vape <a href="”>juice!” title=”Like poker? Like vaping? come join us tonight at 7 Eastern! Free entry and winners get codes for vape <a href="”>juice!” /> submitted by /u/Punk_Says_Fuck_You
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To those that remember the days of worrying about "tank crackers". A question on pod systems

Back in the day most tanks were some sort of plastic and we had to worry about certain <a href="”>juices degrading or even cracking the tanks. Citrus, cinnamon, anise, and some berry flavors were culprits.

I havent posted here in a long time because i found basically an endgame setup of a hurricane rta and a regulated device and just lost interest in new things. Now ive moved on to pod devices. Since i started 6 or so years ago, all i wanted was tiny mtl devices with auto switches that worked. I finally have that, but now am concerned about certain liquids degrading the plastic pods.

Is this something anyone else has worried about? A blue raspberry, lemon, or mango flavor, for example. Just wondering about everyone elses thoughts on this.

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Coilmaster Elfy Single Coil RTA Review and [Giveaway]

Hi there fellow vapers ! I will be doing a quick review on the Elfy Single coil RTA sent to me for review by Coilmaster also followed by a giveaway as they were kind enough to give me an extra.

In the past year we got a couple of decent single coil RTAs released from Wotofo Serpent SMM, GeekVape Ammit 25, Ijoy EXO RTA etc. I wasn't thrilled with the SMM which is surprising since half the community hyped it up like it was the best single coil RTA ever. The Ammit and EXO were both decent yet they were larger 24mm/25mm so did not look good on smaller mods like the original Eleaf pico that anything over 22mm had overhang. There were a number of others some good some bad but as someone who loves the flavor and <a href="”>juice/power savings that single coils offer I am always excited to see another single coil atomizer.

In comes Coilmaster Elfy RTA it is a 22mm single coil RTA that holds 2.5ml of e<a href="”>juice which may seem small but with a single coil it actually lasts awhile and really helps keeping the foot print small here is a comparison next to the Serpent SMM.

Build Quality The build quality of the Elfy is actually pretty damn good and the metal is apparently 304 SS. I'm not feeling any sharp or jagged edges and the threads we're a little tight but still very smooth. It also had no machining debris or machine oil left in it so that's always nice. It's utilizing a 510 driptip and the 510 pin(appears to be gold plated) is protruding however why you would want to put this on a hybrid mech is beyond me.


Simple attractive packaging which includes spare O-rings, spare glass,spare grub screws and building materials (cotton and single strand Clapton coils) nothing much to see here but nice that Coilmaster included just about everything you need to get started.

The Deck

This deck is a GTA style 2 post one hole per post deck with large wick holes and is about as easy as it can get to build on. The post holes are round and look to be around 2mm in size which is a little bit small however I was able to put a 3x28gx36g alien in it fairly easily and it was not meant to put large fuck off coils in anyways. The grub screws come down from the top so they don't twist your leads. You can just plop your coil in and push it right up to the posts and the coil should be centered perfectly over the airflow. Here Is a 3mm fused Clapton that has some room to spare so while it's not meant for Staggertons or framed staples it can still fit some good sized coils. The wicking holes are very good size and as long as you don't obscenely stuff the wicking holes then your good to go and it actually wicks very well. The Airflow is slightly restricted but still enough to get a nice dense lung hit. I have been running it wide open. The chimney is domed on the inside and very condensed which adds to good flavor.


For a little single coilers I have been enjoying this little fella thoroughly. Due to the fairly large GTA style wicking ports I can chain this thing for awhile without fear of dry hits. The flavor for a single coil is excellent and the vapor is dense. I am actually getting better flavor from this then the Serpent SMM which was suprising to me. I just want to point out this is a relatively small single coil 22mm RTA so if you put a large multi core coil in it and proceed to vape it at fairly high wattage it is going to get hot. Build accordingly.

Price/Availability I have seen this on sale not only on Coilmasters website but also on a number of US and Chinese Vendors including one of my faves and a trusted site VaporDNA and it seems to be very affordable ranging from $19.99 to the highest I saw $24.99.

