Question about battery safety

I have two sets of three batteries for my rx200s, but one of the sets is definitely getting pretty old. The plastic is peeling off, and I'd guess I've had these batteries for around a year and a half. One of the batteries doesn't even really have plastic around one of its ends anymore, though I'm not sure if that's really a problem or not. I have noticed a spark or two when taking it off of the charger as well.

Should I get rid of these older batteries? I have no idea, but I'm asking because a guy I know had a battery blow up in his hand today.. it's kinda gotten me nervous about my old batteries, since I am not exactly an expert on how to safely handle these things.

If it matters, the batteries in question are 18650s. Any feedback would be great.

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Anyone heard from centerfold vape?

I know they are busy fulfilling orders. I won the st patty's day give away last month and haven't received my email after contacting them. I'm running out of Sammie and jinx and want to put in a big order, but it can be bigger if I get my winnings. I really hope they are allright, after the car accident I was worried I'd have to find a new adv.

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Ssfc build suggestion

Hey sorry for the shit post but didn't know who/how to ask. I want to build a stapled staggered fused clapton for a parallel mechx2 hb6's. I have 24 gauge kanthal, 26 gauge kanthal and n80, 28 gauge kanthal, n80, SS 316l. 32 and 36 gauge n80 and for ribbon wire I have .4x.1 kanthal. Please help. I'm thinking 5 ply framed by 26 gauge kanthal wrapped in 36 gauge. 5 wraps at 3 mm for around .1 ohm dual coil. Maybe 6 at 2.5 if it fits. Thanks fellas!

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Seeking a unique flavor and need help finding a US provider

My fiance smokes a lot of hookah and her favorite flavor is Gum Mastic. I found a recipe for Gum Mastic ecig <a href="”>juice online and the suggested flavor concentrates to use, but the company in question (Atmos) seems to have bad reviews and complaints that their <a href="”>juice is tainted or not of good quality. I dont know if I trust them so I'm currently trying to hunt down a company in the US that makes a Mastic flavor that I can mix. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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[REVIEW] Valor Vapor E-Juice

A couple of weeks ago I won a giveaway from Valor Vapor for 120 ml of <a href="”>juice. I split the 120 ml into four 30 ml bottles of the following flavors (descriptions are directly from the website):

<a href="″>All Day: The ultimate rich butterscotch custard.

<a href="″>Barrel Roll: This barrel aged flavor is a recipe that we here are most proud of. Aged for approximately 3 months in an oak barrel, this phenomenal savory blend is something unlike you've ever had. Our flavor profile consists of Belgian Waffle, Bavarian Cream, Caramel, Vanilla Bourbon, Cinnamon Danish, and several other notes! This warm pastry vape is a great vape during the colder months.

<a href="<a href="”>juice?variant=21767451969″>Red Diamond: A refreshing fruit blend that has a watermelon and strawberry base, a few complimentary fruits, finished with the citrus of blood orange!

<a href="″>Bombae: This gem takes a sweet guava base and builds a complex profile that includes juicy pear and fresh-picked tangerine that transports you straight to your favorite exotic destination.


I placed my order within an hour of being notified that I had won and received my <a href="”>juice two days later. Granted, Valor Vapor is only a state away from me, but I was still impressed with how quickly they got me my <a href="”>juice. I noticed while placing my order that Valor Vapor does not allow you to choose your PG/VG levels so if that is important to you (it doesn’t really bother me much) then please be aware. I ordered all of my flavors with 6mg of nic.


