Joyetech cuboid 200 problem

Wonder if anyone can help with a problem that's recently occurred with my Cuboid. I'm unable to set TCR mode. When I use the plus button to go from power mode to TCR mode the top and bottom readings go blank (that's not my device just an example) the only way to get the device working again is by remove the batteries which makes the device usable in power mode.

I've tried updating the software (v6.04) in case it had became corrupt but to no avail.

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Message from CAASA: TL,DR – The Predicate date (that prevents new products from being introduced) is being changed in the House Tax Bill, BUT that language is not in Senate Tax Bill

We write you today as a united front because the vapor industry is under attack and the future remains uncertain. We are all focused on the critical mission of making sure that Americans will continue to have access to the full range of vapor products that millions are using to quit smoking and improve our lives. We need your help to achieve this mission. We all agree that there are short term and long term policy changes that must be made to ensure a robust vapor product industry in this country, but we are focused today on a near-term step – Changing the “Predicate Date” in Congress – which will allow all products on the market before 8/8/2016 to stay on the market and remain available to consumers. The US House of Representatives has passed an appropriations bill which contains language that would modernize the 2007 predicate date for products newly deemed to be tobacco. But the Senate has not included similar language in its version of the bill. These two conflicting pieces of legislation will be negotiated in Congress in the near future, and we are going to need EVERYONE to weigh in! In the coming days and weeks, we will be reaching out to our respective members with additional opportunities and guidance on how you can engage with your two Senators and your Representative and urge them to modernize the predicate date for vapor products. We hope that when we call on you, you will take a few minutes to ACT to save the vapor industry. Thank you! 

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26650 battery drainage….

So today I bought a geekvape aegis mod. It comes with a 26650 battery in the box. The mod doesn't show a percentage of the battery but a small battery bar. I also got a spare awt 26650 which according to its sticker is a 4500mah. The one that came with the mod says 4300mah.

Heres the thing. I charged the 4300mah using my external charger and then put it in the mod. I put the azeroth triple coil rta and started to vape at around 70 to 80 watts. Within an hour or so of regular vaping I noticed the battery drained rather fast. So I took it out of the mod and out it in my external D4 charger. It showed two bars. Really? Could vaping a battery this size drain so quickly?

Are these batteries crap and drain quickly? I am not used to 26650 and thought a single in the aegis would last me a day. But in a few hours of like 2 if drained so quickly.

Is this normal for this type of battery?

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Absolutely amazed with b-x vapor.

If you have not taken the time to try b-x vapor try something out if their bargain bin. It is absolutely amazing. Take a look at a E-mail I recently sent them. Of all the companies I have ordered from over the last year this was my first time with them and they absolutely destroyed the competition in that price range. They hand wrote and signed a thank you note.

Here is the E-mail:

Hello I just ordered from you guys for the first time. And I have to say… I am absolutely shocked. I have never ever ever seen such a wonderful staff and company! I ordered a 120ml of watermelon crack and not only did it come fast but it tastes amazing right out of the package! Also somebody took the time to write thanks and enjoy which even tho it might not seem like much is absolutely amazing for a company to do. It was in the discount bin so I was not expecting much but boy am I surprised at how amazing this product and you guys are! Thank you for everything and thank you for the free 30ml bottle I'm giving it to my friend that got me into vaping a year ago. I put your sticker on my car even tho I just received the order today I feel the need to promote you guys. You are a hidden gem that I would of never found if I didn't take the chance on the discount bin. Thanks for everything and I hope you guys have a great holiday season stay safe!

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My first experience with vaping

I'm completely new to vaping, and before getting into it i posted in this subreddit and i was surprised by how much the community is friendly and helpful, and they really helped me a lot with some things that I didn't pay attention to.

So my background is that always considered getting off cigarettes and succeeded but always came back to it, because there was always that urge to smoke, even after months of getting off it, i didn't consider vaping because my first experience with it was absolutely terrible, it was on a cheap e cig with a completely burned coil i suppose, because it tasted like burned crap, but vaping didn't get my attention untill recently when I tried Red Astaire on what I believe was a Joytech penguin mod, and it was love at first try, amazing flavor, great throat feel, great smell and it even left a delicious taste in my mouth, so i asked the guy who let md try it, and he was really helpful, he told me what I should get (for someone with no experience in vaping) and also about DIY e<a href="”>juice to save money.