My Opinion For the price I think this is a kick ass little single coiler. It's easy to build it's easy to wick it's easy to fill and it's a great vape. I know there is a good degree of market suaturation for single coil RTAS and while it is not anything innovative it does what it's supposed to. It fits great on an Eleaf pico and makes for a an awesome pocket setup which is strictly how I have been using it. If I didn't already have umpteen thousand RTAs and I lost the Elfy I would buy another one.

Giveaway This is my first Giveaway so please be kind or go easy if I'm not doing this the correct way.

This giveaway will be for US only and I will require the winner to pay basic shipping cost which will be about $3 to $4. For this giveaway I just want to hear what devices RTAs/Rdas/mechs/Squonks that people are looking forward to for example

Currently I am looking forward to a couple of things

The Wotofo Bravo RTA

Vandyvape Phobia RDA

The new DNA chip etc

I will keep this going for a couple of days and will use a randomizer to draw a winner. I will check post history for giveaway accounts and will update the post with the results as well as contact the winner.

Thanks for reading peeps and if anyone has some questions please feel free to contact me

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[Review] Vaporesso Revenger Mini Kit – A tiny internal battery mod with the capacity of a single 18650.

Happy Sunday, friends.

It's time for another Vaporesso product. The Revenger Mini kit.

Vaporesso has been putting stuff out at breakneck speeds for the past half year. Thankfully, there hasn't really been any clunkers. This one came to me at the same time as the Switcher, and I inexplicably found myself using it more and more.

Not only is this going to be a fairly short review, but some of it's going to be copy and pasted. For all intents and purposes, this is a tiny Revenger X with the Swag tank, only with an internal battery and no capacitive buttons. It even uses the same chipset on the board, Vaporesso's proprietary Omniboard 2.2

A couple of things to note before we dive into pictures and reviews:

  • Vaporesso generously sent this to me for the purpose of this review.

  • I'm pretty sure this is the full production model. The one I got should be exactly like the one you get.

Product Info

The Revenger Mini kit comes from Vaporesso, where you can see more about it on their product page.

  • It comes in four flavors. Blue, Red, Black, and Silver. Each version comes with a different LED color pattern as well. I got the red with star pattern. There's also apparently a Christmas themed version, if you're an awful Christmas-all-year person.

  • Included with the Revenger Mini is the NRG SE tank.


  • 2500 mAh internal battery

  • Max wattage: 85w

  • Max voltage: 8.5v

  • TC range: 200-600F, 100-315C

  • Resistance minimum: .05Ω

  • 75mm tall and 25 mm thick. This thing is tiny.

  • 2A charging.

  • Offers all the same modes the Revenger does. Wattage, TC, TCR, and curves.

  • All the typical safety features.

  • Firmware upgradable.


  • The kit includes the NRG SE tank.

  • 22mm in diameter.

  • 3.5ml standard, with an option to purchase a 2ml version in TPD areas.

  • Uses the GT series of coils. Also compatible with Baby Beast sized coils.


  • This one came to me directly from Vaporesso, who doesn't sell through their website.

  • <a href="″>Eightvape has it for $50.

  • VaporDNA is asking $60.

  • <a href="”>MVS has it for $63.

Not a lot of Chinese vendors are carrying it, surprisingly. 3F has some, but you have to hunt down the version that isn't sold out.

Packaging and Contents

This is a standard Vaporesso package. Which is to say, it's good.


Starting with the Revenger Mini mod

  • As you can see, it looks exactly like the original Revenger, just smaller. Check out that nice switch, though. It reminds me a lot of the one they used on the Switcher, with the crazy grooves on it.

  • The back is rather plain. I mean, it's the back of the mod. What would you expect? But there's lights in there. Picture of the lights is further below.

  • This is the 510 and top of the mod. Standard stuff. Gold plated, spring loaded, etc. It'll fit a 25mm atomizer without overhanging. Not real sure why you'd want a 25mm atty with this, but the option is there.

  • Incredibly exciting action of the bottom of the mod. It's uh… flat? It stands flat on a table. Mission accomplished, mod bottom.