After steeping my bottles for just over a week, I decided it was time to dig in to these <a href="”>juices. Here is how they stacked up:

Bombae: Let me start by saying that I am more of a pastry/dessert guy than I am a fruit/candy guy. That being said, this flavor is really, REALLY good. The guava, pear, and tangerine work very well together and Bombae is definitely a <a href="”>juice that packs a punch. It reminds me of a candy like Jolly Ranchers, but that is not to say that it tastes like a specific Jolly Rancher flavor I have ever had. I can definitely see how this could be an ADV for someone. 8/10

Red Diamond: Yet another delicious flavor. Red Diamond is a little subtler than Bombae and it tastes more like a fruit <a href="”>juice than it does a candy. The watermelon and strawberry complement each other nicely. I didn’t really get much of the blood orange flavor, but that’s not to say that this isn’t a really tasty <a href="”>juice. Once again, I can see this being a candidate for an ADV. 8/10

All Day: This was the flavor I was most looking forward to as I LOVE butterscotch and I had never had a butterscotch-flavored e<a href="”>juice before. Unfortunately, this ended up being the disappointment of the bunch. While this <a href="”>juice smells and tastes sweet, it doesn’t taste much like butterscotch to me at all. Aside from the sugary base, this <a href="”>juice was pretty bland for me. It wasn’t “bad” per se, just very underwhelming. 5/10

Barrel Roll: This brings us to the flavor I was most on the fence about when I ordered it. While I was definitely on board for any flavor that includes Belgian Waffle, Bavarian Cream, Caramel, and cinnamon Danish, I was concerned that the vanilla bourbon would overpower this <a href="”>juice and make it unvapable for me as I am not a drinker and I don’t typically enjoy alcohol or tobacco flavored <a href="”>juices. What I found was that not only is this <a href="”>juice vapable, but it is a fucking masterpiece.

I love it when I get an opportunity to try really complex e-<a href="”>juices as there is no doubt that when they work, they are out of this world.

With Barrel Roll, Valor Vapor has hit it out of the park. The syrup and waffles are center stage here and the rest of the flavors are all blended into the background perfectly in order to really round out this <a href="”>juice. What I loved about this flavor was that not only did the bourbon not ruin this <a href="”>juice for me, as I worried it would, but it ended up being the flavor that I think really made this <a href="”>juice pop as it adds a nice bite to what might otherwise be a flavor that is far too sweet and syrup-based. I don’t know if this could be an ADV for me, as it is extremely rich in flavor, but my god is this <a href="”>juice good. 9/10


There you have it, peeps. My experience with Valor Vapor was quite enjoyable overall and I highly recommend them if you’d like to try some flavors that are tasty and unique.

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How to tell if a mod is a clone or not

I browse an app called letgo, which is basically a craigslist mobile app. Occasionally you can find some cool stuff and mods are also among that. I came across someone selling the Vicious Ant Phenom and the rda combo for $40, says he never used it since buying it off of a friend. I did some research and $40 seems way too low for an authentic mod unless he just doesn't know what it is. So long story short I just wanted to know if anyone knows a way to tell whether or not a Vicious Ant Phenom is a clone or not.

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20700 Kennedy Roundhouse being released Friday

These batts have been getting a lot of praise the past couple of days, and then I saw that linked IG post yesterday. I saw only sketchfest and iJoy are making them right now so I talked myself out of looking into it but mooch shockingly confirmed they're accurately rated. I caught the hype bug.

I'm gonna have to buy this shit, god dammit. I know a lot of you guys insist on dailying mechs like me and were waiting for a higher end company to release one, well here we go.

Slightly related, how terrible does a 24mm RDA look on a 25mm tube? I had my heart set on getting a purple CSMNT this week but I want this shit too, it'd probably look cool on a black cerakoted tube, but my mild autism may not forgive the overhang.

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B-X Vapor’s Father’s Day [Giveaway] & Discount Codes!

Happy Father's Day everyone! I am about to go eat lunch with the pops, but figured I should go ahead and post up our sale and giveaway. Here's an updated pic of the pups, Sven is just 2 weeks away from turning 1! He's still a little shithead at times, but has calmed down a little :). I haven't weighed him in a while, but I'm pretty sure he's got bleux beat on weight now. Sorry, but those two top pics were the best I could get with the limited time I have before going to pick my dad up. Taking pics of two dogs at once isn't always an easy task hehe.