I was really interested so I went into YouTube and started watching vaping videos, until i came across rebuildable coils, and it was perfect for me because i live in a city place where there are no vape shops and it's impossible to get interchangeable coils, so buying wire and building coils myself would be perfect, especially that i'm experienced with electronics. So i looked a lot on the internet until i found a mod that i could afford, and it would give me all i need, it was an all in one, Eleaf istick pico rdta, it was 75 watts which was more than i would need, it has a rebuildable deck and it was small enough to be stealthy, and since i live in a country with no online shopping and a city with no vape stores, i asked my brother who lives in Europe to buy it and send it to me, along with some stainless steel wires and a concentrate Red Astaire <a href="”>juice (so i would buy the base later and make my own DIY later). So when the package arrived it was supposed to be my last day of smoking, i really liked the mod, it felt very well build and small, i used the pre-made Clapton coils that came with it, put some 6mg e liquid that i bought from here (Liqua supposedly), as they sell it in some tobacco stores here, and i tried it and i was really…. Disappointed.

No matter what wattage i used, there was absolutely no throat hit, the smoking urge didn't go unless i vape for a long time, and the taste was barely noticeable yet terrible, like chemicals and not at all like what was on the label. The only good thing was that the clouds were huge at high wattage, but that didn't interest me, so I thought there was something wrong with the build, the cottons or something like that.

So i was confused because it didn't seem at all like when I tried it the first time, so the next day when I went to work, there was a guy who came from Europe to work on some installations, and he was vaping too with a 20w mod and a mouth to lung tank, so i asked him if i could use some of his e<a href="”>juice, because it was smelling really good, so he agreed and let me try it, it was a vanilla custard with 12mg nicotine, and when I inhaled for the first time i almost lost my balance haha, it had a very tough throat hit, and an absolutely amazing flavor, and it definitely killed any urge to smoke i had.

So after trying that e <a href="”>juice i realized that the problem is not with the build or the mod, it's with the fake <a href="”>eliquid, it says that it has nicotine (the dose is marked with a ball pen haha) but i'm sure it has nothing, it's not even from Liqua because i head it's actually a good brand, i suppose it's just a fake chineese high VG liquid with no nicotine and a terrible flavor, and sadly that couldn't keep me off cigarettes. Now i'm waiting for a nicotine base to arrive (50/50 vg pg 6mg nicotine), so i can make my own liquid, and until then i'm still not off cigarettes.

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DEAL ALERT – Aimidi DNA200 $50

Hi all

Not affiliated etc, but Cloudypeakvapes have got the Aimidi Cube DNA200 for $50. Dunno shit about it, don't ask me, seems to be 3×18650 device. It's all over their front page so piss off with being lazy and asking for links. Will vouch for vendor; have ordered off them a couple of times, the last time being BF – ordered on the Friday and the stuff (2 x SDNA75s) was in Chicago by Monday. So big up USPS also. They're out of Colorado. As I said, dunno dick about the device but if anyone was looking at the Sbody stuff from FT and swuthering because China shipping, they might be interested. Says free shipping over $50 so it might ship free as is or you might need to chuck in a drip tip or some shit to get it over threshold.

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VaporDNA VooPoo DRAG Black Panel Mod [GIVEAWAY]

Who's Ready for the Holidays?!? Let's kick start it with a New VooPoo DRAG mod!

We are giving away 4 VooPoo DRAG Black Chassis mods

Panels Resins will be CHOSEN at RANDOM!!!



1) Comment Below with your favorite coil style build on your RDA(S)

Example: Standard Kanthal 0.5 ohm OR Fused Clapton 0.35 ohms

Subohm Tank Users can comment with favorite Coil =)

2) Must Be Of Legal Vaping Age in State of Residence


Contest is Open to US & Canada Residents ONLY


CONTEST ENDS Sunday Dec 17 @ 11:59PM PST

WINNERS will be announced here on REDDIT ECR on Monday Dec 18th

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