I'm not going to go into crazy detail about the screen or menu systems. It's the Omniboard 2.2 menu, and if you want to see more pictures of it you can do so through my Revenger X review. There's also a rundown of the software that's available with this chipset in the Revenger X review. It's pretty cool stuff, like a compressed version of Escribe.

  • This is your default wattage mode screen.

  • There's a clock on standby mod. I love mod clocks. It's something we used to talk about all the time during the Wattage Wars era, and i'm glad that it's finally happening. Unlike the Revenger X, this clock doesn't reset when you take the batteries out.

  • Remember those lights on the back of the mod I was talking about? They're pretty great. Mine has been set to green for the past month for Christmas festivities. It's still green because i'm lazy and don't look at my mod while I vape. They can be red or blue as well, and you can turn them off completely. But that RGB life, tho.

  • Finally, the charging screen. I wish it would display the charging amperage as well, but this is much better than the industry standard of a flashing battery icon.

The NRG SE tank

I reviewed this tank for the Swag kit, but i'll copy what I posted there. There's also just not a lot to say about them. They're good starter tanks.


Look. The Revenger was good. The Revenger X was good. The Revenger Go will probably be good.

This mod is good.

But it wont be for everyone. The 2500 mAh capacity is limiting. Moreover, it doesn't feel like i'm getting all 2500 mAh out of it. It feels more like 2100 mAh.

I would go crazy if it were my only mod. But there's absolutely a place for a small mod with a small battery. You might consider this if you already have a dual 18650 mod. I use it for two things, primarily.

First, it's the mod I grab when I have to run errands. The small 2,500 mAh battery doesn't concern me all that much when i'm only using it in the car for a total of 1 hour travel time. I also don't have to leave it in the car, because it's so small that it sits comfortably in my pocket. It's not the convenient form factor of a 22mm mechanical mod, but it's also not nearly as heavy.

Second, i've been using this with MTL tanks. 2500 mAh will last me all day when i'm vaping at 10 watts. I've been using this with my old Nautilus Mini in places where I don't want to create giant plumes. It's absolutely great for that.

Lets break down some points a little further.

Revenger Mini mod

  • A lot of the quality inherent in this mod is due to the Omniboard chip. It's reading reading a little differently than my DNA mods do, but it's not drastically different. I've been able to use TC with ease and accuracy, and the menu system with the 2.2 is much nicer than that of the 2.0 version. I like the battery screen and the clock, as well. Those are small features that make a mod feel like it's higher quality, in my opinion.

  • The switch is fantastic. It's raised from the mod a good amount, making it easy to find without looking at it. It's also plenty clicky and has a good resistance too it. I haven't accidentally fired the mod, nor do you have to find a "sweet spot" to hit.

  • I actually like the LED lights on the back. They're not for me, per se, but I appreciate that you could turn them off and never know that they're there. When turned off it just looks like a solid black panel. Also, having a CHristmas mod was cool. Whatever. Don't judge me.

  • Just like the others of the Revenger series it's solidly built. While primarily made of aluminum, there's also a good deal of plastic, but it doesn't flex or give the impression that it's going to break any time soon. I've dropped it. It doesn't have scratches.

There's one major bummer about it.

  • The screen is incredibly dim. Or, more specifically, the panel over the display is heavily tinted. So much so that it's difficult to see the display while outside during the day with the mod's brightness at its fullest. It was difficult to photograph the screen. In fact, I had to turn off all the lights and adjust the brightness afterward.

NRG SE tank

  • I like that they include matching color o-rings. That was a nice touch.

I'm not sure what can really be said about this guy.

  • It's a great tank for a starter.

  • Easy to refill, easy to change the coils.

  • Never leaked.

  • It'll product a lot of vapor, and that vapor will taste like your <a href="”>juice, but don't expect it to blow you away with flavor.

  • It's compatible with the most common sub-ohm tank coils, the ones sized to fit in a Smok Baby Beast. It means you'll be able to find coils for it at virtually any vape shop, and that's worth something.

Final Thoughts

This has a place in the modern vaper's toolbox. It would pair well with a single coil RDA above .5Ω really well. I'm going to keep using it as my MTL device for a while and retire my old Coolfire IV variable voltage mod.