For the giveaway, we will be awarding 15 winners with a coupon that will take 10% off and we will quadruple the volume of <a href="”>juice ordered (not bottle amount). Example: ordered a 30ml bottle, get 10%off and receive a 120ml bottle 🙂 the code does not quadruple bargain bin stuff or other non <a href="”>juice items

do not enter this giveaway if any of the prizes are unappealing to you

Giveaway rules:

  • 1) You must be of legal age in your state (18 minimum) to enter
  • 2) U.S. residents only please (sorry rest of the world :c )
  • 3) 1 submission per person with legitimate reddit accounts, as brand new accounts, duplicate submissions and any other sketchy submissions will be removed.
  • 4) Go HERE and enter your reddit username exactly how it is here. Copy & paste are your friends :). If your name is picked, but is misspelled and I can't find it, another name will be picked in place of it.
  • 5) Names will be drawn(randomly of course) and announced/contacted sometime next weekend or possibly monday.

For the sale, we have 3 different codes you can choose from. One code is active now until wednesday (6/21) @midnight eastern for 42% off, the second is active now until tomorrow (monday 6/19) @midnight eastern for 4% off + we will triple the volume of <a href="”>juice ordered. And a third code is active now until tuesday (6/20) @midnight est for 9% off + we will double the quantity of <a href="”>juice ordered. codes are not stackable

One of the codes is for 42% off, another other code is for 4%off and we will triple the volume of <a href="”>juice ordered(not bottle amount) and the third code is for 9% off and we will double the quantity of <a href="”>juice (bottle amount not volume) ordered. We have a couple of super flash codes as well, for 1%off and quadruple the volume of regular <a href="”>juice purchases but those will go pretty quick. Triple volume code example: purchase a 10ml, get 4% off and receive a 30ml not 3x10ml. The triple volume & double quantity codes are only applicable for regular <a href="”>juice purchases, it does not work for bargain bin <a href="”>juice or non <a href="”>juice items on the site. Regular <a href="”>juice purchase = <a href="”>juice with artwork and size/ratio/nic options. You may still purchase non regular <a href="”>juice items with the triple code alongside regular <a href="”>juice, but you will receive the same amount ordered of the non reg <a href="”>juice purchased.

The third Father's Day code will last until tuesday (6/20)@midnight eastern, will be for 9%off and have your order doubled. You will receive 9% off the total and get double the quantity of the items (regular <a href="”>juice purchase) you paid for. Bargain bin <a href="”>juice will not be doubled. Also, no flavor/ratio/nic subs, you will get double of the same thing Example of of double quantity code: Purchase 1x30ml each of hsmc, moms milk, pmd & gwff, get 9%off and receive 2x30ml of each.

If you make separate orders shipping to the same place, it's preferred if you let us know so (in special instructions on the order or through email, text or PM) just so we can make sure to consolidate them and ship them as a single package.

Now onto the codes:

4%off + triple volume code (ends monday 6/19@midnight eastern time): tripledads

42%off code (ends wednesday 6/21@midnight eastern time): dads42

1%off + quadruple volume code (OUT): quadadpul

9%off + double quantity code (ends tuesday 6/20@midnight eastern): doubledad

30%off code: jun30

site LINK

Please make sure all billing/shipping info is correct and also make sure you used the code

OUR SYSTEM IS ONLY SETUP TO ACCEPT CARDS WITH AMERICAN BILLING ADDRESSES If your billing address is from outside the states OR doesn't match up to what's on your card, the system will reject it and it will show up as a pending charge for a few business days until the bank clears it out.

As always during larger sales, expect a bit of delay in fulfillment. Have a fantastic father's day everyone!!

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VaporDNA Fathers Day SALE!!! PLUS Huge [ GIVEAWAY ]

Hello Again ecig Reddit Community!

Celebrate with VaporDNA this Fathers Day

Save $10 off $60! use code: DAD

ONE DAY sale Starts Today Sunday 6/18

We are also giving away three (3) $50 Gift Cards to use on VAPORDNA.COM !

Rules to enter:

Post the name of your favorite device from below

This giveaway is valid only for LEGAL AGED VAPERS residing in the US & Canada

Give away ends 6/18/2017 11:59PM PST

Good Luck and have a Great Fathers Day Weekend!

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