I hope that Vaporesso makes the standalone mod available in the future. For now, it appears to be sold in a kit exclusively.

You can read my more recent reviews here.

Any questions, comments, or suggestions are always appreciated. Thanks for reading, friends.

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Yearly vape spending – Eye opening for me!

I've spent over $2,800 on vaping this year and that number is mind-boggling to me. It's actually been slightly more expensive than smoking. Having said that I suspect that I've got all my bases covered and I expect next year's spend to drop dramatically.

I quit smoking and started vaping last January 15th (one more day to go!!!) so I have a year long trend of expenses to share. If I had found this sub before I began my journey I think I'd have spent a fraction of what I ended up spending, but alas…

Purchases- I didn't break down anything beyond the overarching "Vaping to Replace Smoking" category.

mods- Smoant Battlestar, Dani 25, Spectrum Kaos, Smok TC80, Vapresso Target (6 mods? WTH)

Tanks- Siren2, Kayfun Prime (on the way) and clone to see if I'd like it, Berserker, Tobecco Super-Mini, Vapresso Guardian, Big Baby Beast, Baby Beast, Nautilus (9 tanks what is wrong with me!)

Batteries – 4 18650's, 2 20700's, also a Nitor new i2 charger.

Coil heads- Probably bought a grand total of 10 5 packs of coils between those tanks above that use the disposable coils.

<a href="”>juices- Countless… mostly bad, a few good, but I spent a lot here. I've probably got enough crappy <a href="”>juice to last an entire year just with my store bought <a href="”>juices. Ugh!!!!

DIY– Wire (SS and Kanthal), muji cotton, nic, tons of bottles, PG/VG, flavors, digital scale, syringes, gloves, funnels, tool kit, tobacco, mason jars, aeropress and filters.

Of all these, the only purchases that I'm really happy with are the Battlestar, Dani, Siren2 and the DIY gear. I'm curious if anyone else tracked their spending for year 1 vs subsequent and did notice a substantial savings vs what you used to spend on smokes.

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Boaz RDA by Advanced Vape Supply – First Impression

Hi everyone,

This is going to be a quick write-up of my first impressions of the Boaz RDA from Advanced Vape Supply. I was lucky enough to be given one to try out, and I'm enjoying it so much that I very well might buy a second one to put on another mod (which is saying something, as I usually don't buy any vape gear I've already owned once).

I ordered some of the framed staples from AVS and they arrived at the same time. Installing them in the Boaz was easy as there is plenty of room. I don't have anything to measure the dimensions with but it felt like I had just as much room to work with as I have had in my DR or Goon 1.5 clone. The build deck is super easy to use, which makes sense as it is a very common velocity style setup.

The RDA is 24mm but a noticeable amount shorter than my Dead Rabbit. According to what I've read, the reason these are shorter is to reduce the chamber size a bit to increase the flavor (I'd say that this does indeed work). The sides of the bottom of the RDA seem to go up fairy high, and that creates a nice <a href="”>juice pool for dripping or squonking.

The airflow on the Boaz is shaped much like the goon 1.5. I used to run my Goon with the airflow closed a little bit, but the Boaz is less airy naturally so I have been running it wide-open. I feel like I'm getting a much denser vapor cloud with this RDA compared to the Goon though, and I chalk that up to the lack of wasted space inside of the atomizer itself.

I'm using the Boaz with the staples on my driptech DS clone and it's working great. The squonk pin is raised slightly with its holes on the sides, so <a href="”>juice is pushed out towards your wicks. Since the RDA is a bit shorter than i'm used to I did over squonk a few times, but once I got used to it there was no problem at all.

My honest opinion is that this is a great RDA. Mine is jet black and minimalist looking, and it looks great on my collection of black mods. The flavor is great, it's easy to build on, and there's quite a bit of room in the deck. To anyone that has ordered one, I think you're going to be very happy with it.

P.S. All of my Goon sized drip tips fit this, except for the one I've got that has o-rings on it, that one kept popping out. I tried the resin tip from my Dead Rabbit and it fit perfectly.

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